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Use your phone to capture amazing 3D photos. Just plug bevel into your device's headphone jack. Works with most phones and tablets.
Use your phone to capture amazing 3D photos. Just plug bevel into your device's headphone jack. Works with most phones and tablets.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Mark Nichols on

      So, has this thing ever been shipped for those of us who "believed" (and invested) early on?

    2. Matter And Form Inc. Creator on

      Hey @Ramesh,
      Right now, we are specifically designing for apple and android. So, for launch, we can't guarantee compatibility with any windows devices.

    3. Missing avatar

      Ramesh on

      Will the bevel work with windows tablets like the Surface?

    4. Jeff A on

      Maybe I'm in the minority, but I would prefer a focus on the prototype you currently have. I've seen too many projects hit major delays due to ambitious changes. This isn't a small change you are dealing with, and it sounds like by introducing the ability to turn and lock that will be a potential weak point after repeated use unless you test the hell out of this thing...which means an even bigger delay. The software is giving you enough trouble, stay on target with the hardware instead of introducing more complications. This tech will be in phones within the year...

    5. Matter And Form Inc. Creator on

      @Jianing Wu
      At the moment, you are most likely looking at just an 'A' scenario. The intention of Bevel is to provide everyone with the ability to take and share 3d images. Where are focus is now, is making sure that process is both robust and accessible. Everything that people with the know-how can do with the resultant captures is an awesome bonus!

    6. Jianing Wu on

      @Creator, CC MaxStarter,
      I'm also interested in the 'object cut out' scenario. Is it possible to transfer the captured data as perhaps 'point cloud + mesh' to a PC? If that is possible, then people can do some structural analysis (or just simply mark by hand) using for example point cloud library, then cut the appropriate part out, use the mesh associated to that part and you get an object out of background.
      So the possible paths are:
      A: bevel mobile software + point cloud output to PC (user do the rest with whatever software)
      B: A + dedicated bevel PC editor
      C: B being done on a mobile
      As we all know the limited computation power of the mobile, C is not really feasible. So the best we can expect is B maybe? (A is ok to people has some experience with point cloud, so maybe ok to me)

    7. Missing avatar

      Ronald Sweet on

      Thank you for this update, very detailed and I like what I see so far and I am OK with the delivery being pushed out as you've shown that it is for all the right reasons.
      Keep up the good work and thanks again.

    8. Matter And Form Inc. Creator on

      Hey @MaxStarter - You will definitely be able to capture in full 360 mode, and by extension, capture an object that you can use elsewhere. However, pulling an object from a scene won't be so easy. It's an awesome idea - but the capability for that kind of advanced editing won't be available just yet.

    9. MaxStarter on

      @Creator watched the video demo thanks. I was wondering, using the image you scanned as an example. Assuming that you could fully scan the scene; what I'd like to be able to do is select individual objects 'as objects' in a similar way to tagging someone in Facebook. If that was possible then I could presumably move the objects within the scene, or possibly preferably, delete selected objects, and remove an object for use elsewhere, pasting it onto a blank canvas.

      Also, if I was to scan e.g. someone's head, I'd like to be able to draw a line and crop the image at that point to create a clean line.

      Will it be possible to do this with the bevel and my mobile?

    10. Matter And Form Inc. Creator on

      Hi @Robert Howle! You're the best.

    11. Robert Howle on

      Thanks for the uddate Mr. Drew. Need any new flowers printed?

      Robert Howle

    12. Matter And Form Inc. Creator on

      @Brian Schwab
      We are working on solutions for as many cases as we possibly can. It's possible that not every single case will work with Bevel, but we are definitely looking into it. More detailed solutions to come.

    13. Missing avatar

      Brian Schwab

      You say your considering case thickness but does that include cases like my lifeproof one where it's a good 1/4 inch deep for the screw in plugs they have? Maybe if you made the 3.5 mm prong extendable and retractable and are able to lock it to the depth needed. But reinforce the extension part, perhaps with a thicker sleeve of metal, but still narrow enough to fit into the recess of any case. That would be great.

    14. Matter And Form Inc. Creator on

      Thanks for all the positive feed back folks! We are always happy to share our progress and love to have such involved backers. To answer your questions;
      @Beezhan Tulu - you will get a calibration card with your Bevel along with everything you need to start capturing right away.
      @EditorsKeys - we are still looking at that spring ship out date. We'll be filling you in as soon as more details fall into place

      In regards to the iPhone lighting connector - we already are thinking about that, and will be working on an adaptor to be available when the 7 is released.

    15. Doug Collins

      Thanks for the update. I've heard rumors that the next gen of the iPhone won't have a headphone jack. Will there be a way to use the Bevel with it if that is the case?

    16. Dennis Ferrara on

      A thought. From recent reports, it appears Apple will not have a headphone jack on the iPhone 7. Any way to have the Bevel interface with the Lightening connector?

    17. Beezhan Tulu on

      Thanks for the update. It looks awesome.

      Here are a few questions for you:
      . Do I get a cube to calibrate with my Bevel? Or do I need to make my own cube with those squares drawn in to it? And if yes, what is the cube size and what is the size of the black squares?
      . You had too many objects in the scene. Isn't it better to have one object at a time?


    18. David Weaver

      Nice update, thanks guys. Its nice to feel so involved in the project. I am happy to wait until you guys are happy with everything.

    19. EditorsKeys on

      Great update guys! Any word on the expected release date for Kickstarter funders?

    20. Vincent Goudreault

      Nice. That is how a high tech Kickstarter projet should be run: regular updates that show real progress and does not dodge issues. Give yourself a couple of gold stars.