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Matchstick, the first HDMI stick based on Firefox OS, is the best way to experience your favorite movies, music, and games on your HDTV
17,218 backers pledged $470,310 to help bring this project to life.

Better late than never! Still here building Matchstick for you...

Posted by (Creator)

Hey Matchstickers!

Sorry for the terrible delay with this update. We have been very busy getting things in order and making arrangements to keep on keeping on with bringing Matchstick to you.

Hardware: Hardware is hard! We’ve made some progress with the CPU upgrade and will have some solid info soon on the exact specs we have selected for production. We think you guys will be pleased. Should be nailed down soon.

Software: We are making progress with the Matchstick iOS and Android app which will include setup and basic settings as well as ad-hoc and local streaming. Also, our progress with Mozilla and Microsoft to get the content we will want is moving along nicely! We’ve added some resources to the team that will help us create partnerships for the premium content across the board that will allow us to stay competitive in the marketplace. Remember, just because we will support DRM, does not mean you have to… ;)

Support: Customer support is another area we are adding resources to. Meet Andrew! We think KS community communication and updates should move more smoothly in April and moving forward! Please be nice to Andrew, he is here to help you-

Stay tuned in April for more updates - Onward!

The Matchstick Team and Andrew

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    1. Deacon Blues on

      At this point, I don't even care about this thing anymore. Oh well. Let's wait it out and hope to be pleasantly surprised in some way after all the unannounced changes.

    2. White Fox

      Zzzzzz...I've actually forgotten what this project was about and why I was so initially excited about it.
      I've already filled the 4 HDMI sockets on my TV. Hopefully this will actually be compelling enough to remove one of the other devices I have connected!

    3. Missing avatar

      Josh Fish on

      When can I expect the bloody thing?

    4. Missing avatar

      william santiago on

      I hope you guys don't sell out like Boxee people did. You sure are sounding more like them each time.

    5. Paul R. Dominguez Gutierrez on

      Somewhat disappointing with how things have ended up. I did not pay for all these extra features. I got a Google Chrome and Amazon Fire stick for Netflix, Hulu, ect. I do not understand why you guy would jeopardize your reputation by delaying the product with stuff we did not purchase to begin with. I'll not pull my support yet, but either this fraud or Matchstick TV is pretty much ruining their reputation. I wonder I soon we'll be seeing something on CNN talking about how lousy are kickstarter tech stuff is and Matchstick an example

    6. Missing avatar

      Trae Tischman on

      I glad that they held off and are releasing a better product, it should be well worth the wait!

    7. Creator on

      At this point I think we're really feeling like, 'the dog on the wrong side of the door', Either decision to ship now or hold off is wrong to a percentage of backers who pledged money.

      A decision was made to hold off shipment, build a better, dual-purpose, device which will be best for all backers.

      We appreciate the frustration that is building, we're feeling it internally and externally. Going forward our updates will be more consistent and more specific.

      For now, we appreciate your patience but if you would like a refund send us a direct message and we will respond with the steps.

    8. Missing avatar

      Lynne Lightowler-Buck on

      "Better late than never!" is really quite lame. Considering other projects I've invested in I'm finding that being gently massaged with words as updates to whatever is going on soothes my anxious feelings . . . if I have 'em. Reconsider your valuation of who aided you, and realize you'll do well with a few words often on reality bites . . . than long silent patches. We're not breaking up; we're making the connection work.

    9. Missing avatar

      Fred on

      We want ETA's. Updates are always good but the only real news here was about the support, the only topic around matchsticks that those not looking for a refound (for now) are not really interested

    10. Missing avatar

      Daniel Sullivan on

      Hey Andrew, can you give us updates on with videos, pictures, AMAs or anything really to make us believe this product is moving towards the finish line? I just dislike this lack of info and updates.

    11. Creator on

      Kind of ironic that the update came on April Fools! But no Foolin around, this is Andrew and I'll be working hard to stay tuned to your comments and direct messages.
      Those commenting about refunds, we hate to see you go but understand. Best to send us a Direct Message and our Team will respond with the needed information to process the request.

    12. Mark on

      @Steve Jones could you keep us posted? If your contact needs cooperation from us I'm sure we're willing to help if they can help us all. Also consider putting this on the site reddit.

    13. Carl Nelson on

      So I'm not really that invested in this project. But I backed because or the open source nature, Not for Netflix since I have a ps4 which plays Netflix fine. I agree the extra pin should be included and that if you don't know what processor you e using say WHY. is there am issue with drawing too much power? Let us in on something solid instead of just more stalling tactics. We were fine with the lesser specs.

      If you are going to increase specs give us something more fun to tackle with open source wise.

    14. Missing avatar

      Koni on

      Sorry, I do not belive in a happy end. Matchstck - the magic is gone.

    15. Missing avatar

      Steve Jones on

      @Mike: I respectfully disagree.. The matchstick was mostly filling the niche of having an opensource product NOT tied to the premium content.. It was mostly about doing those things which could not otherwise be done by those other devices that most of us already have. If I want to watch Netflix, I have a smartTV with it built in, but attached to that TV, I have a FireTV, a Tivo, an Ouyu, a BlueRay player, an Xbox 360, and a PlayStation, ALL of which can play Netflix. I also have a chromecast, which I THINK can play Netflix, but I've honestly never tried. What this was going to fill was the niche that I could sit on my couch with my laptop, and stream whatever I have locally to the TV, and the hardware was set, and manufacturing lined up, ready to ship in 30 to 60 days, but they waited literally until we were expecting it any day, and then said it would be another 6 months, because they were adding features nobody was ever promised. Of course, they used our money to go to Vegas for CES.. can't miss THAT party when it's on our dime..

      I believe this rises to the level of fraud, and since I'm having a meeting with my lawyer on Friday for something else anyway, I might have to bring this up if there's time. Tens of thousands of people are out $17 or $35, or $99... not enough to worry about really, but together, they defrauded us out of almost half a million dollars. Sounds like a classic class action suit to me, but I'm no lawyer.. I don't even care if I get any money back, but I want them to be held accountable so that they don't think they should do it again. All I ever expected was honesty in dealing with their backers.

    16. Missing avatar

      Mike Garton on

      The team should probably be more forthcoming and transparent. They are using Firefox OS, which is great because it's open, but not great because it's not very established. Everyone here is comparing the matchstick to the FireTV stick, etc. but all the other sticks have Netflix, etc. Almost everyone here would be pretty upset if they got their Matchstick and could not get any premium content on it, indeed it would have sounded the death knell for Matchstick in the marketplace, relegating it to a niche product that can't compare to the others. My opinion is that the "better hardware, more features" is a ruse to bide time while the issues of premium content are worked out. The original project clearly was a bit premature and now patience is required if you want to get something good. Having said this, if they waited until the time was right for production, the time might not be right for generating the buzz and enthusiasm and the whole thing might have been a dream. Timing is tough. Patience is also tough.

    17. Missing avatar

      Steve Jones on

      @Oliver : I understand that they CHOSE to use more potent hardware.. That's EXACTLY my problem with it.. They have taken our money based on the statement that they had WORKING HARDWARE and were ready to begin production of a product that was already working, but instead of delivering, they have CHOSEN to take our money and incur delays to upgrade hardware, software, whatever.. If they had said "We think this will work the way it is, but we may have to start over, and you may not get the product until late 2015", then we'd have had accurate information, and could have made an educated decision, but instead, they were either lying about having a working product (fraud) or they decided to unilaterally take the money that we all spent with them to build what I would consider a "version 2" product, without ever delivering their promised version 1. As I said, I know Kickstarter is for hobbiests and small companies, and I have participated in at least a half dozen kickstarters, none of which have gone exactly as planned, and I haven't complained a bit, if the delays are for unforeseen supplier problems or software/hardware issues, but in this case, it seems that the delays were intentionally incurred for no reason other for "feature creep" that ANY computer project has to deal with.. You've got to set goals and deadlines and then hit them. Yes, there will be faster, better, cheaper hardware out by the time your project comes out, but if you keep STARTING OVER every time there's a new processor, your project will literally never be done, because there will ALWAYS be a next best thing, faster than you can develop for the last best thing. My problem with this project is that they don't seem to understand that, and keep moving the target out because some new processor or feature will take just a little more time... over and over..

      When they started this project, their competition (one example) was the Amazon FireTV for $99.. Now, their competition is the $39 Fire Stick that does the same thing.. If they start over again, it'll be some other Walmart dongle for $10, and we will still have nothing..

      If they would have delivered their original product as promised, I would have been first in line to buy this one they're working on now, as a "version 2" with new added features, but until they understand feature creep, they'll never deliver anything. I don't care about the $35 I have invested, but I hate to see crap like this give kickstarter a bad reputation. I've had lots of people tell me that they'd never participate in a kickstarter because they can't trust it, and projects like this feed that reputation.

    18. Ervin Kosch on

      I would like a solid delivery date or my money back.

      "The product is fully functional today, with the hardware design final, tooling complete, and manufacturing ready to ramp up in the next 30-60 days."

    19. Missing avatar

      Blizzz on

      > Remember, just because we will support DRM, does not mean you have to… ;)

      The thing is, I don't my money to be wasted on crap. If I had known this before… -.- Better use resources to write an SailfishOS app. Or at least by more flowers for your office.

    20. Missing avatar

      Joao Carlos C A on

      Android ok.
      iPhone ok.
      And Windows Phone? Why not?

    21. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    22. Missing avatar

      Steve Jones on

      So.. Back on the ORIGINAL KICKSTARTER description, you wrote "The product is fully functional today, with the hardware design final, tooling complete, and manufacturing ready to ramp up in the next 30-60 days." and the DELIVERY DATE was set at NOVEMBER 2014. We are now a full FIVE MONTHS past the delivery date, and you now say you have almost picked a processor? I understand that kickstarters are supposed to be for small inexperienced businesses with good ideas, looking to get funded, and that delivery isn't promised at any specific time, but when you take almost a half million dollars from customers based on "The product is fully functional today, with the hardware design final, tooling complete, and manufacturing ready to ramp up in the next 30-60 days.", and then that turns out to be a complete lie, or you make a conscious decision to renege on your claims, I believe that amounts to intentional fraud, which I do not believe is covered in the "buyer beware" environment of Kickstarter. I believe you can be held legally accountable for the money.
      You had a product that was arguably ahead of most of its competition at the time, but your intentional "feature creep" has turned what was going to be an exciting product for hobbiests into "vaporware" that has a LOT OF commodity competition in the marketplace, and yet, we've already paid, and you walked away with our money. This project is an example of what can go wrong with Kickstarter, and you should be held accountable. Even if you do eventually deliver, most people haven't been sitting around for 5 months without finding another solution, and therefore, you have cost us all time and money.

    23. Johan Lindh on

      I also want my money back.

    24. Peter Ansbacher on

      I would love to get a refund, but it doesn't look like anyone is getting a refund anytime soon. Sure wish that someone from Matchstick would respond to all of these comments. Just losing trust in Matchstick.

    25. Missing avatar

      Grzegorz Jacykowski on

      The devs forgot, that most of the people paid to support the idea - even if the product was not 100% commercially ready... What they do now is to complete the product - for the price of screwing the idea...
      Is there a way to revoke the support and withdraw the money from such fraud?

    26. Missing avatar

      Curtis Ireland on

      I can appreciate trying to release a solid product and having as many features as possible. I can appreciate the desire for the developers to add DRM in order to support key applications like Netflix.

      However, I don't see this update as anything more than, "yup, we're still here." Are you still expecting an August release? What will happen to the developers with a development stick with the old specification?

      I am not pulling my pledge yet, but this is starting to get concerning. I am especially concerned about all the reports of people not getting their refunds (in case I do decide to bail).

    27. Missing avatar

      David Edwards on

      Wish I never backed this.

    28. James Dalton on

      OK, so when can we expect delivery?

    29. Steven Shvartsman on

      WOW you think this is a good update ? Are you serious ? You told us nothing and further more aggravated me and I`m sure others ! WOW JUST WOW guys. The hole is getting deeper and deeper.

    30. Dacho on

      Because of your delay I had to buy a Chromecast and two Amzn FireTV Stick... It seems that I don't need matchstick anymore. You are just unfair to your backers. I am still supporting your project but it doesn't bother me anymore how long it will take - the magic is gone.

    31. Rob Smart on

      Half expected a April Fools update. Appreciate the update all the same. Love playing with the dev unit, excited for more.

    32. Missing avatar

      Bazz on

      Not good enough, especially there's no shipping date. Stop being indecisive on design choices. Oh, never mind, I rather have a refund, thank you very much.

    33. Missing avatar

      Yves Bibeau on

      I'm not necessarily in a hurry, but a new estimated delivery time would be nice. Thanks.

    34. Amnon Govrin on

      I'm sticking around because of the price point. However as time goes the window of opportunity narrows - Chrome stick was just announced. Intel stick, Amazon Fire TV stick, chrome cast gets more content, etc. I don't want my money back (really people, the less than $20 is such an issue for you?) but it seems a bit to me (as a software engineer and program manager) that you're getting in the rabbit hole of "want v1 to be perfect" which never happens. Would the iPhone ever get released as v1 with the same attitude? No. Remember it got released with no apps, no copy-paste, etc. would it have the success it did if it only released 3 years later with apps and all the other stuff only the 3rd version had? Time to drawing the line in the backlog rather than trying to get everything. get the hardware finalized - penalty there is big but remember this is a first product, not a product that's future proof till 2020. Once the hardware is final start making these and send them to backers with good-enough software to iterate on. Have a robust update mechanism with flighting. I may be too harsh because I don't know the inner workings of your company, but it's easier to go on for infinity as a tinkering project than to actually get your product in people's hands and iterate. But the latter will get you customers and growth, the former will get you a glorified garage project that will be forgotten before it's known except for in your hearts, where it will remain your unfulfilled perfect answer to everything. Good luck!

    35. Missing avatar

      dmwh on

      bla bla bla .....

      i wait for my mony, no email, no answer.

      big shit update #17!

      you have to paid my many back!

    36. Missing avatar

      Deus Qain on

      Maybe the "we are not done yet" is the April Fools joke?
      Might they announce how much of this is malarky later today.. or tomorrow.

    37. Missing avatar

      Simon Trigona on

      Will developers be getting a hardware upgrade so that they can develop for the end product?

    38. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    39. Missing avatar

      Deus Qain on

      My primary concern with all the hardware updates is that the HDMI-CEC pin is wired, so post launch software can be written to take advantage of it. Chrome has the ability to turn on your TV using that, it would be a step in the wrong direction if it is still disabled in the hardware.

    40. Missing avatar

      Lyal Grissom on

      Are you sure April 1st was the day to finally give an update?

    41. not bob on

      The irony of this update arriving on april fool's day is palpable.....

    42. Al Billings

      Still shoving DRM on us?

    43. Missing avatar

      Ingo on

      Still want a refund!!!!

    44. Missing avatar

      Moritz Schneider on

      Simply said, I would like to get my money back

    45. Guillaume "Renard" Bernard on

      > Also, our progress with (…) Microsoft

      This doesn't sound good. Clarify this "progress" and the end-game with this partner, please.

      > Remember, just because we will support DRM, does not mean you have to… ;)

      Indeed. That's exactly why people are trying to leave this boat.

    46. Missing avatar

      Moritz Schneider on

      Simply said, I would like to get my money back

    47. Tall Oak on

      @Richar Barros Sorry but hope they ship to the US Soon since I backed them and supported them and all we get are delays......What I really want is honesty

    48. Ricardo Barros on

      When do you guys are shipping to Brazil?

    49. Daryl on

      I'd like a refund as well.