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Spike¹ and Spike² are actual iPhone keyboards in elegant protective cases that allow for easier, faster, and error-free typing
Spike¹ and Spike² are actual iPhone keyboards in elegant protective cases that allow for easier, faster, and error-free typing
1,205 backers pledged $80,977 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      dallis bjerkeseth on

      I hope Kickstarter is smart enough to recoginize low life scum and ban these assholes from ever using this site again! $81K taken from pledgers. Easiest scam they ever perpitrated on 1200 backers.

    2. Mark Fey on

      Please refund my pledge. Never received my products.

    3. Maureen on

      I never rec'v anything- please refund my $150.00
      Maureen J

    4. Stephanie Snowflake Sparkles on

      I never got my second case.

    5. Missing avatar

      SOH Peng Chong on

      Never arrive. Pls refund my USD250.

    6. Missing avatar

      Sandeep on

      I paid $1...about 4 years ago to watch this sh*tshow unfold.

      Someday I will be able to tell my grandchildren that, "I was there!"

    7. Missing avatar

      Adrienne McCarthy on

      4 years later, still nothing!!

      "Selected reward
      The Super Cluster Pack is also a great affordable way to purchase five (5) premium Spike²s. This pack is really good for a group of friends, family, and/or associates. You know, the kind of people that want to be seen with a really stylish, must-have, killer, iPhone accessory. You know the drill, Pitch Black or Ice White. Free shipping to USA. (Add $15 for shipping to Canada, $25 for international shipping).

      Estimated delivery: Sep 2012"

    8. Pat Lathrop on

      Never fulfilled $99 pledge yet selling at and Amazon for $50! WTF?

      FUTURE PROOF² – This pledge gets you our premium version Spike² in Pitch Black or Ice White for the iPhone 4/4s. It also gets you a Spike² for the iPhone 5 after we develop and produce them this fall; we estimate that we will be ready to ship the iPhone 5 version come January 2013. Our Kickstarter backers will be the first to have either. Free shipping to USA.

      Estimated delivery: Jan 2013

    9. Missing avatar

      Michèle Spieler on

      Very disappointing: I never received a case and not even an explanation why or an excuse or anything.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jared Lindenberg on

      Like 3 years later, and I still never got my case.


      Finally, after wait for so so so very long I got the Spike case, here in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is an awesome piece of work ! Too bad I am using iPhone 6+ now, but I still had my iPhone 5S, will try it on later.
      It is very sad story, it's a risk and sometime this kind of promising project are highly expected but its not always successful and can make every Kickstarter happy ! All of us learn a lesson from this.
      Cody and Robert, don't ever give up ! For sure you can do better on the next project, I will always back you ! Cheers !

    12. Missing avatar

      SImon on

      I still got no Case and no email... I spent 180$...

    13. Missing avatar

      Deb Morris on

      I just received my case and, unlike others, I still have my iphone5. Although unacceptably late, I do love this case. I'm surprised of the quality and how good it feels in my hand. It's like any investment. Always a risk. Overall I'm happy.

    14. Missing avatar

      Bridget Young on

      Just received email that my 4s case is shipping. Too bad I no longer have a 4 or 5. 3 years is kind of ridiculous.

    15. Missing avatar

      Bridget Young on

      Just received email that my 4s case is shipping. Too bad I no longer have a 4 or 5. 3 years is kind of ridiculous.

    16. Francois Theroux on

      I actually received my Spike case. Unfortunately, I have no way of saying whether or not it works well since I've been using an iPhone 6 for some time now. I guess someone I know (who still uses an iPhone 5/5S) will be getting a nice keyboard case for free.

    17. Francois Theroux on

      I just received an email indicating my Spike is ready to be shipped. Wonder when I will get it? In any case, I've moved on to the iPhone 6 anyway, so not much use. Maybe I can give it away.

    18. Missing avatar

      Rob Batchelder on

      Letter sent to the Wall Street Journal:

      I believe there is a great story for you to investigate / report around what I'd call, "The dark side of Kickstarter." Specifically, I and 1,250 others ponied up over $85k to a company called Solo Matrix that promised to deliver an add-on physical keyboard for the iPhone (called Spike). Their approach, by the way, was very different than that taken by the company Ryan Seacrest invested in (Typo). As you know, Blackberry settled its suit with Typo.

      The interesting part of this story is the founders, Cody and Robert Solomon issued many updates on their progress, then went completely radio silent. They've left their investors (including me) completely in the dark, and to the best of my knowledge never delivered the promised product AND never accounted for their actions nor how the money was spent. Of course they have not replied to investor emails from myself or others.

      My hunch is this is an epic fail. The real problem here is the lack of accountability by Solo Matrix, and the lack of oversight by Kickstarter. I am seriously considering initiating a class action suit against both parties, to bring this malfeasance to light. I believe there is a legitimate cause of action against Solo Matrix for fraud, and a related cause of action against Kickstarter for conspiracy / accessory to that fraud. Their combined (in) actions have been reprehensible...

      Yours truly,

      Rob Batchelder

    19. Missing avatar

      Sandeep Kumar on

      WTF, stole my $250! you fucking bastards..

    20. Missing avatar

      Catherine Widdoes on

      July 10, 2015. I received an email today saying I will be receiving a 5S spike - but so much time has gone by I am now on a 6plus. This has been a complete and utter cluster ****. What a ripoff. This is a criminal fraud!!!!!!!

    21. Missing avatar

      robert pierce on

      Is there a Kickstarter guarantee? Maybe a little class action by the backers against Spike may be appropriate. Paid for something that was not delivered.

    22. Missing avatar

      Jakob Bosch on

      I'm still waiting for any message, info, note or just a simple proof of life that my Spike will be shipped. I trusted you to make this cool keyboard and was willing to pay for it. What's going up with you?
      regards, jakob

    23. Jay Taylor on

      Shame on team Spike, and shame on Kickstarter for not policing these crooks.

    24. Missing avatar

      Lennart on

      You can stick my money in your ass!
      Hope you at least had a good time with the 80k.

    25. Sven_g on

      Worst Investment ever :-)

    26. Missing avatar

      Lee on

      I've been a part of a number of Kickstarted campaigns that delivered considerably less than advertised but I think this one may be the worst. I've read a lot of hate being thrown around on here, and while I think it may be completely justified I'm not going to try not to go there. Instead I just want to convey my extreme frustration with the process. I can't find any explanation at all for the lack of communication. I'm a pretty understanding person so if there had been even a slight attempt at communicating with us I would be much more understanding with this whole situation. Even a "Hey guys, we've abandoned the project and are living the good life with your $80K". At least I'd have some closure. I clicked the bio link for the creators and it says they haven't even logged in to Kickstarter since Nov 2014! What?! I'm not one of those people that expects 100% return on my money on Kickstarter. I get it. There are risks when backing a project. But come on, this project is getting on 3 years late and no update for 6 months? How hard is it to login and post a comment. Anything! Needless to say I'm quite disappointed. I guess the end of the Spike story is going to be that 1205 people got royally screwed but won't know exactly why.

    27. Adnan Raja on

      I want my money back ! ! ! ! ! !

      NOW NOW NOW ! ! ! ! !

    28. Missing avatar

      SImon on

      I also did not receive anything...

    29. Daniel Bridges on

      2015 and still nothing. Not that this is in anyway defensible but the lack of communication is shocking. Not so much as an apology?

    30. Missing avatar

      Jared Lindenberg on

      It's absurd how long we've waited for this. I doubt we'll ever see this shipped out.

    31. Pete Harrower on

      For anyone still waiting for this, turn the page. THE PRODUCT SUCKS (caps intended). Unboxed it and then it went directly into the garbage. Well, not entirely true. Tried (unsuccessfully) to unload this crap on eBay. #nosale After that it went directly into the garbage. To think I waited 2+ years for this. #fail

    32. Missing avatar

      Karl Mok

      New year and still nothing? Whats going on?

    33. Missing avatar

      dallis bjerkeseth on

      It's January 8th 2015 and still waiting for my 2 units almost 3 years since I gave money to the incompetent morons running this program. The only excuse I haven't received from them is ------- IT'S IN THE MAIL. To hell with "Being respectful and considerate", these deralick entrepreneurs stole a lot a peoples money with absolutely no accountability. They aren't even close to earning anybodies respect. The fact that are selling these on their website is incomprehensible while they fail to deliver to those that financed their program in the first place. RESPECT, I don't think these people know the meaning, In fact I'm sure of it.

    34. Lani Teshima on

      Moved onto an iPhone 6. Guess we just complete write these people off. Also guessing I'll never back any future project from these folks.

    35. CruzN on

      These guys are a joke. 2.5 years later and NOTHING. ZILCH. ZERO. NADA.

      And what do I get in my email to day?!?!

      "We wanted to let you know about a special promotion we have for you to welcome in the New Year:

      $20 off any order of Spike for the iPhone 5 & 5s allowing you to get a Spike TypeSmart Keyboard for only $39.95 (with free shipping in the US!)

      To take advantage of this offer, visit and use the coupon code 2015 to subtract $20 from your Spike order. This coupon code will be valid until February this year, so spread the word and tell your friends and family!

      iPhone 5 & 5s models will ship immediately. We are currently out-of-stock for all iPhone 4 & 4s models of Spike. If you are on backorder for an iPhone 4/4s model of Spike and wish to upgrade to the iPhone 5/5s version, simply place a new order at and use the coupon code above to take advantage of this offer.

      Best regards,
      The Spike Team"

      Seriously?!?! I haven't gotten my original order and you think I'm going to order more? I'm not even going to recommend these to anybody. I don't care how good they might actually be when they actually deliver.

      What. A. Joke.

    36. Missing avatar

      David Beitel on

      This is a joke. Spent $299 on a FUTURE PROOF package. Not once has anyone reached out to me to give me any kind of update. Not a simple email. Last update was in August. At this point, I'd take at least one of the iPhone 5S models so I could hang it on my Christmas tree as a fancy ornament.

      How about it Cody and company. Anything? Something? Hell, send me one of the broken, didn't pass QC ones just so I can have something in my hands.

      Luckily, I have not completely lost faith in the kickstarter model, but this has been a case study in how not to run a campaign. The fact you are taking pre-orders on your solo matrix website is an embarrassment.

      There is a link to "Be respectful and considerate" below the box to enter this comment. I've tried to restrain myself. Unfortunately, the way you operate is not "respectful" or "considerate".

      Merry Christmas

    37. Missing avatar

      Karl Mok


    38. Missing avatar

      Rob Graham on

      Still waiting for my 5S cover- dont expect to recieve it, have lost faith in Kickstarter concept, one has to assume cody and robert solomon have given up.

    39. Missing avatar

      Max on

      Any news? I'm still waiting...

    40. Missing avatar

      Sharon Preiser on

      Hello, I haven't received my keyboard as of yet. Do you know when they will be shipping? I was one of the first backers. Thank you, Sharon

    41. Missing avatar

      Patrick Castenie on

      when will this ship???

    42. Missing avatar

      Linda Tavis on

      I believe your design was creative yet it's functionality is severely flawed. The keyboard responsiveness is inconsistent, the "touch" is stiff and the keyboard itself keeps falling off. I have had it on my phone since receiving it but am removing it now.

    43. Missing avatar

      Karl Mok

      Four months since your last update that says things will be shipped out by the end of August. Still nothing...

    44. Daniel Bridges on

      Are these shipping to Europe yet? I spent $250 on these out of my own money as some chaps fancied one and said they'd give me the money when they arrived. So 2 years later, two guys have left and the company has changed to Android phones. I genuinely wish solo success but the communication and service need to move up a notch as it looks as if I'll be out of pocket one way or the other unfortunately

    45. Missing avatar

      Lennart on

      And by the way: on your webshop you still claim the spike ships in 1 to 3 weeks. C'mon....

    46. Missing avatar

      Lennart on

      Still not received my spike keyboard nor any shipping notice or announcement. What are you guys doing? On vacation, burning the crowdsourced money? Thiefs, that is what you are!!!

    47. Missing avatar

      Chan Xing Yun on

      I have received my two Spike1s for the 5/5S and they work great on my HTC One M8 with screen protector on so I can't say anything. But this also means that I won't be getting a refund. Ha ha ha.

      I'll be waiting for my mom to come home to try it on her phone since she's using the 5.

    48. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

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