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Use your phone to capture amazing 3D photos. Just plug bevel into your device's headphone jack. Works with most phones and tablets.
Use your phone to capture amazing 3D photos. Just plug bevel into your device's headphone jack. Works with most phones and tablets.
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What's Happening Now

Posted by Matter And Form Inc. (Creator)

Hi everyone,

Good news for anyone who owns an iPhone 7. We've finished the design for the bevel adaptor. You can check out the 3D file on bevelPix here. Adaptors will be available for order soon on Shapeways and on our website. We have ordered our first outside sample and are just waiting to make sure it prints perfect. Stay tuned. Here's a snap of one we printed ourselves and what it looks like on the phone:


We've had an awesome response to the pre-shipping questions we sent out. Thanks to everyone who got theirs back to us. Those of you who haven't, please check your email (and your junk, just in case) for the survey and send it on back. Your info will make sure your bevel gets to you properly. Much appreciated. 

Going through the responses, we wanted to send a shout-out to our biggest supporter countries; the US, UK, Canada and Germany. But it's also super cool to see that we've got bevels going to such far-flung locals as Malta, Vietnam and Cyprus. 

Finally, a bunch of you wanted to see some scans. Well, we've got a great new feature for the selfie mode, that we can now show off... Introducing the smooth background! 

Here is a sample of a bevel selfie capture, direct off the phone.

Check out the 3D file and see other samples on bevelPix. You can sort everything we have posted captured on a bevel by searching the tag 'bevel'. (Obvs).

A note about shipping; your bevels are still on route to the warehouses. We still have to wait for them to clear customs (fingers crossed that's quick). When they do ship to the distribution warehouse, they then get packaged and sent directly to you. Exciting!


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    1. Beatrice Friedman on

      Is it to late to get a refund not happy about the attachment and I did not get my shirt

    2. Sha Ali on

      Who can I get the 3d stl file for the iPhone 7 adapter?

    3. Matter And Form Inc. Creator on

      @Renzo Bugnatto - we are just starting to organize shipment from the warehouses. Delivery should start just after the holidays. Sorry we missed the holiday present deadline!

    4. Renzo Bugnatto on

      Hey Santa never showed with my Bevel :-) do you guys have a current ship update?

    5. Matter And Form Inc. Creator on

      @Tim Hicks - PM'd you. :)

    6. Tim Hicks

      I don't think I received the shipping survey - please resend to me

    7. Matter And Form Inc. Creator on

      @Adam Siu - Bevel units have left our manufacturer in China and are en route to shipping centres. But they still need to get processed through our local warehouses before we can get them to you, and we can't say exactly how long that will take. It still might be a couple of weeks before delivery. Thanks so much for your patience. We realize that this has taken so much longer than anticipated!

    8. A. S.

      Any chance to receive it for xmas gift? Though I have missed last one, I still expecting a solid delivery...

    9. Chris Cheong on

      Hi sirs, may I know when can I get the goods, I ordered it over a year.

    10. Matter And Form Inc. Creator on

      @Beezhan Tulu - I answered your message as well, but just so everyone is clear - there is no difference in hardware across devices. The only thing that is different is the app. There will be an android app and an iOS app. The bevel itself will work across both.

    11. Beezhan Tulu on

      @ CREATOR ... Thanks for the update. I have ordered 2. Can I get one for iPhone 6 and one for iPhone 7?

    12. Matter And Form Inc. Creator on

      @K - You can still go into the survey we sent last month and update your address details. All the other answer fields will be blocked off, but the address fields are still open to editing.

    13. Missing avatar

      K on

      What is the best way to change my shipping address?

    14. Sean Kerwick on

      Still have fingers crossed that this delivers only a year late. The functionality of the Bevel is nice, but many phones are already starting to come out with two rear cameras and laser focusing, making this only a bit of software away

    15. Alicia Hanwell on

      @Creator - I figured (which is why I still have my old phone that will basically be a wifi device that I can use the bevel with), but doesn't hurt to ask.

    16. Matter And Form Inc. Creator on

      @Mike White - that's not something that will be available at launch, but definitely a possibility down the road.

    17. Matter And Form Inc. Creator on

      @Raphael Salgado - just to clarify, the iPhone 7 adaptor won't be coming with bevel. You will have to order or print it yourself.

      @Alicia Hanwell - this adaptor is specifically to fit the iPhone 7 dongle, other adaptors would be different sizes.

    18. Mike White

      Can you select a background image from your photo library for the smooth curved background? That would make for some really creative output.

    19. Michael McCormack on

      I would have to guess that it depends on the overall dimensions of the usbc to 3.5mm adapter you have.

    20. Alicia Hanwell on

      Random question - will this work for all other phones that also don't have a 3.5 and their adapters (example moto z/z force) - or are the dimensions going to be slightly off on the usb-c side of the adapter)?

    21. Raphael Salgado on

      Beautiful. Thanks for thinking forward, can't wait to get this along with my Bevel.