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Matchstick, the first HDMI stick based on Firefox OS, is the best way to experience your favorite movies, music, and games on your HDTV
17,218 backers pledged $470,310 to help bring this project to life.
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      Steve Nadeau

      I went to and did not see anything about a refund but I did see that you are taking orders on your site why is that

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      Steve Nadeau

      it is mid Sept and I went back to the beginning of the comments towards the refund, and I have not seen any feedback to any of us backer comments....I would like a feedback from you so the other backers can get an idea of what is going on, it seems that back in Feb you knew you may not deliver but you keep making changes to try make us happy.... Final note if you plan on refunding us then use paypal since they will return the money to the credit card that was used

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      Paul Healy on

      Hey...I received back $18 of the $34 that I pledged.
      I sent email to Kickstarter and was told to get in touch of the 'creator'.
      Of course they did not tell me how to do that.
      The $18 came from Neil Carr.
      Anybody have any contact info for this dude?

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      Lluis Bernat on

      Has anyone been refunded ?

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      Robert Pitera on

      BTW, maybe if you spent less time on 'cool logos' and DRM that no one wanted, we'd have a functioning product instead of begging for our money back. I'm starting to think this is the last project I back. I'm sick and tired of these, "Oh look, we can build this and everyone is so talented and we have everything working already" deals that turn out to be complete vaporware.

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      Robert Pitera on

      I had an Indiegogo project I backed that got canceled and a few days after the announcement I received an email to verify my info. That money was returned via PayPal (they had used Amazon but to make it easier they refunded the monies via PayPal) in 24 hours. Not sure why this is taking so long since (like Christina mentions) you have all the info you need. I've heard nothing, received no emails asking for info or any updates. Let's get this over with and move on. I backed this project specifically for the ad hoc solution so if anyone has any ideas for a similar solution that isn't AppleTV, I'd love to hear it. In the meantime, let's get on with the refunds for God's sake!

    7. Christina

      I have run a Kickstarter campaign myself and know that you have records of all funds that have been collected by Kickstarter and given to you. So you have no reason to demand people provide AMAZON record information -- which AMAZON advises me they do not have to provide to me.

      The pledge amount that was made by every backer is in your records from Kickstarter. You know which of the pledges were collected as this information is provided to you as the KS campaign owner. You should refund the amounts via Paypal to anyone demanding a refund. You have let everyone down by failing to deliver the product. Moreover, YOU insisted on making a change no one wanted!!!
      Then you clearly have sold out and now are not providing people with their due refund. We are wanting to be refunded immediately. You owe this money and the US government is now pursuing KS campaigns that are failing to deliver on their campaign promises. So it is in your best interest to refund the money. NOW!

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      klint on

      As many backers, I want what I backed: a stick without DRM! Thanks

    9. Missing avatar

      David Soneira Gonzalez on

      Hello, how are you going to pay it back ? Thank you

    10. Missing avatar

      TMine on

      I'm looking forward to my refund.
      Waiting on it even as I write.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jose Rodriguez on

      I'm looking forward to my refund.
      Waiting on it even as I write.

    12. Marcus Donnerhag on

      Have not got a refund.. want my 39$ back please..

    13. pandark on

      How can I get my 170$ back? I don't think I had an Amazon account at the time I paid, and while the whole DRM fiasco unfolded I changed credit card. What can I do to get my refund?
      I sent two private messages without getting any answer.

    14. bonuswavepilot

      Come to that - it is weird that there isn't a device which just does peer-to-peer without all of Apples walled-garden BS... It doesn't seem like it would be a huge ask...

    15. Wilton Dale Alston

      ...ah, the magic of the Interwebs. I see that peer-to-peer playback--what I would refer to as "ad hoc" streaming--is available on AppleTV. So, that's one option. If there are others, I'd love to hear about them.

    16. Wilton Dale Alston

      @Mike Garton
      Mike, thanks for your insightful note. I too am among the seething throng that clamors "we only wanted Ad Hoc and Local Playback." However, since this project is DOA, I'd settle for one of the many devices that does ad hoc and local, as per your comment, "...everyone has a device that does these too." About what device(s) are you speaking? I did not think such functionality was already available. If it is, I'll just buy that and be good to go. (I already have a Chromecast, and am unaware of such functionality.)

    17. Missing avatar

      Mike Garton on

      @Michael Pfaff

      Oh I think it's a forgone conclusion that every backer had an alternative way to watch Netflix, but I think that people have become confused about what this project was about (at least the few hundred or so vocal commenters). The idea, IMHO, was indeed to create something like a chromecast clone, but one that was open source, or as nearly as open as can be, and one that used a unique, cool, new operating system. The appeal of the project to me was exactly that--I was interested in encouraging the development of a device that runs Firefox OS--I didn't really care about DRM either, but a mass market product without it is DOA, because rank and file consumers don't care that much about Firefox OS. Everyone here keeps saying that they don't care about DRM, that they care about local playback and ad hoc mode, but keep in mind that everyone has a device that does these too, just like they have a device that plays Netflix. Firefox OS was the appeal of this device and we all just have to face it--it just isn't ready for this type of mass marketed consumer device despite the Matchstick Team's optimism that they could make it so, and our faith in them to get this done.

    18. Marcel

      @Michael Pfaff and the campaign promised a lot, including netflix and hbo go access.

      It's not just about what the KS-backers wanted but what the rest of the world also expects when they go out and buy a product like this. Which was the goal of this KS, to have a mass-market product. Not just a geek toy for Kickstarter backers. Because that's no way for a company to make a living.

      If Matchstick had released their product, and not offered Netflix and/or HBO Go support, they'd not even be a blip on the radar, and/or they'd have had very angry customers who thought they'd bought some sort of Chromecast+ device.

      This decision of a refund is a really tough one, because I assume they'd already spent some money on wages and research&development, I'm sure. So it could end with them in debt.

    19. Missing avatar

      Michael Pfaff on

      @Mike Garton

      I'm willing to bet that every backer of this thing already has something that can stream Netflix or HBO Go. That wasn't the feature that brought everyone onboard. If you want something cheap that'll do DRMed streaming then there are products from Amazon, Google, and Roku that can be bought today. It certainly didn't need any kind of hardware refresh, the Roku stick does DRM playback with much less.

      The backers, the people who gave them money just wanted what the campaign promised, they stated that they were all ready to gear up to manufacture. We didn't back a Chromecast clone because we can get a Chromecast for $30, we wanted something more

    20. Dudley on

      So when will you send our Sticks without DRM?

      This is respectful and considerate, now maybe you should be the same to ALL your investors.

    21. Missing avatar

      Ricardo Cabral on

      Right ... I dont want a Amazon Credit amount. I want the Matchstick or the money back.
      Paypal is a good option ...

    22. Mathieu Doublet on

      Same as a lot of people, I'd like a Matchstick without DRM than a refund.

    23. Christina

      I have run a Kickstarter campaign and KNOW that you can determine who paid how much for this device. The onus is on you to pay people back - not on us to come up with an Amazon Payment Account. Amazon does not provide anyone with this information upon request -- so it isn't going to work for everyone.

      You have a list of all your backers and can contact them individually. For everyone who uses PAYPAL, it is a case of getting an email address from a backer. This is what you should be doing. The onus is on you to refund all of the backers.

    24. Missing avatar

      Mark Roth on

      I dont have payed via Amazon Payment account - payed via credit card. So what to do?So, how do I get the refund?
      I have a new credit card (still the same bank, just not the same card). =/ Please give me an answer, thanks ##mark

    25. Missing avatar

      Mike Garton on

      Most of these commenters should go back and take a look at the original campaign, which did indeed promise DRM, "We are doing our best to make sure the requirements will be met either via the playback app itself or the OS. We're in ongoing talks..." and also the mention that HBO Go and other proprietary content would be available. If not stated explicitly, you would have to be living under a rock to not understand that none of the listed content providers would be on board if their content was not minimally safe from piracy using the device. Here is another quote "But we know what you care about... CONTENT. The number one thing your HDMI stick needs to do is let you get your favorite stuff from the Internet to your big screen." Again, DRM is required to make this happen. The very first paragraph of the campaign mentioned Netflix. Do you think Netflix is onboard without DRM? So yes, DRM was promised and many other promises depended upon it. Also, just because 17,000 rabid KS backers funded this, they explicitly stated that the goal was to bring a product to market; they even mentioned that we'd be getting the matchstick for less than the retail price that it would sell for once on the market. They may have been overly optimistic with respect to a reasonable timetable to accomplish what they wanted to get done (without the clout of a Google or an Amazon), but they knew what they were doing when they pulled the plug: the Matchstick had little hope of succeeding in the broader marketplace without DRM and content, this decision was a no-brainer. Maybe in another year or two. I personally mostly wanted to tinker with the Firefox OS without having to buy a supported phone. If they come back, I'll back it then as I backed it now.

    26. Missing avatar

      W Myers on

      Such is life. Thanks for at least staring the processs for the refund, taking the responsibility at least shows you are genuine and may give you another chance for the future.

    27. D S on

      I have been looking through my Amazon account and cannot find a credit or any info related to this Matchstick project. Any ideas?

    28. Pang Ren on

      I paid by credit card too. How will I get my money back?

    29. Missing avatar

      Henk Heemskerk on

      Big disappointment.
      Was waiting a long for this.
      I would like emphasize like many before me that I would settle very much for the stick without DRM.
      Please reconsider!

    30. Sergio Ruiz on

      I agree with the comments regarding that DRM was an added to the initial proposal, we backed the project without DRM, but I think the refunding thing is not an insult to the backers, its just a difficult decision, but you can't feel insulted if they are going to return to you the money.

      I think a device without DRM is fine for us the users that backed it previously, but it probably will break all the possibility of partnership, company customizations, batch selling and that stuff, for example I was going to make an app for it but without DRM that will not be possible. Without DRM probably the product will not sell enough to fill their expenses so... I understand the painful decision.

    31. Missing avatar

      Noel Ryan on

      I'll have the dongle as is please! Without OS is even fine! I'm sure that devs among the backers will support the hardware. Thats what "open" is all about Tanx

    32. Konstantin Khodakovsky on

      One year waiting and then refunding?! Are you joking? I don't want $20 — i need a Matchstick without DRM.

    33. Missing avatar

      Jesus Cano on

      I also prefer a Matchstick without DRM than a refund. Please, reconsider.

    34. Missing avatar

      Keith Griffin on

      At this point I can't say I care much about Matchstick development. I'm will be happy to get my pledge back but would be just as happy getting the dongle.

      What I can say is that I'm disappointed the projects was cancelled based on the inability to deliver a feature that was discussed AFTER the KS campaign. I pledged for a device that didn't support DRM so cancelling for lack of DRM seems like a cop out.

      In other news I recently received an e-mail from my car dealer indicating the order had been cancelled because the car won't fly.

    35. Missing avatar

      Brandon Smith on

      Drop DRM. I picked you guys for everything else you were offering, anyways.

    36. Missing avatar

      Roger Kibbe on

      Agree with the other comments - simply ship without DRM

    37. Missing avatar

      Kyle Jackson on

      I agree with others. Drop the DRM, and deliver what was originally the goal. There may be significant media restrictions, but until there is hardware out there to help drive the movement, we'll never win the battle against DRM.

    38. Fernando Rybka on

      We were faithful backers of this project since day one.
      We waited patiently way after the advertised delivery date...

    39. Ryan Montgomery on

      I could give three shïts about DRM. WTF guys?

    40. Missing avatar

      Eric Gaudet on

      This is very disappointing. I would like to second all the people who said they didn't care about DRM, which was not in the initial project I backed. I would be perfectly happy with a DRM-free device.

    41. Philippe “Sildoenfein” D.

      I hesitated for a long time (in internet perception) before commenting, but I am very disappointed. The project is canceled because you can’t reasonably implement features that weren’t in the initial promise? I do not care. I did not engage myself on a DRM-laded device. That wasn’t what was announced. I don’t want a refund, what I’d like is the initial, achievable promised device. Can’t you revise your decision? Or, at least, make a new kickstarer for the open, DRM-free project?

    42. Sujay Vilash on

      This is such a shame. When everyone was asking for refunds, I patiently waited for the project to succeed. You say the DRM issue is what killed the project. Rather than killing the project, why not kill the DRM? After all, when I backed you initially, DRM wasn't even being considered. Please let us know if there ever is a Matchstick 2.0. I would be more than happy to back it again as it is a brilliant idea/product. But next time, I would advise you to be a bit more inclusive. Let's face it, I think all the backers knew this project was dead back in May when you stopped communicating with your backers. In any case, thank you for agreeing to refund our money and all the best to you.

    43. José Astolfo on

      I do not have an Amazon payment account. I used credit card. What can I do?

    44. Missing avatar

      Jason Robitaille on

      Any possibility of a second offering of dev devices?

    45. John Palaima on

      I think a large media company either bought them out, or some companies threaten to sue them for lack of DRM, or they have to give complete refunds to release their liability to the purchasers of it being "open" for some other manufacturer to sell this as a tangible product with DRM

    46. Missing avatar

      Lutz Heinrichs on

      Disappointing. I would have hoped for an option to get a non-DRM stick with source code so we could tinker around with it.

      Nevertheless, I'm sure a lot of people have spent a lot of time trying to make it happen. Good on you to make a final call and refund everyone. Not all failed KS go that way.

      Good luck on the next project!

    47. Bo Öhman on

      So, how do I get the refund? Amazon Payments said they can't help me as I have a new debit card (still the same bank, just not the same card). =/

    48. Tyler Ritz on

      Thank you for the update and the refund. Best of luck with Matchstick 2.0

    49. Missing avatar

      Tim Beers on

      Wow, sorry that most of your backers were jerks as clearly emphasized by some of these comments. Thank you for being honest, most people have zero concept of the development process and risk involved.

    50. Missing avatar

      Oliver on

      I dont have an Amazon Payment account - payed via credit card. So what to do?