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Use your phone to capture amazing 3D photos. Just plug bevel into your device's headphone jack. Works with most phones and tablets.
Use your phone to capture amazing 3D photos. Just plug bevel into your device's headphone jack. Works with most phones and tablets.
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Dev Diaries No.2: Point tracking in real time

Posted by Matter And Form Inc. (Creator)

So, I thought I'd go out on a limb this time and try something different by doing a video update for the dev team diaries. 

You might think this is totally awesome, but you also might think this is a total fail. I want to find a way to make these updates more like a conversation that we can have together. I'd love to include you in the process of writing the app and making the Bevel as much as I can, so that's kind of what this is I guess. Mind you, I am no video editor so please excuse the unflattering view up my nose.

Anyway, I hope you like it and I hope you tell me what you think in the comments below.

- Drew

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    1. Rhonda Luongo

      Great. Keep them coming.

    2. Missing avatar

      Glenn Dube on

      Thanks for answering my question. I'll follow with great interest and try not to post too many questions like that, I have too many. It looks like you guys are having the time of you life! Good luck with everything

    3. Missing avatar

      Kathleen Whalen on

      VERY DISAPPOINTED IN KICKSTARTER AND MATTER & FORM! I chose the $89.00 pledge amount based upon getting two of each item, and now Kickstarter and Matter & Form are passing the buck to each other about sending the reward that matches my pledge. This was my very first Kickstarter pledge, and I was so looking forward to getting the reward to match my pledge amount, but if this is how Kickstarter operates (and Matter & Form) to a beginning supporter, I'll not pledge again and shall tell everyone about my experience.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Booker on

      Only just managed to watch the video. I definitely approve of the video, nicely done :) as a fellow developer I enjoy seeing how the process goes for other people, even if they aren't polished or even hearing about how something didn't work and how you got around them. Definitely keep going as you are!

    5. Mark Sean Lorey on

      I really enjoyed the vid! Would like to see more,great idea!

    6. Mark Sean Lorey on

      I would back anything you guys come up with, not only is my scanner great the updates for it and always being in the loop!
      I had a lot of fun with that and looking forward to the bevel...
      By the way where did the name come from?

    7. Wendy Nolan Hockley on

      Good job, Drew! I like this idea of using video for updates. If you hadn't stated that you were a newbie, I'd never have known. LOL

      Keep up the good work. Good luck to you & the Matter & Form team.

    8. Missing avatar

      Carl Self

      I enjoyed watching the video. Thanks for not making it a sales pitch! It's nice to see your progress and challenges.

      I'd love to have the ability to click on an object (like the chair that was closest to you) and tell bevel to focus its attention on that object (and potentially ignore everything else).

    9. Jim

      Keep it up guys! Love seeing this kind of stuff. :)

    10. Loren Winter on

      Love the update. Keep it up! I'm looking forward to using this to take photos of property listings. You said in a reply to another pledge that the laser won't pick up very big rooms. Are you talking about an average living room, or much larger like a warehouse?

    11. Loren Winter on

      Love the update. Keep it up! I'm looking forward to using this to take photos of property listings. You said in a reply to another pledge that the laser won't pick up big rooms

    12. Missing avatar

      Olof Scholten

      This is very interesting to folow. I think this way the knowledge about this product and the follow ups makes this the best investment, because of the learning experience!!

      Thanks for the background info and leds go on!!

    13. Matter And Form Inc. Creator on

      And to all of you, this feedback has been so awesome to see. Let's keep this conversation going! I promise to shoot you all another update soon and keep them coming!

    14. Matter And Form Inc. Creator on

      @Renzo We looked at Microsoft mobilefusion, which is a very beautiful compilation. However, a lot of what Microsoft does is heavily reliant on capturing the points, compute distance and depth. Those are the specifics we are working on right now, and Microsoft keeps those secrets pretty tight to their chest.
      As far as AR goes (Augmented Reality for those who don't speak geek) yeah for sure we will. We're hoping to give real-time feedback (AR overlay) of the scans as you capture. The laser wont capture big rooms, but we can extrapolate the other parts of our algorithm to do that.
      We'll be looking into integration with other programs for sure, we want to make everything work together as much as possible. Not everything will make sense, but we'll do what we can.

    15. Matter And Form Inc. Creator on

      @Glenn Dube That's amazing Glenn. You may not be a software guy but you certainly sound like one. We call those vertices keypoints, and without getting into too much detail, you're correct. I'm just not sure what you mean by time based polling. If you mean, do we compare and track those keypoints against other frames in the video, yes. We have to, in order to understand the relationship between the phone and the environment.

    16. Matter And Form Inc. Creator on

      @Danny Chau This depends on your phone. How close can it focus, AND, where is the headphone jack compared to the camera.

      On the iphone6, the headphone jack is opposite the camera. Which means we can't see the laser until about 20 cm from the phone.

    17. Matter And Form Inc. Creator on

      @Simon Burfield Yes we use OpenCV for a lot of the development at the beginning. Then we make changes, and once we're set on what we are doing, we optimize the code for release.

    18. Renzo Bugnatto on

      Have you guys looked at Microsoft mobilefusion algorithms to see how they are measuring points with their algorithm. Also will you be able to get enough point tracking to create an environment for AR. Will the laser accuracy be enough to measure an environment or could you adjust the algorithm to extrapolate it ? Look forward to using the product -- have another scanner and want to add to it. also are you speaking to third party dev's to use their like itseez ? Keep up the good work.

    19. Warren G-man on

      The first part of the video sucked... no one cares about why you are doing the video or how new to making videos you are and whether or not people will like it. Once you got into showing the reason for the video it was good info. As Elvis used to sing... "A little less conversation, A little more action!". :)

    20. Missing avatar

      agustin nunez on

      Pse, go on with these kind of report! I tried to integrate a line laser on every phone some years ago just to do this 3D scanning. Best luck!

    21. Simon Burfield on

      I think this was a awesome update, keep them coming please. Does it use OpenCV?

    22. Danny Chau on

      Thank you for your update Drew, it's nice to see the progress being made. What is the closest distance the software can track? As not many 3D scanners can pickup small objects which can then turn into printable parts for household repairs.

    23. Missing avatar

      Hal Shute on

      Great video!

      One thing you mentioned got me thinking. Tracking the camera in 3D space.

      That would be awesome as a separate project to record a video and import tracking and 3D data of scene into 3ds Max and integrate virtual objects back into the video.

      You could use the 3d data of scene to mask the virtual objects when it is behind something like a layer mask.

    24. Missing avatar

      Ian on

      love to hear bout this stuff. Thanks for doing the videos.

    25. Michael Siebielec on

      Very interesting. Keep the tech updates coming.

    26. Missing avatar

      Glenn Dube on

      Thats a great demonstration. I don't know if this is appropriate to ask, I'm not a software guy, but I make machines. I wonder how this works and what approach your using, it looks like it's detecting high contrast edges and puts vertices at junctions to form a map. does the system remember the relationships of these edges and points then tries to find the same or similar values in a scene in a time based polling sort of process as people move the camera around?

    27. Missing avatar

      Michael Wake on

      Excellent Update and well explained. To better connect with the viewer, can I suggest you look at the camera �. It gives the impression we are having a one on one conversation and is more engaging. Cheers � Michael

    28. Kurt Myrmel on

      That is the best video that I've seen in a kickstarter. Usually, the videos are more like advertisements to convince you that they are making progress. It is fascinating to see development as it is actually happening. Thank you very much.

    29. Missing avatar

      Mohammed on

      is the tracking in by movements no Movements ccan we change the lighting system of the Chang down the slo-mo of the movement or

    30. Jonah on

      Definitely a fan of video updates. Great to SEE the progress each time.
      Would suggest also including a text summary of video contents just in case some backers have issues viewing video.
      Great job and looking forward to seeing more. :)

    31. Missing avatar

      kristoffer javar on

      thanks for the effort updating us!

    32. Missing avatar


      Very nice updated and very like it. simple video no need take to much time edit. :)

    33. Serge Ecoiffier on

      Nice touch as this gives backers a chance to actually see things come along instead of having to trust words strung into sentences.

      For a few seconds, I thought the Bevel itself would not be needed given you were using phone camera. But then you mentioned "Bevel" and "laser" to build the 3D perspective.

      Is it Apple which is looking at just doing an app using only the camera to achieve something 3D as well, but only with their devices (obviously) ? Or was I dreaming again ?

    34. Lau Ardelean on

      Video progress reports are great. Dont worry if they are rough. The progress is looking great! Can't wait to see more.

    35. Brock Nordstrom on

      Video updates = greatness.

    36. COREi64 on

      Very nice. Really enjoyed the video. Much nicer than having a dry text only update. Keep them coming, found it very interesting.

    37. Missing avatar

      John Fishback on

      Interesting stuff. For easy iPhone full screen capture checkout ScreenFlow 5.

    38. Missing avatar

      Marcos Ruiz on

      Hi, Martin
      Keep posting, good job.

    39. David Gustavson on

      I enjoyed the video, and really want to see how you proceed to get things working.
      You should spend less time apologizing, though. Seemed like that was 2/3 of it, and I'd rather have seen more factual stuff like what happens if you move the camera further around the scene, how does it screw up and what do you try next.

    40. Tyler Sammy on

      Great to see this dev update. I really enjoy getting behind the scenes and seeing the development of the companion app. Speaking of scenes, I'm sure you are aware of the Seene app? It does some pretty good point tracking.

    41. Zeev Suraski on

      Count me in the totally awesome camp. Great concept!

    42. Missing avatar

      Thomas Williamson on

      interesting thanks you for the update, an we couldn't see that far up your nose,lol

    43. Missing avatar

      Christopher A Seward on

      looking good. ive done some scanning with a microsoft kinect connected to my laptop and the process looks very similar.

    44. Missing avatar

      Arif Sethi on

      That looks cool and love the idea of Dev dairy. It's a good way of keeping everyone up to date.

      Best of luck M&F team. And great work ��

    45. Mark Crawford on

      It's cool to see a video on how development is going