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Matchstick, the first HDMI stick based on Firefox OS, is the best way to experience your favorite movies, music, and games on your HDTV
17,218 backers pledged $470,310 to help bring this project to life.

Some Clarifications

Posted by (Creator)

Hey Everyone !  

There seems to be some confusion from our last update. This is just to clarify that we have not yet shipped out any production quality Matchstick units. The last update regarding ad hoc mode enhancement was mainly intended for those who had purchased and received the Matchstick developer units end of last year. Since ad hoc mode and local play were promised as our Kickstarter stretch goals, we thought it would be helpful to let folks know our progress in meeting our commitment to deliver on our stretch goals.  

We are continuing our product development effort. Stay tuned for more announcement !

Matchstick Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Simon Hanna on

      I'm not surprised but dissapointed. Why no updates along the way? If you realize it's not that easy to implement, why not just leave it out?

    2. Rober Dote on

      Please, any update!

    3. Missing avatar

      kevin dunn on is August...Where is my Matchstick?

    4. Missing avatar

      Thom Hudelson on

      Just checking in as August is here. Any chance at another update?

    5. Missing avatar

      Steve on

      FYI, I was able to reach someone at the office via phone today, and they told me to expect an announcement sometime next week. Let's hope it'll be good news!

    6. Sander Brand on

      "Will by shipped by August"
      Auhust when? 2016, 2017, 2018?
      This is by far the most worst project i backed.

    7. Missing avatar

      Simon Hanna on

      August is approaching....
      Do you think it will ship?

    8. Missing avatar

      eric w on

      After reading the lot of comment down there I start to get a headache. Why It look like to so complicate to make an announce regarding the delivery time or the project status.
      I trust in your project but with a respectful project team. So please inform us .I did not reeive anything for now.
      What is the status of the project ?
      Started ?
      abandoned ?
      The project team gone with the money ?
      ready to produce ?
      ready to deliver ?
      Thanks for your urgent respond .

    9. warren nordgren on

      OK we have no communication from you on Aug shipping? What gives?? �

    10. Wendy Nolan Hockley on

      Earth to Matchstick...........Earth to Matchstick.......... Is anybody home?

    11. Missing avatar

      Robert Heavel on

      My first backed project on Kickstarter(and last) is a lemon. :-(
      Seriously, that guy you hired for communications purposes, fire him...

    12. Missing avatar

      philip lawrence on

      Since you posted that the production would ship in Aug of 2015, I would like a clarification post as to the expected shipment date. I invested when the product was first announced, and I put up with the modification of the shipment date from Feb of 2015 to Aug, so I expect an update on the final shipment date very soon.

    13. Missing avatar

      Roberto Siqueira Filho on

      I'm from Brazil. I invested in the project in October 2014, with the promise that they would receive in early 2015. We are now in July and the product is still not ready ...

    14. Missing avatar

      Vic Dyer on

      When are your going to ship my matchstick?

    15. Joshua Block on

      Imagine that your Kickstarter backers are a $400k venture investor. Let us know what's going on. What are the hurdles you are facing? What has changed since you started the project that changed what you thought you could get done? We put trust in you and your vision.

    16. Adam Conner on

      I am interested on where things stand with the project? Do we have a new eta?

    17. Missing avatar

      Gary Hill on

      You seem to be stretching this a long time, any chance it may stretch to New Zealand any time soon?????????????????

    18. Missing avatar

      Plastic-1 on

      Can we have an update please ?
      An idea of your progress ?

    19. Missing avatar

      Brandon on

      I thought this team brought on someone specifically to communicate more to the backers? Less than a once a month communication on a project that has had a huge change in scope and timeline is ridiculous.

    20. Missing avatar

      Ben Healy on

      Any progress?? This is a joke!

    21. Missing avatar

      Jazzper Lacey on

      Can we please get an update?
      We understand if some things don't go exactly as planned, but not communicating with us is not the way to go about things.
      The projects that have the best following that ran behind are the ones who give an update at least every 2 weeks so that their backers know something is actually being done.
      As far as I am concerned now, you all took a month vacation and haven't done anything.

      You have so many backers wanting refunds. Give us an update.

    22. Missing avatar

      josh knibb on

      at this point how many backers are left? it seems like everytime i check for updates there are more people requesting refunds. can we get an update, are we getting these in August?

    23. Luke Hubbard on

      We backed this project because we believed in an open media dongle running firefox OS. Even if you face issues please keep your backers updated. No communication is worse than bad news.

    24. Steven Hoyte on

      Are we ever going to get this? It has been months since the first promise date and one month since the last update? This Matchstick seemed too good to be true but I thought that I would take a small gamble anyway. Now I wonder if I just wasted my money. New Roku units, Amazon units, Apple TV. Matchstick was supposed to be better, faster and cheaper with lots more. So far it is nothing but an empty promise. Where is it?

    25. Otavio Furlan on

      Hello guys!

      Could you please give us some update about delivering the Match?


    26. Missing avatar

      Andy Southern on

      Guys, I offered to help you back in October 2014. As a Design Engineer with Project management experience and qualifications I thought you were optimistic to ship Feb 2015. You've got Christmas and Chinese NewYear to watch for.
      The offer is still open. Why not just tell us why the 6 month delay?
      I know this always happens, but there are people here without 20 years R&D experience.
      It just baffles me that you turned down an offer of free help if you were crashing deadlines so badly.
      Andy, CEng.

    27. Bianca Brignoni on

      When are you going to start shipping?

    28. Gabriele Vidali on

      No more delay right? Otherwise nobody is Going to trust kickstarter anymore and lawyers will appear soon.

    29. Birla on

      I hope that the target is to deliver before 2016! However I'm skeptical whether you actually have the funds to fulfill the backings.

    30. John Yip on

      Please keep us updated =)

    31. Philip Leblanc on

      Please provide more timely updates - i understand the delays but being left in the dark is nuts

    32. Missing avatar

      Razvan C. Cojocariu on

      How do I get a refund? This is already insulting.

    33. Missing avatar

      Matthew Duane on

      This is going to fall on deaf ears I'm sure, but are there any updates forthcoming about the manufacturing of the Matchstick. I'm kind of resigned to not getting the device in August, but even a realistic discussion of the current state of development and any pitfalls you are running into would be great.

    34. Missing avatar

      Siva on

      Where is my Stiiick?

    35. Sujay Vilash on

      Personally, what worries me most is the lack of response from the team. However, I will not request a refund until after August as that this their target ship date. But the lack of response is disconcerting to say the least.

    36. Missing avatar

      Roy B on

      Thanks for the update, It is unfortunate that people are not very patient, it's a good idea to post small summary of the communications with your suppliers/manufacturers and also minor/major issues that they're having. It avoids nasty surprises, and sometimes we might be able to contribute in solving the problems.

    37. Jalil Jackson on

      Can we please have real answers, or are you guys playing blackjack with the money? Heck, I'd even take that as an answer "sorry guys we gambled and went to strip clubs with your money"

    38. Missing avatar

      Michael Lucas on

      Pretty much echo what everyone has said. We have been more than patient. If we cannot get an update as to the specific cause of the delays, it may be time to explore legal recourses.

    39. Missing avatar

      Robert Pitera on

      @Huw - This is exactly what many of us - myself included - did. No one is 'trolling' here. We are simply asking for communication and the only thing that we are getting in return is useless responses like yours. Hence the anger.

    40. Carole Van Valkenburg on

      Wow, I pledged $18 on October 10, 2014 - 8 months later . . .???

    41. Missing avatar

      P Cartagena on

      The software update was nice, but we need to have more updates on the manufacturing, production and shipping side of the project. Post something soon with this information, especially since August is only two months away.

    42. Loïc Gerbaud on

      In february (the 6th), they said they planned to ship in august...
      Keep calm and read carefuly the news ;)

      Anyway, some news about the current hardware and software development would be great.
      We massively backed this project, we saw you went beyond the simple HDMI dongle, pushing your technology to the TV, etc... Showing your stuff in conferences and all...
      But, you've not shown us any progress :(

      Please, please, send us some news about the progress you've made, before anyone leave the project and ask for refund...

    43. Missing avatar

      Huw on

      I'd also like my Matchstick BUT, ffs chill out in the comments.

      Kickstarter is where you back things that you want to see exist, it's not the amazon of preorders.

      If they fold - then we can all have a frank talk - but so far it seems that we still on track to get a product, which will solve our problems (I want a device that does what chromecast and amazon products do but is open to tinkering and free of my all in one google account).

      These teams are small - sometimes they over-promise - we take on that risk in backing them.

      So either ask them for better lines of communication constructively or back the hell off. Troll central here isn't helping anyone get a matchstick.

    44. Missing avatar

      Bas Steenbeeke on

      Keep the updates coming! And now a useful one with hardware progress/specifications and clarification if the august shipping date is still realistic.

    45. Anil Kumar on

      Could you please let me know when is the device getting shipped ??????

    46. Missing avatar

      Alex Bicknell on

      I'm pleased to hear an update ANY update, as it looks as though the project is at least still live and till we hear otherwise August is still a target all be it an unlikely one given the lack of finalized hardware specs, agreed manufacturing partner etc - in my head I'm thinking we will now get our Matchsticks but probably not till the end of the year. Lets hope they are worth the wait. More updates please.

    47. Tyler Ritz on

      There was no confusion, we just want to know when we will get our matchsticks. We do t care about the rest.