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Following the hint to discover what is Flying Kebab, Nando gets deeper into the story of the people he knew his aunt. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on November 20, 2009.

Following the hint to discover what is Flying Kebab, Nando gets deeper into the story of the people he knew his aunt.

About this project

Flying Kebab is an ongoing webserie made for the internet and through the internet. Fernando, a Brazilian photographer, receives a letter in Arabic mentioning an inheritance left for him in Beirut. Leaving the comfort of home, he goes for a journey through Lebanon's culture, heritage, gastronomy and people while searching for his inheritance.

We're a crew of three people spending a year here in Lebanon and making Flying Kebab happen while we stay here. By now, we already have five episodes online, with more than 100k views. People that we meet around while shooting are helping us a lot. Moreover, many who have watched and loved Flying Kebab have contacted us through the internet in order to help out. It was through the internet that we met our current script writer and producers, who made the initial investment in audio equipment. Indeed, the internet is our only mean of distribution. We've been spreading the webseries through facebook, blogs and twitter.

Flying Kebab will comprise nine episodes, if everything goes according to our plans. We will release one episode each month till January, when we’ll finish our adventure. For each episode we need around US$300 for paying expenses in car renting, equipment renting and other minor production expenses. Therefore, we will be launching a KickStarter campaign every month, hoping to raise enough money to pay our expenses and, if some money is left over, to buy some basic equipment in order to diminish the renting prices further on.

Once Flying Kebab is finished in January we’ll release a special DVD with all the episodes, all of Fernando’s vlogs, and special features that couldn’t get into the final online episodes.

This is a very special project that we’re already head deep into it and trying to find fundings to continue.


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    A very grateful mention on the "Thank You" ending credits.

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    The above and a 13x18cm print of one of Fernando's Flickr photos.

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    Name mentioned on the ending credit and a 13x18cm print of an exclusive photo by Fernando.

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    All of the above plus a copy of the DVD with all episodes (released in the beggining of 2010 once all episodes are finished.

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    All aforementioned goodies, plus a 20x30cm signed print-out of an exlcusive photo by Fernando Borges.

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