Matchstick - The Streaming Stick Built on Firefox OS


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    1. Douglas Cheever

      still waiting for my refund or the matchstic

    2. Douglas Cheever

      Still have not reeiv

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      Simon Trigona on

      Apparently (most) developers will not be receiving a refund as they received their (near useless) matchstick.

      I say "most" because some developers have received a refund.

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      Michael Luckhart on

      The Matchstick project is still in my backed project list.
      The Amazon Transaction ID was: 195GQ5AKA6PBGET4DMONM6QZ196ZFAU99CJ

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      Cameron Berkley on

      I have not received my refund. This is likely because my debit card was stolen and canceled. Is there another way to contact the matchstick team? It seems odd to do this through a comment.

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      Michael Mauger on

      The project is still on my Backed list. I backed it on 9/30/14

    7. Douglas Cheever

      Still waiting for my promised refund with no indication of when it will ever arive

    8. Sam Casson on

      It's still on my backed list.