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Matchstick, the first HDMI stick based on Firefox OS, is the best way to experience your favorite movies, music, and games on your HDTV
17,218 backers pledged $470,310 to help bring this project to life.
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      Beurton on

      Question : Where is Andrew ?
      I'll be nice to him, if only he show himself...
      A bit disappointed by lack of intel about Firmware/App/Hardware/Release date...
      Tel us !

    2. Missing avatar

      Olivier de Broqueville on

      I paid for the MatchStick on October 1st, 2014. The Matchstick was to ship in February. The shipment got delayed to April and now we're being told shipments will take place in August, yet with no firm commitment date. We have absolutely no guarantees you'll be respecting the shipment date this time round. Therefore, if I don't receive the Matchstick by August 10th, 2015, I request a full refund.


    3. Missing avatar

      Gary Hill on

      Ditto when the F are we getting the actual unit, will anyone outside the US ever get one or is this just another con that slipped through the cracks.

    4. opticsponge on

      I love getting emails about functions that I can not use due to not having one yet.

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Sheen on

      So it's now 2 months from the last promised up date and they've still not appeared :¬(

      We're way past the promised ship date and it look like it's never going too ..... Will you please tell us something, anything ....

    6. Tom Autrey on

      ok it is June now and how are things going?

    7. Missing avatar

      R.H. van Vorstenbosch on

      Dearest developers,

      The latest updates involve the developersstick.
      Now everybody who still hopes for a normal Matchstick to arrive has not heard two months about al the promises, no parcel at the doorstep.
      I think you realy should produce some information about the planning, and sending. You came this far by community funding. It is about time community gets his promised share.


    8. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Morgan on

      Hey Guys,

      It's almost 2 months since your last update. How about keeping us in the loop. Thanks

    9. Missing avatar

      Konrad on

      When I get my stick ?!
      When I get my stick ?!
      When I get my stick ?!

    10. Stephen Michalczyk on

      Dear Andrew and the Matchstick Team,

      Will the final release of the Matchstick be UHD TV (4K) ready? The reason I'm asking this is that Google announced an UHD TV version of their Chromecast coming out in July/August 2015. (see the like to the ComputerWorld article If the answer is no, then Matchstick will be obsolete before it even leaves the warehouse. Also, I can get a new Chromecast for $28.97 at Walmart today ($35 from Google). If that is the case and the Matchstick device contains a spec sheet of options from a year ago, it will be worthless.

      Thank you for your time.

    11. Missing avatar

      Heiko Schwertner on

      Dear Andrew
      One Question. When can I get my Matchstick for "normal" users? It is long time ago that I pay money for this fine project/product, but now...
      Please when you deliver the matchstick with all the famous features?
      Thanks in advance for your work
      Best Regards

    12. Missing avatar

      Ash Kumar on

      At this point, the "product" is pretty close to being well behind its time.

      Was this worth the reputation damage you have caused yourself?

    13. Chuck Larson on

      Is this a ghost product? Are you pretending to have units out here?

    14. Missing avatar

      Dale Edmonds on

      Well it seems today I got a notice of an update to the software for an item I'd paid for and supported through kickstart. Problem is I never received said item. Is this still an ongoing project or is it a skeet shoot?

    15. Juliet Sonnenberg on

      As much as I want to be understanding, I agree with the Skepticism comment by Deacon Blues.
      It is totally valid to create a new product and have a delay, Firefox does not have the money behind them that Google does. You need an ecommerce director to start selling online to keep your cash flow, boys. But do not think that getting cute with the many patient yet pissed off backers that funded you is a way to placate the situation. They (we, I) are taking a gamble on you to see this through, and they (we,I) were excited for you to be doing this originally, remember that. Almost anything you say will be held against you right now, so I say, post often with just the facts and stats, ma'am. And maybe work a little harder...

    16. Missing avatar

      Mesc AB on

      When can I expect delivery of my Matchstick?

    17. Missing avatar

      Carlos Tejada on

      Is there a way I can get my money back? I bought two as a gift, but now they're useless because, thanks to this BIG delay, they already have products that fulfill their needs

    18. Missing avatar

      schuschu on

      I'm starting to believe this post was an Aprils fool joke....

    19. Missing avatar

      Thomas Boutilier on

      (sic) "Stay tuned in April for more updates - Onward!"
      So it is now April 24th and we were promised more updates in April.....

    20. Jordy Bakker on

      Dear Matchstick,

      it is now almost three months after the expected delivery date. When is the matchstick ready to ship? If i read all the comments below i feel ripped off. No one gets any reply of your company.

      Please tell us where we can get a refund.

      - Jordy

    21. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      I did not expect this project to crash and burn so fast.

    22. Missing avatar

      Marcus Hoffmann on

      Hi Andrew and team,
      when I pledge for a kickstarter I never really expect to get anything back. This is the risk that I am knowingly take. I pledged because I believed in you and your idea/product - and I still do.
      I am an engineer for 13 years now and I know what you are going through...
      As long as you continue believing in your idea and keep on working on it I will support this.
      Keep on living your dream and creating a product that you are satisfied with.
      - Marcus

    23. Costa Michailidis on

      @Douglas, take it easy, sir. I'm excited for my matchstick too : )

      -Costa, Matchstick Backer

    24. Douglas Cheever

      It is now more than halfway through April and still not promised update. When will be actually see the working Matchstik instead of just hearing more not so promising news. It is important to provide us with achievable dates for delivery rather than just another boatload of promises.

    25. Missing avatar

      Pablo Montilla on

      I would like to change the shipping adress. How do I do it?

    26. Missing avatar

      Carlos Tejada on

      I want a refund, what do I have to do?

    27. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    28. Missing avatar

      Dennis Sosnoski on

      "For now, we appreciate your patience but if you would like a refund send us a direct message and we will respond with the steps."

      Did anyone else try following up about getting a refund? I sent them an email a week ago on this, and have not received any response.

    29. Kristian Mortensen on

      When this product is delivered in August it will be outdated. I hoped i would have it by now - but i just bought another Chromecast. Is there anyway to get a refund?
      And have anyone told Firefox that this is hurting their brand really bad?

    30. Creator on

      Per the April update we are on for the August 2015 ship date.

      Also, questions regarding shipping address, as the Ship Date approaches we will follow up to confirm / update with each backer to make sure we get the units to the proper destinations.

      -- Andrew

    31. Warren Coakley on

      Are you still on for August release?

    32. Deacon Blues on

      "Skepticism is understandable."

      Seriously? That's what you answer people who are upset at your bait-and-switch? You must be swimming in money at the moment if you really think callously dismissing the people who made your project possible like that is a good idea. Kindly fuck off with that attitude.

    33. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey on

      I hope you guys upgraded the device into transformer mode lol. I support you guys. Hoping it's better than Apple TV please with better features. That would be a Godsend. Thanks

    34. Vincent Ying on

      Firefox OS is great because it's open, but it is also not mature. Matchstick team has delivered hundreds of dev units in last Nov., but could not support DRM, so could not get premium content you want on it, it is really a big challenge for Matchstick. We need some patience for Matchstick and Firefox OS, I am waiting Mozilla announce EME is well supported.

    35. Peter Kiprillis on

      " 3 days ago
      At this point I think we're really feeling like, 'the dog on the wrong side of the door', Either decision to ship now or hold off is wrong to a percentage of backers who pledged money.
      A decision was made to hold off shipment, build a better, dual-purpose, device which will be best for all backers."

      What BS is this? For all backers or just the corporations throwing truckloads of cash at you? When the kickstarter backers gave you their money the hardware was set and ready for manufacture. I don't remember any kickstarter backers demanding the cpu be upgraded.

      Your words from the project page

      "Status & Schedule

      There is a lot of time between the start of this campaign and when we deliver this into your hands in February, and we expect a lot of good things from our engineers and the developer community.

      The product is fully functional today, with the hardware design final, tooling complete, and manufacturing ready to ramp up in the next 30-60 days. We also have fully functional sender apps for Firefox, Chrome, iOS, and Android - you can Fling from any of these platforms on almost any laptop or mobile device."

    36. Missing avatar

      Andreas Gunér on

      This has taken too long time to get done.

    37. Missing avatar

      Matthew Mausbach on

      @Mike Garton & @Sorwen: I agree with both of you. The threats of legal action make me laugh a little even. Do people not read the short disclaimers about risk before they buy things?

    38. Missing avatar

      Sorwen on

      Meh. I expected delays as that is par for course in new tech start up. I'm a backer not a consumer. Add to that I didn't expect to get better hardware with both local and ad-hoc play since we didn't reach the goal(local was the big one for me). So I'm still waiting and still happy.

    39. Netaji Patil on

      I agree with Douglas Bedford.. What is the timeline to get complete project with delivery?

    40. Roni Alush on

      With the Chromebit due to be released in August, you guys can't afford any more delay

    41. Debbie Johnson on

      The Matchstick team raised over $470 thousand dollars (the original goal was $100,000) through a campaign on Kickstarter last October, which means that they should have more than enough funds to get the Matchstick TV into production.

    42. Missing avatar

      Mike Garton on -- Andrew, a little unsolicited advice....Telling folks "better late than never" or even that their skepticism is understandable might be OK sentiments to share with team, but clearly there are some folks here who take offense at that kind of summary dismissal. It seems to be a small but vocal group here (I do not count myself among them, I have no problem with the delay). Maybe a better approach would be to track down a few dozen of the developer units if you have any more lying around and ship them out to the vocally disenfranchised. It probably won't make them happy as they will wish they waited for V.2 but maybe it will stop these over the top accusations of lying, threats of legal action, etc.

    43. Creator on

      Skepticism is understandable.

      -- Andrew

    44. Missing avatar

      Ladislav on

      Somehow I don't believe you. I think you lying.

    45. Missing avatar

      Bruce Bevitz on

      Your adding customer support is like trying to resuscitate a person who has been dead for a month. Dug him up and give him some oxygen. That oughta keep the wolves from the door for a bit. You've really poisoned the well. Well, I really don't expect much anymore. When, and if, you do release your product it will already be obsolete.

    46. Missing avatar

      Douglas Bedford on

      Also your overly peppy yet all bad news update is infuriating

    47. Missing avatar

      Douglas Bedford on

      I agree with @stevejones.
      You lied matchstick and this update is disrespectful to the people who funded you.
      I know I won't get my money back... Whatever. I do however feel like I got scammed , even if that was not you intent, you scammed people and it would be respectful to acknowledge it.

    48. Missing avatar

      Mike Garton on

      @Steve Jones....I had to go back and look at the original campaign. They specifically mention Netflix as being a big driver of "sticks" and that content owners were getting on board with Matchstick--not a promise of Netflix, but no doubt it created some expectations. If I were designing the product, I would not want to ship it without it as it would not be competitive in the marketplace. Nearly everyone has an alternative way to use Netflix to be sure, but at $25 there is clearly a market that Matchstick was aiming at. Regarding local playback, this was one of the two bonus features that might be added if the $500K goal was reached. The goal was not reached and they decided to add it anyway, but the majority of us had already pledged before this feature was to part of the product. If I remember correctly, the developer units did ship (at least I remember reading that), proving that the product was at the RTM point even though that did not happen and their statements were on the up an up. The ship date was listed as "estimated" so any legal action is probably questionable. As a supporter of open source alternatives to closed giant corporation backed products I want Matchstick to be successful. If it takes a bit longer so be it. However your point is well taken in that the downward pressure on prices and technological advancements is a never ending process, and with other device manufacturers delivery more features and lower prices at a faster clip (not to mention the ability to make their profit back on the back end by selling content), if Matchstick waits too long they could lose relevance. For example the recently announced Chromebit and Intel's upcoming Compute stick will sell for more money and won't be open, but the whole idea of the "stick" is constantly expanding and differentiating a product solely on being open and having a newish OS, notwithstanding its low price, makes it more difficult to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

    49. Missing avatar

      Steve Jones on Regarding your comment "Either decision to ship now or hold off is wrong to a percentage of backers who pledged money": That is easily answered.. Go back to your ORIGINAL KICKSTARTER posts. They said "The product is fully functional today, with the hardware design final, tooling complete, and manufacturing ready to ramp up in the next 30-60 days.". EVERY single one of your kickstarter backers backed your project based on this statement. We knew what the hardware and software would do, and we wanted the device. If you had delivered it as promised, you could have been working on EXACTLY the same thing as you are working on today, calling it "Matchstick 2" and most of us probably would have signed up again.. The difference is, we'd have devices in our hands right now, and the first kickstarter would be over, and a success. Instead, you unilaterally decided to tell us IN THE MONTH YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO DELIVER, that you'd need another 6 months, because you decided to add a bunch of other features which we never expected in the product anyway... What's next? 4k support, and a delay until 2016? 4G support to allow streaming from off of the wifi, and a delay 'till 2017?

      We all know that kickstarter isn't a "store" that we can just go to and buy a product. There are different levels of risk/reward that we all consider when we invest in a kickstarter, but none of us have EVER asked for anything other than honesty, and the product you told us was DONE, WORKING, and ready for mass production. IF you had said "hey, we found a problem, and it needs a faster processor because of this problem we found", that would be different, but you said "Hey - we're going to delay, because we decided WE want to be able to write more cool software for it that wasn't supposed to be in the product in the first place.. we hope you like the cool software enough to not care that we're not delivering what you paid for.",

      You fundamentally changed the product that we already sponsored and didn't deliver, without a technical need to do so.

      Does the original design do what you said, or was it vaporware to begin with? If it works, ship it.. that's what we wanted when we sent you the money.

    50. Missing avatar

      Trace Myers on

      This project has been one of the most unfortunate that I have associated with. Not only has this project tanked any potential crowd funding efforts for future products but it has left a bad taste to many of my friends who have watched the progress with me. How likely are people to continue funding of efforts which essentially bait and switch the products we paid for. If this continues, the only option will be to have a method to get our money back if the product is not delivered in a timely manner or significantly changed. Since this cannot easily happen with R&D funds, high profile projects like this can jeopardize the funding process as a whole. With small electronics projects such as this, 6 months late at the earliest is essentially a death knell. I for one will certainly never support a project with this team and I will be very skeptical of anything in this genre. What a shame.