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A collection of political cartoons and essays on everything that's cray cray about 'Merica from 2012 Pulitzer Prize finalist Matt Bors.
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Matt Bors

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That Second Book!


Hey everyone,

It's been a while since I've updated, mostly because the book is out and everything went great with it. Thanks again for making that happen. Since the Kickstarter ended, I've signed a distribution deal for the book with Top Shelf and landed a full time cartooning job at MediumLife Begins At Incorporation will be in book stores shortly and available through Amazon next week. I've sold a good deal of the 2,500 copies I printed at this point.

But one thing remains on my to-do list: The second book I promised and many of you ordered.

Originally I was just going to do a black and white collection with only cartoons and have it be about 125 pages. But I didn't have as many good cartoons leftover as I thought and the book format with additional writing was a hit. So I'm going to do the same thing for my next book, which will be out when I've built up enough material to warrant it. It's going to be in color with the same production values as Life Begins At Incorporation. It might even be with a much larger publisher (larger than me, I mean). 

So in exchange for waiting a while longer, you will get a much larger book that will sell for more than the $17 you paid for it. I don't have a date set, but anyone who pre-ordered though my Kickstarter will get a signed copy before it hits the shelves. I hope that sits alright with you.

Enjoy the holidays.


Digital Downloads and postcards (and, hey, thanks)


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The books have arrived and they look great.

2500 books, to be precise. They showed up at my storage space on Friday and today Operation: Mail Seven Hundred Goddamn Books is currently underway in my living room. Every copy should be in the mail by Thursday. Digital editions will be made available later this week. Other rewards for higher levels will be fulfilled soon. I am a tired man. But I will say the book is going out before the initially advertised delivery date of next month. Take that Kickstarter campaigns that drummed up a million dollars and never sent out your dumb water bottle that measures your breathing even though it's been a year now and people are still waiting.

While you're waiting for your copy of this fine publication, if you would like to point anyone to where they too can purchase this exciting new book, it is available right here on my website and will soon be able to get got at Powells, Amazon, and Comixology. Whispers trailing through teetering pillars of padded mailers throughout my apartment speak of wider distribution in the future.

Oh, and I have a stamp.

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Address changes and other thrilling miscellany

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The cover unveiled! Pre-orders available!

The book is done. Finished. It's at the printers. 240 pages filled with comics and writing on lady parts, drone strikes, gay homophobes, Barack Obummer, and Corporation-Americans. All backers should have their copy by the end of April.

Below are the front and back covers. The orange areas are the french flaps I added to make it nice and fancy for you. If you don't already have a copy, or you want to order another (Psst: makes a great gift), I'm now taking pre-orders through my site! I'm working to get the book in stores, but for now it's only available through me.

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