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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Tue, January 1 2013 7:59 PM UTC +00:00
Matterdaddy.comBy Matterdaddy.com
First created
Matterdaddy.comBy Matterdaddy.com
First created
pledged of $175,000pledged of $175,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Tue, January 1 2013 7:59 PM UTC +00:00

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    1. NeoTechni on

      Its not anywhere near as good as the WASDIO, but the closest we'll all get is a controller called the: MS-757 Multi-System Handstick

    2. Missing avatar

      Rob Shepard on

      i would be in full support of you guys sending out a mass email to those of us who initially backed if and when you do figure out a way to produce the WASDIO. I really like the idea.

    3. Greg75 on

      This looks like the perfect product as I HATE using a keyboard for gaming but having the mouse for FPS is nice. I wish you luck and hope that you continue to develop this idea. I strongly believe that it has the potential to take off one day!

    4. Reggie Clark on

      Still love the idea, Best of luck!

    5. Jalister on

      39 hours to go, and the outcome looks bleak. I still wanted to put my voice behind this project though. Another suggestion, support Mac and Linux also. The Linux news sites are very happy to report on Kickstarter projects that support Linux. With Steam supporting Linux now, the number of games being ported to Linux is starting to grow.

    6. Bronson on

      OMG, I JUST GOT THE REFERENCE. The Wasdio is a play off of the "W A S D" keys on the keyboard since those keys control the movement of a game just like the Wasdio. I'm feel smrt.

    7. Mike Kasprzak on

      I back a lot of projects, some of which don't get funded, but this is one I'm genuinely disappointed about not reaching its goal.

      A common criticism in my group of developer friends seems to be that it appears it wont actually make you faster than a keyboard player. The keyboard having a shorter distance needed to physically move your hand to change direction. I agree with that, but what I liked about it is it generally seems more natural. Like how a flight stick is to flight sims, even though you can use a gamepad. But I guess natural interface is somewhat niche. *shrug*

      A design variant I would have liked to try would have been non-tilting joystick head. The PSP's Analog stick works this way (just slides around), but crazy me would have wanted to try some mechanism that counters the tilt, or had its own pivot... but that just screams "1 more part to break". ;)

      Anyways, it's been fun. I hope you do find a way to bring it to market.

    8. Missing avatar

      Pmatthew Trad on

      great news to hear. I hope you eventually do get this out, rest assured I'll be waiting to see what the future holds.

    9. Matterdaddy.com Creator on

      Thanks for all the encouragement. We've learned a lot through this experience, most of which has been highlighted in the comments below. We plan to continue to work on this and seeing how we can get this out.

    10. Robert B. Healy III on

      If you guys ever create another Kickstarter for this in the future, I'm there. Just say the word. :)

    11. CapnBludd

      Try again, heed the advice given about sending out some review units, get buzz BEFORE starting the KS, and be more active with updates. The device is a good idea, but no one knows about it. Also be smart enough to contact those of us that were already interested with news about the start date for the new KS.

    12. Shane Zehnder on

      This project CAN be succeed. It's just a matter of timing and the designer/creator's interaction with their backers. Without interaction and cheerleading, your project WILL FAIL. Well, unless you're a well know person/designer already. Matterdaddy, you did NOT engage your backers. We are your road to success, you have to mobilize your army! A project like this needs a WHOLE bunch more than 400+ followers. I would plead with you, re-launch, but do it right the next time. Study study study! Check out how this young man ran his Kickstarter and kicked it over the finish line, I hope it helps: http://kck.st/L7NQyI

    13. Koshinator on

      For their next campaign (if they are going to do one) it might be a good idea to first line up some 'reviews' on the hardware by sending some prototype units to willing online sites for their opinions on the tech (how many prototypes do you guys have at the moment?). This should get the exposure you'll need for a successful drive. I do believe that it was mainly the christmas season that foiled you on this try, and another campaign early next year should do much, much better (think early Feb)

    14. Bronson on

      I really hope this gets re-launched in the future T_T , maybe put it on indiegogo or something.

    15. Missing avatar

      Pmatthew Trad on

      I know the creators got bummed out, but I do encourage them to not give up. As others have said, this is an awesome design for a controller and I think there is a market. Just the time of year and the scale of the kickstarter did not add up well.

      Hope to see this in the future.

    16. Andy Hassan on

      Sad I really wanted this one to take off, but like the rest have said, it was pushed in the wrong time of the year. I also think 175k is probably a bit much when each unit costs ~$80. That means they would need 2000+ people to pledge just to meet this goal. There needs to be either more hype and advertisement on their part, or a lower goal margin. I hope this won't be buried though, I would back it again if I have the chance.

    17. Koshinator on

      @Dan Lowe: I agree that it was probably the wrong time of year for crowdfunding... coming up to christmas, people would rather be spending money on gifts and loved ones, rather than pitching in for funding a project that won't see any physical rewards for a while. This is the first christmas after the initial kickstarter explosion of 2012, so I guess people didn't know what to expect from people's wallets during the christmas season. Redoing another kickstarter in Feb/Mar would be a good idea, if other avenues don't pan out.

    18. Dan Lowe on

      Yeah, I agree with other comments: this is a rough time of year to run a crowd fundraiser. I'm pretty sure. Elite: Dangerous is going to fail, too even though literal copycats of that game were funded in previous months. Give it a month or two, look for alternative funding plans in the meantime, send a prototype to Rock, Paper, Shotgun (seriously, they're the pulse of PC gaming on the internet) and rely on guerrilla advertising rather than traditional media outlets, and be willing to run another campaign later in 2013. (Updates, updates, updates, indeed.) This device is exactly what kickstarter is for, and I'm convinced that you guys were just victims of unfortunate timing.

    19. Koshinator on

      Keep us updated through the kickstarter page for future developments - It's an easy way to keep in touch with those who were willing to buy one if you get it manufactured another way (perhaps a small batch to start off)

    20. Jason Chipperfield on

      Even if the Kickstarter campaign fails, be sure to keep your website's mailing list up to date with the project in the future. I still want one of these puppies :)

    21. Steven on

      well it was a cool idea but unless someone popular promotes it i have givein up hope on this one

    22. Charles Gulotta on

      This is the controller I have been waiting for!!! I have sent your kickstarter to every web site I can think of trying to get you more coverage!! I really want this controller!!!

    23. Missing avatar

      Antony on

      maybe next time :(

    24. Zachary Johnson

      Updates updates updates! I don't back a lot of projects, but there is one thing that is universally agreed by those that get funded. Provide continuous updates on your KS. Progress/development updates. New Videos. Address the concerns below (like the diagonals) on the main page, rather than just the comments. I really want this project to fund and hope you make it.

    25. leigh wicks on

      looking less and less likely to happen strange campaign you ve done next to no updates,nothing ive seen in the press about it and hardly any customer feedback from yourselves shame would look good next to my logitech g19

    26. Koshinator on

      Just wondering... If this campaign fails to hit it's goal - will there be any other recourse for you guys to get this hardware out?
      Also, in regards to the campaign itself, you really should start giving updates - just to let everyone know you're serious about the thing (not that I'm saying you aren't.. but having no updates for a week tends to give a bad impression). Last thing... reaching out to as many media outlets as possible (gaming websites, prominent youtubers that might be interested in a little promotion, etc..) does wonders for actually getting the device some exposure in your targetted demographic.
      Here's hoping you can still pull this one out of the fire :)

    27. Matterdaddy.com Creator on

      Hi Nick -
      Yes, it does have full range of motion, so you can move it forward and to the left/right as well as back and the the left/right. So it covers all the diagonals. I hope that clarifies things.

    28. Koshinator on

      I'm pretty sure it's got full range of motion... 128 degrees of reaction in all directions

    29. Missing avatar

      Pmatthew Trad on

      Just by the nature of making a controller like this, I would be shocked if a 45 degree angle wasn't possible... but I'd have to look at the video a lot closer.

    30. Missing avatar

      Nick Ireland on

      Is there a reason you guys made the movement forward, back and side to side instead of a full 360 degree range of motion? Or even adding movement along the 45 degree angles? I really like your controller but from watching the videos again I find it a little limiting to only have movement along the 90 degree axis.

    31. Missing avatar

      Eric Miller on

      This video may be beneficial to the creators of this project. It was put out by Craig from the iControlPad2 project, which for much of the funding period looked like it wasn't going to make it. http://www.youtube.com/watch…

    32. DangerBoy on

      Man, I really hope they find a way to make/sell these even if the kickstarter isn't successful.

    33. Steven on

      they gotta do an update i mean damn we have no clue whats going on

    34. leigh wicks on

      Hope this makes it but dont think it will funded has slowed alot,would it still be released through your website if it doesnt make it on to kickstarter as i would buy one for sure if it doesn't!you guys need to get into pc gamer.com they would lap this up!

    35. Lloyd Shade on

      Hello again,

      I think some changes are needed in the marketing of the WASDIO. If based on the only update so far on this project, after the first week, the project was at 8%, now that we're almost a month after launch day, with the support of all current backers, only 10 more % were reached. Based on our current progression, it seems 30% of the initial goal would be the limit. The project itself has slipped quite low by the popularity filter as well. I'm not a veteran of kickstarter, but to me, based on what I can see now, it does looks like the project is not going to make it.

      I think a number of factors could be changed to improve the situation.
      1. Please provide picture updates or at least some text updates. A lot of people, myself included, spent some of their time to tell you guys at Matterdaddy that your product doesn't appear ergonomic. You also took the time to write back and that you were looking into the situation. It would be nice to send us the result of you findings or maybe share your concerns. This is crowdfunding, the more the crowd is involved in the making of the product, the more you differ from corporations. People need to see that their opinions matter and that you acknowledge it. We know you have heard us (at least that's what I believe). Now can you please show us that you did at least something and give us a look at the result.

      2. Providing more possible content for bakers. 87% of your bakers are $79 bakers (myself included). Right now, all content is either t-shirt, wasdio, the two combined or more of them at once for a slightly discounted price. I don't care about a t-shirt and I only want 1 wasdio. I'm not rich, but I do like to pay a little more for goodies or otherwise "impossible to get" items. I can't garantee, but out of the 311 people that pledge for the 79$ wasdio, some are bound to raise their pledge if something a little unique was to be available.

      - Handwritten thank you note/signed wasdio, which could be sligtly more expensive then the current $85 pledge.
      - Special colored versions of the wasdio. It can't be that expensive to have different colors of "skins" for the wasdio. You are already making it black and grayish, why not adding blue, red, green, purple, orange or pink skins for a higher pledge level.
      - Super special coloured limited versions of the wasdio. Why not also have a stylish gold/silver/other colour design for a higher price than the coloured version.
      - Special "submit your skin" wasdio deal, where the baker would send you the style he/she wants for his/her wasdio. The baker could then ask for specific colours, color patterns, send you a drawing of the pattern of his choice...
      - Prototype tester limited deal, where the bakers of that level would receive the priviledge of participating in an event to test the wasdio prototype and giving the final thoughts before wasdio goes into larger scale production.
      - Exclusive tester limited deal, where the bakers of that level would take part in the event above, plus being able to play games with the developpers of the wasdio.
      - Exclusive supporter limited deal, where the bakers of that level would take part in the event, play with the developpers and be invited to celebrate the project founding at a small party witht the developpers of the wasdio.

      Of course, I don't know what would be the associated costs of the suggestions above, but I'm sure within a few phone calls, a decent approximation could be obtained. Yet, I would strongly recommend crowd oriented incentives, to warm up the current cold business oriented incentives. Right now, there is only the $1000 pledge level that involve actually seeing you guys or even just receiving a signed product. All the others feels like ordering through Amazon for a product in which the only customization is to order multiple product at once. That's not crowdfunding, that's what should be on your website after the project is funded.

      Thank you,
      Lloyd Shade

    36. Atarun

      I own a Logitech G13 that I only use for FPSs games. The one thing WASDIO will do better is free my fingers, of course. The other area in which I hope WASDIO really shines is profile management.
      Can't wait to get my hand on my WASDIO. :D

    37. Reggie Clark on

      I think new people exposed to the project do not understand how the software creates keyboard data from the users movements. Maybe a new explanation is in order. Could you guys display the keyboard outputs in a debug screen while playing the game? Can't wait and the best of luck.

    38. Matterdaddy.com Creator on

      Hi Pedro -
      Thanks for the comment. if you scroll below, we've addressed our plans for ergonomics.

      All (including Pedro) -
      Thanks for all your support! We've been working hard to get coverage. We have a couple appointments over the next week. Please feel free to spread the word about the project though, we need all the help we can get. I know that we have a ways to go.

      Have a great day!

    39. Pedro Chavez on

      I'm really curious about the long term effects of playing while using this. When I play on my keyboard, both of my arms are flat on my desk with small wrist supports. With this controller, your arm is going to be up in the air for a long time. It will probably get tired or uncomfortable so your elbow may end up sitting on the edge of the desk (like you have demonstrated in the video).

    40. CapnBludd

      Unless they get some visibility soon it is trending to miss by a lot 8'( http://www.kicktraq.com/projects/matterdaddy/wasdiotm-the-pc-game-controller-for-action-games/

      If the KS doesn't make it I hope the project doesn't stop cold and that the Wasdio comes out eventually.

    41. Missing avatar

      Antony on

      really need to promote this more, I want one, I have not really seen it mentioned on any of the websites I visit

      got any you can send out to big gaming websites for them to try out?

    42. Mike Kasprzak on

      Looks like a very slick device. I do hope you can find all the support you need. KS projects tend to be trending lower and lower every day. :(

    43. B on

      Daniel, it appears to operate VERY similarly to the n52te, which emulates a keyboard with a custom driver (to allow more simultaneous key presses).

      We're trudging along here. Let's get some promotion!

    44. CapnBludd

      This needs some exposure, get it on some blogs, gaming sites or something. I want one of these.

    45. daniel elliott on

      Not sure quite how you've got this set up.
      Is it purely through software or does the driver emulate a keyboard?

      My razer naga mouse (basically a mouse with a bank of 12 hardware buttons on the side) emulates a a USB keyboard (the side buttons copying either the numpad grid of buttons or the 1-= row above the letters, switchable by a hardware switch under the mouse).

      Emulating a keyboard seems a nice way to go, as it allows such devices to run without special driver/programs. It also has software for additional functions, but the keyboard emulation provides basic functionality for any OS :)

      Not sure if you have it already, but i'd suggest adding a switch to the device to map buttons on the device to a Virtual keyboard in the USB driver would be an awesome thing, instant mac/linux basic compatibility for starters :)

    46. Bryan Bartley on

      Love the design, I hope that you guys reach your goal!

      I'd also just like to express interest in utilizing this for RTS games. I recently purchased Shogun: Total War, and I feel like the keyboard is especially unfit for managing large-scale combat.

    47. Missing avatar

      Garulfo on

      Just backed for the full price ($85) to help you realise your project.

      I do have a question: do you plan to have a Z-axis as well? To my opinion, this makes the WASDIO much more versatile, extending your potential market by servicing RTS players besides FPS players.

      More in general: the WASDIO will gain in usefullness in any game where driving/movement and looking/pointing are separate (Mech games, Hawken possibly?). Buttons can be used of course for turning but making turning an analog movement like forward/backwards and lateral movement preserves the intuitive character of the interface.

      Years ago, I owned the Sidewinder Strategic Commander and it was so easy and intuitive to fly over the battlefield in Total War cames. Turning the device made the camera turn, leaving the mouse completely free to command the units on the battlefield.

      I am really looking forward to using the WASDIO in FPS games and RTS games alike. As others have stated, the WASDIO must be the ideal peripheral in combination with the Oculus Rift.

    48. leigh wicks on

      it looks great little expensive but im backing anyway sick of sticking blue-tac to the w on my keyboard

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