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Use your phone to capture amazing 3D photos. Just plug bevel into your device's headphone jack. Works with most phones and tablets.
Use your phone to capture amazing 3D photos. Just plug bevel into your device's headphone jack. Works with most phones and tablets.
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    1. Matter And Form Inc. Creator on

      @Martin Allen - we are working on development on both iOS and android, we just have the iOS software at a better place for demo at the moment. Don't worry - both platforms are in the works!

    2. Missing avatar

      Martin Allen on

      Or would now be more of a delay working it for Android, Windows etc. ..hence you at the moment working on Apple.

    3. Missing avatar

      Martin Allen on

      Looks like all for Apple ....any news on devices ...OTHER than apple !


    4. Matter And Form Inc. Creator on

      @Chris Cheong - We are actually still in production and looking at shipping in July. Thanks for being patient with us.

    5. Chris Cheong on

      Hi sirs,

      Would you please provide delivery schedule and tracking no. For me? I am waiting for your goods over few months.

      Please advise.



    6. Matter And Form Inc. Creator on

      @Gary Hamilton - You're right, technology is evolving at such a quick pace and there are new devices all the time, but there is still nothing like Bevel on the market. Please do rest assured - it will be complete! We are on track with our production timeline here:, and we'll keep updating that as any major changes happen. We are still looking at July to have it in hands. Thanks for sticking with us!

    7. Missing avatar

      Gary Hamilton on

      Thank you for the update, but in all seriousness, there will be a new device released on a regular basis, and if the development stream is going to take into account the next device, then it's fair to say that the project will never be completed. With all due respect, when will this one be completed?

    8. Wendy Nolan Hockley on

      Thank you for the update. Appreciate it.

    9. Bob S. on

      Appreciate it! I'm not fully deaf but struggle in a lot of environments. Even bullet points would be great to fill in the gaps. And thanks for the good news... a comment in the main comments area sounded like six months had been added to the project. Little slippages are SOP on Kickstarter and I'm glad you're taking the time you need.

    10. Matter And Form Inc. Creator on

      Hey @Bob S. - That's a super interesting point to bring up. We'll look into seeing if we can provide more accessible content going forward!

      As for the delay - this update is only about a month delay from our previous timeline. We appreciate the patience and support of our backers so much as we work to make up some of that time!

    11. Bob S. on

      Kickstarter rules aside, video-only updates violate the ADA's rules for online accessibility. Did you really announce a six-month delay during this?

    12. Matter And Form Inc. Creator on

      Hey guys! Thanks so much for the support on updates. We hope that being super open and transparent with you, it helps you understand where we are at in trying to get you the most awesome product possible.

      As for the iphone 7 sitch; we are obviously keeping an eye on that. We can't really say anything until we know for sure what that design will be. But rest assured that we will try to make sure that Bevel will have adaptors or mods to make it work on as many devices as possible.

    13. Made by Vic's on

      Hi, in 2017 (which is soon) and you delay, what will happen if the audio port on the iPhone 7 is no longer available (there is this Bevel connected) ?

    14. Demonkid on

      Wil it hve export to sketchfab?

    15. Michael Kevin Shepherd on

      Good update. Quick query about how Bevel might work on iPhone 7 and above if Apple do drop headphone jack and use a lightning version with audio jack as both likely to be announced around same time. Can we assume as long as it has an audio jack it should in theory work.

    16. Beezhan Tulu on

      @ CREATOR ... Awesome update. Thank you for your vision and hard work.

    17. Christian Foree on

      You might want to make the YouTube video unlisted.