The action packed sci-fi road trip comic set during the Summer of Love is looking to fund its last two issues.


#17 on IO9s "51 Awesome Webcomics The Eisners Have Completely Failed To Recognize"

“a very cool story...the concept feels fresh...check this one out. It’s a great read.” Chuck Shuffel - What’cha Reading

“It’s a unique story with eye-catching visuals” Leo Johnson - Nerdspan

“I highly suggest reading... they look amazing and read like they are written by a seasoned vet.” Kyle Welch - Rhymes with Geek

“solid storytelling & striking retro/psychedelic art.” Sommer K. - Mightyville

“Some really well-designed pages that incorporate the rustic colors of the impending 70s.” Crystal Sykes - The Bold Italic 

"The idea is great and the book looks amazing." Neil Rodriguez - Comic Bastards

I'm running this campaign to help fund the art production for the last two issues of Just Another Sheep. Up until this point I've managed to fund the first three issues mostly by myself, but now I'm low on funds. So I'm turning to the Kickstarter community for support. With your help, we can make the completion of this five issue miniseries a reality!

Just Another Sheep follows a timid teen learning to think for himself in the days of Flower Children, free love, and the Vietnam War. But this is not just a soul search! The teen is on a quest to find out how he has the amazing ability to make people experience anything his body has before-- be that food poisoning, intoxication, pleasure, or pain.

Story by Mat Heagerty (Wrinkled- 215ink), Line Art by JD Faith (VIRGIL), Colors by John Paul Little (Morning Glories- Image Comics), Colors also by Jon Cairns (Alpha Flag), Lettering by Ed Brisson (Sheltered- Image Comics)

                      You can read the first two issues here!

                      Want more? You can read the first two issues here!

The reason you're here! All five issues of The Just Another Sheep miniseries in ultra high resolution PDF format. Featuring loads of "behind the scenes" extras like scripts, inked pages, character design, pinups, alternate logos and so much more! Issues 1-3 will be emailed to you upon completion of the campaign REGARDLESS of if we reach funding or not! Issues 4 & 5 will be mailed out as they are completed over the next several months. More than 140 pages of Sheepy goodness!

NEW REWARD: Ultra limited to only 5 prints. 18x12 full color high-quality double sided poster/print. Side One the cover to issue 3, side 2 the drinking scene from issue 1. Line art by JD Faith, Colors by Jon Cairns. The poster is printed by on 100# matte paper. (+ The Special Edition PDF)

 NEW REWARD: First edition printing of the Wrinkled one-shot. Story by Just Another Sheep writer Mat Heagerty, with art by Will Tempest (ZERO -Image Comics) It asks the question, what if Alzheimer's was actually the next stage of evolution, a gift not a curse? In a sentence-- Fargo meets Cocoon. 

This is a very limited item. I only printed 50 copies to help in pitching the comic to publishers. Wrinkled was picked up by 215ink who will be releasing the book later this year. (Plus, the Special Edition PDF of Just Another Sheep)

Just Another Sheep issues 1 & 2 in PRINT just like a real comic! First edition, limited printings of each comic-- signed upon request. Extra Heavy Weight Matte (135lb) cover, and Heavy Gloss Coated (105lb) interior pages. Printed through (+ The Special Edition PDF)

19x13 full color high-quality poster/print of the drug trip scene from Just Another Sheep #1. Line art by JD Faith, Colors by Jon Cairns. The poster is printed by on 100# matte paper. (+ The Special Edition PDF)

Featuring over 800 pages of comic gems from the Just Another Sheep creative team delivered by the end of May 2014. Hours of reading from projects by Jon Cairns, JD Faith and Mat Heagerty. (+ The Special Edition PDF)

  • ACROBAT #1-#30 by JD Faith and Various -- Watch Just Another Sheep artist JD Faith cut his teeth in his Superhero masterpiece that he started at just 14 years old! You'll be jealous. 
  • WRINKLED from Mat Heagerty with Art by Will Tempest -- Fargo meet Cocoon in this supernatural one-shot.
  • ALPHA FLAG #1-#3, plus a preview of #4 by Jon Cairns with Renee Keyes -- A man whose lost his mind tries to reclaim its scattered pieces in a hostile environment.
  • THE GREAT REGRESSION #1 by Mat Heagerty with Art by GOOF. -- Technology has gone too far, it's time to regress.
  • THE  TOWER by JD Faith -- Short story featured in Nobodies Vol.2
  • SOIL by Jon Cairns with Renee Keyes -- Short story featured in Nobodies Vol. 1                                                  

Please Note: Because of the massive amount of content the files are "web size", not print ready.

This groovy shirt features Just Another Sheep's protagonist Banning in front of a semi-psychedelic floral design. Printed on American Apparel: Sheer Jersey Short Sleeve Summer T-Shirt. These shirts are already ultralight, and super soft like your favorite vintage tee. Two color discharge hand screen printed by Pelican Print Shop.  

100% Sheer Jersey cotton construction. Sweatshop-free, Made in The USA Durable rib neckband. This unisex shirt design fits slim. (+ The Special Edition PDF)

A convention style character sketch by JD Faith of a character of your choosing. Similar to the example above. (+ The Special Edition PDF.)

A baseball style version of the standard t-shirt. Printed on American Apparel "3/4 sleeve raglan.  Two color discharge hand screen printed by Pelican Print Shop.  100% Sheer Jersey cotton construction. Sweatshop-free, Made in The USA Durable rib neckband. (+ The Special Edition PDF)

The LAMB level includes... The Banning and the Flowers T-shirt, The Trippy Poster, plus, the special edition PDF of the entire miniseries.

An actual original interior page of JD Faith’s flawless line art from Just Another Sheep issues 1-3! Certain pages are not available, JD and you will determine the page together. Impress all your pals with the ultimate fan art! (+ The Special Edition PDF) 

The SHEEP reward level features-- Banning and the Flowers T-shirt, the Trippy Poster, Special Edition PDF, Loaded PDF, #1 & #2 in print, hand written personalized thank you letter, and a signed script of issue 1.

The SHEPHERD reward is the ultimate level of support! Jam packed with everything reward. This is the only level that offers immortality, by drawing you into issue 5 of Just Another Sheep! 

Your likeness, or the likeness of your choosing will be drawn into the fifth and final issue of Just Another Sheep. You'll need to provide a picture for JD to work off. The print comics, the tee shirt, the poster, a character sketch, the special edition pdf, the loaded pdf, an original page, a signed script of issue 1, a hand written thank you letter, a sound track to the comic, plus every reward we add throughout the campaign. That's a lot of loot! 

If we're able to reach $10,000 we will be printing the trade paperback! Once the goal is reached every pledge of $24 and over will receive the high quality trade paperback printed through All you’ll have to do is add the extra shipping cost ($10 US, $25 Outside the US)

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The objective of this campaign is to get you reading Just Another Sheep in its entirety as soon as possible. Our delivery dates were chosen to allow the maximum time estimated for the remaining two issues completion. Foreseeing any major setbacks, we’re confident that we will meet all deadlines.


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