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A collection of political cartoons and essays on everything that's cray cray about 'Merica from 2012 Pulitzer Prize finalist Matt Bors.
A collection of political cartoons and essays on everything that's cray cray about 'Merica from 2012 Pulitzer Prize finalist Matt Bors.
A collection of political cartoons and essays on everything that's cray cray about 'Merica from 2012 Pulitzer Prize finalist Matt Bors.
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That Second Book!


Hey everyone,

It's been a while since I've updated, mostly because the book is out and everything went great with it. Thanks again for making that happen. Since the Kickstarter ended, I've signed a distribution deal for the book with Top Shelf and landed a full time cartooning job at MediumLife Begins At Incorporation will be in book stores shortly and available through Amazon next week. I've sold a good deal of the 2,500 copies I printed at this point.

But one thing remains on my to-do list: The second book I promised and many of you ordered.

Originally I was just going to do a black and white collection with only cartoons and have it be about 125 pages. But I didn't have as many good cartoons leftover as I thought and the book format with additional writing was a hit. So I'm going to do the same thing for my next book, which will be out when I've built up enough material to warrant it. It's going to be in color with the same production values as Life Begins At Incorporation. It might even be with a much larger publisher (larger than me, I mean). 

So in exchange for waiting a while longer, you will get a much larger book that will sell for more than the $17 you paid for it. I don't have a date set, but anyone who pre-ordered though my Kickstarter will get a signed copy before it hits the shelves. I hope that sits alright with you.

Enjoy the holidays.


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    1. Matt Bors 2-time creator on February 12, 2016

      No doubt. Alright the election stuff doesn't have a long life span, so it's not ideal for a book. Still, I haven't forgotten, I swear.

    2. Ryan Blackstock
      on February 6, 2016

      I hope you are getting enough material from the current political events to finish that second book....Trump is probably a wellspring of inpiration

    3. thegodofchuck
      on July 20, 2015

      I thought it might be a little expensive for the second book. Time to back!

    4. Matt Bors 2-time creator on July 19, 2015

      Hey Brian, I know it's been years on that second book, but this one I can't include as that since it's over $30. I can promise that I haven't forgotten about this though, and I will do a subsequent collection of my political cartoons, and I will fulfill it to all the backers who bought it.

    5. thegodofchuck
      on July 16, 2015

      With Eat More Comics! being Kickstarted, are we in the queue to receive that for the second book, or do we need to back in some way, etc.?

    6. thegodofchuck
      on March 5, 2015

      Thanks for the update!

    7. Matt Bors 2-time creator on March 4, 2015

      Brian, I'm afraid not yet. Running The Nib now has just sidelined my ability to have a big output of my personal work but I will collect them all when there's enough. I am going to be doing a Nib collection soon and will be offering that to people here who ordered the second book if they want it instead.

    8. thegodofchuck
      on March 3, 2015

      Any news you can share on That Second Book yet?

    9. Missing avatar

      Ronnie Roberts on October 9, 2014

      I must have missed this message. I had thought you completely forgot about the 2nd book. Glad to hear you haven't forgotten about little old us.

    10. Matt Bors 2-time creator on August 16, 2014

      Hey Adriano, no publication date set yet. It will be a bit before I get to the second book, but I will make it and everyone here who pre-ordered will get one. I haven't forgot, it's just been pushed out a ways.

    11. Adriano Antonini on August 16, 2014

      Hi Matt,
      how's the second book coming together?

    12. Derek Gabriel on December 11, 2013

      Certainly worth waiting for. :)

    13. happypeep on November 28, 2013

      Why do you hate america so much, Matt?
      Seriously, this sounds a little ambitious to my laymen's notions. Hope you don't exceed the cost of what you were able to raise here.

    14. Ryan Blackstock
      on November 28, 2013

      I didnt forget!I loved Life Begins and am excited to see what else you come up with!

    15. Glenn Copeland
      on November 27, 2013

      Heh, I'd forgotten there would even BE a second book. Now it sounds better than ever. Bring it on!