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Matchstick, the first HDMI stick based on Firefox OS, is the best way to experience your favorite movies, music, and games on your HDTV
17,218 backers pledged $470,310 to help bring this project to life.

February Update – Product Delay, Hardware, DRM, Content, and more!

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Hello Matchstick Fans!

We’ll cut to the chase; Matchstick is not going to ship in February. 

It’s been a very busy couple of months and we’ve had to make some hard decisions about how to move forward. We’ve decided to release the product when it is ready, and anticipate that to be in August 2015. Let us explain more. 

Matchstick is, at its core, a group effort to bring a solid, open, and affordable alternative to the world of video streaming. Manufacturing is hard, but the totality of what makes a product experience complete includes so much more. That collaborative effort includes the hardware, the software, the content providers, and of course, the independent developers that will build on the Matchstick platform. 

Hardware: We want to update the hardware. We’ve been looking at a number of exciting applications and potential experiences for Matchstick and we’ve determined we need to give it as much power as possible. So we’ve been looking to increase the CPU power from a dual core to a quad core chip. We’ve also been looking into common issues with Wi-Fi performance. Because of the location of most HMDI ports on HDTVs, many similar products have Wi-Fi connectivity issues. We’ve spent some considerable time reviewing ways to improve the antenna to ensure a consistent connection that some of the applications will require. We’ll keep you posted of course on the newest stats and specifics! Finally, we are eating the cost to improve the hardware, and passing along the benefits of improved hardware to our backers. It’s a cost we are willingly paying for the promise of a better product. 

Software: With a new processor, we have some new opportunities. Matchstick, with Firefox OS inside, is being updated to support DRM (Digital Rights Management) capability. As you know, many premium content providers such as Netflix require DRM support. Matchstick has undertaken the mission to develop DRM as an independent project with the open source community. In fact, we’d love for you to get involved! If you’re a developer specializing in EME, MSE, and CDM technologies, we’d love to hear from you. We plan to use the Microsoft PlayReady technology and are excited to bring premium content to Matchstick. We’ll keep you updated as we work to contribute newly developed source codes for DRM back to the open community. It’s our goal to make sure open source technology doesn’t mean 2nd tier content and experiences! 

Content Providers: We are continually in talks with all the content you will want to experience on your Matchstick. DRM is a barrier and has become our primary focus, and as we work to nail that down we continue to explore new opportunities to upgrade the entire Matchstick experience. We have been looking at some very exciting possibilities! We can’t wait to show you in the coming months. 

Independent developers: We’ve seen some incredible possible use cases for Matchstick and want to make sure the developer community’s creativity is not hindered by hardware or software limitations. We feel strongly about supporting developers with something much more than a hacked Chromecast type device. The updates to Matchstick will ensure that. 

We’ve learned a lot about Matchstick since last fall. Most importantly, we learned that we had struck a nerve with consumers and brands alike. So we’ve been working to make sure we build a community not just a product. We’ve been arranging partnerships, hiring team members, and taking steps to ensure Matchstick is more than just a one off product and will be announcing more partnerships, hires, and even some further funding in the coming months. 

So there it is! We hope you agree it’s better to make a small sacrifice now for a bigger gain later. Our goal is to bring a whole new way of interacting with the screens around you with an easy to use, powerful, and customizable platform. We have big ambitions, but with your help, we are certain we can get there. Thanks for all of your support! 

- The Matchstick Team

PS- Speaking of support - We've also Implemented our support and developer center! Be sure to check it out when you get a chance, especially if you are among our esteemed developers!

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    1. Steve Francis on

      At this point a slight delay maybe, but 6 months? Really!

    2. Missing avatar

      bart on

      Please, don't come back to us in August to say that you want to start over and make brain implants instead. I am not going to walk around with this thing sticking out of my head; it might interfere with other botched startups, like Glass . . .

    3. Kevin Barnett on

      I look forward to receiving one that works ...... No reason to ship ones that don't as one of the investors I want it done right.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Morgan on

      I am not going to rehash what has already been stated here. I will say that IMO, you never had any intention to ship this product in February. In order to deliver in February, you would have bought and paid for the hardware and production would have started in December.
      I have a Chromecast and a Roku3. I, like most of the other backers have no interest in a product with DRM.
      Many of the backers here have asked for a refund which we know you can't afford. I highly suggest you deliver the product we all contracted for.

    5. Missing avatar

      Frank Lehmann on

      While I don't mind waiting longer, I must admit that your communications - timing, style, frequency - is abysmal. It was OK during the funding period and then gradually got worse, hitting a new low today.

      Personal recommendation: Give us a schedule of things you have left to do until shipping in August! SW development, production, first runs, quality assurance, assembly, software functions, documentation etc. ... ? Might help to take the "storm" out of "shit storm".

    6. BG on

      It's amazing the people that don't understand technology. These same people probably think Linux has only free software in it. DRM is needed in about 90 percent of content providers. What are you goi g to do with this stick without it? This isn't DRM locking anything you make out. Or other makers that want I make apps. It's for the big guys like Netflix and Amazon and Crackle and Vudu. But if all you want is youtube and those crappy best of the web apps and free 20s western movies apps then go ahead and complain. This is Kickstarter. Stuff changes. They haven't taken anything away so you don't get a refund. They are adding, and at their cost. So stop complaining and wait for your cheap as $&@! Stick.

    7. Missing avatar

      Charles Tabor on

      I didn't invest in this project to produce a DRM encumbered product. I would rather you spend you time on non-DRM software improvements and/or features. If you really want this then put it on your version 2 product rather than delaying your deadline, and at the very least provide a DRM free option.

    8. Missing avatar

      Dan Montalvo on

      Hi Sorwen, I'm afraid you are mistaken - those of us who are opposed to DRM on this device know full well how it functions and we each of us have our reasons for being opposed to it and do not want to receive such content. I am not here to preach to anyone but if you should be curious about what is wrong with DRM perhaps, you will point your search engine towards "the defective by design campaign." I realize that there are people for whom this is a non-issue and I can respect that - which is why if you'll read my earlier post I suggested that a possible solution might be defaulting to NO DRM and allowing the user to opt into it the first time they used the device and configured same to use it. This way no one gets their feelings hurt. Those that want it can knowingly choose to change the default and those of us that don't, and who opted to back this project because it was to be DRM-free, never have to worry about it. Thanks for listening. Dan

    9. Maico

      I don't want DRM function, I'd like to have a full refund of the amount of money that I've pledged.

    10. Missing avatar

      Sorwen on

      Another thing some people seem to have the concept backwards. The DRM is on the other side and Matchstick just has to have a way to receive that content in a protected manner. Without that you can't receive decode that content on your end. For instance when you connect to Netflix, Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu Plus, etc your not doing it sans DRM. Their agreement with content providers require they protect that content. If you use any of these services on any device there is some type of digital rights management occurring. There was no way you were going to be able to get that content without it and it will have no affect on non-DRM content.

    11. Mark on

      Well I'm just gonna say you should honor refunds...and the communication has been kind of weird regarding the changes.

      Also what makes the matchstick stand out from going to quad core? What will that do?

    12. Gabriel Rotar

      Ok, bold plans I have to say, and seeing as I only paid 23$ for this out of disposable income I see no issue in waiting. But I have seen and been part of many projects that have crumbled due to feature creep or poor management, Prove Me Wrong!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Sorwen on

      I would like to add one other thing for those that seem to think this is unheard of. It is very common. I've backed projects before Kickstarter even existed and it can be quite common when it moves from concept to production for delays. I've been a part of projects delayed for almost 2 years and even longer isn't unheard of(though I did start to worry about the 1 1/2 year mark). That said Its your money so you have a right to your opinion so I can't say your wrong in it, but from my experience I'm not surprised by as yet a slight delay.

    14. Missing avatar

      Robert Guthmann on

      6 months for delivery of a DRM stick? Do you not understand the first thing about this technology?

      It is entirely possible that DRM casting and playing technology, come August or September, could be woven and embedded in the fabric of my filthy boxer shorts allowing me to have such a technology in every room I enter. 21st Century basics in play here! This stick will fully positioned for planned obsolescence at about that point in its useful life in the realm of simplicity for tech-toy advances, this ain't brain surgery. Big steps come fast these days at the level of a dedicated DRM stick

      6-8 months is like 42-48 years the way dogs count, and - well - it's unacceptably too long the way I count it.

      But that's not the biggest issue. The elephant in the cheese room is the issue of you purposely holding back the announcement. This decision of yours HAD to have been made early December.

      This tells me you are either a con man or clinically retarded to think we gave you money for a Summer 2015 DRM stick that's approaching 2 years since release.

      Ya, I have to go with clinically retarded because any con man or huckster would have come up with a better business plan than defrauding your kickstarter Cheese suppliers. This was an epic omission of information that grave.That would be more solid of an indicator of a lacking character.

      This lil' point is more of a stickler than the entire breach of contract re: non-DRM.
      It's smarmy and not at all comforting.

      Sadly, even the not so brightest have to answer to someone after a blunder of complete and total magnitude we have here. I suspect the kickstarter tenets will land you in court or in front of an arbitrator some day.
      Anyhoo, never mind what I just said!! And, don't let these whiners get you down.

      I have an AMAZING deal for you!!!

      Here's what I got - I will take a 50% refund in an appropriate,,fully liquid store of value. Hey Creators! That's like doubling your money!! You understand that, right?

      Sorry to be harsh about the demand for real cheese, but I suppose it IS possible you have nefarious intentions as opposed to being just as dumb as a rock, So no cheese checks please!
      Email me by March 1st.
      On March 1st this freaking-fantastic F#$%^&ng offer of mine gets more expensive,

      Tick-Tock Creator's..

      You have my email addy.

      Reach out when you need my Bitcoin deposit address.

      You can thank me later after I righteously double you down on my Seed Cheese.. Let's make that happen!


    15. Missing avatar

      Sorwen on

      I'm sure some people are going to find this an unpopular move, but with the experiences I've had with some of the others especially in WiFi and content I'm really glad this is being delayed. And happy that we are actually getting a better product than expected when other project have been delayed and released not as good as advertised.

    16. Kent Jones on

      No, thanks. This isn't nearly what I pledged for you guys.

      Please give me a refund!

    17. Missing avatar

      Romain Brie on

      Dishonesty, this is the word that comes to my mind.
      I don't **need** the device and I can wait for 6 months if it is justified, but the way you handled this makes me feel like a dupe.
      It really seems you took the money and gave no shit what you promised us for it, to make little arrangements with your so-called partners. Was it from the beginning?
      If it's not the case, please show your concern and propose a refund or a poll as per Eliot Blennerhassett's message below.
      Btw, that was my first time backing on KS. Yeah, that was probably my last, too...

    18. Conan Kudo (ニール・ゴンパ) on

      If you're going to take this time to update it, will you guys at least update it to dual-band Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi AC support?

    19. Missing avatar

      Brian McFadden on

      Mathstick TV Guys -- hey there! You need to respond to this ASAP. These are your customers talking, and this is a shitstorm of your own creation.

    20. Missing avatar

      Sasa Dunovic on

      Refund please, I don’t want to wait another 6 months.
      This is very disappointing.
      I'm not interested in your new plans.

    21. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    22. James Dalton on

      Sounds like it's worth waiting for to me. March on!

    23. David S. on

      Nice shitstorm here, and as much as I liked the original idea (and you for having it) I have to say: you earn this! Are you really serious about the DRM integration? :( Please do us all a favour and deliver what you promised and what we funded.

    24. Missing avatar

      Juan Rivera on

      I would've had no problem waiting for upgrades or minor set backs, I am not willing to pay for something I didn't want. In the beginning it was to my understanding that this would be without DRM. I do not want the device if it has DRM, it does more harm than good.

    25. Missing avatar

      Neko on

      I want to use the stick to stream content from servers or PC's in my intranet, I don't need DRM. And 6 months delay is not acceptable for a feature that is completely useless for me and "improvements" for a hardware that is already good enough!

    26. Justin

      1. LOL @ all the DRM ignorance.

      2. My initial guess was October. There was no way in hell Feb was going to be met. Even with them saying August, I'm staying put on October.

      3. I wonder how the dev units will be handled. Do they get updated hardware now?

    27. Forrest Rawls on

      I knew you were going to be another ( that has taken two years to get sent out, and I'm still waiting for it. Due to knew guidelines of Kickstarter, I think I get a refund. SEND IT NOW!!!

    28. Missing avatar

      Simon Green on

      Well, as long as you're updating the hardware anyway, would you consider adding an optical or coaxial digital output for audio?

    29. Missing avatar

      Chtfn on

      Hi guys

      I understand delays are to be expected, and that's fine. I just want to know if those DRM implementations will be opt-in. I really hope so, as the philosophy of Mozilla and most open-source software are to give choice and not impose something on users. This is the case wit the DRM implementation in Firefox (browser) for example.
      Can you tell us: will we be free to choose not to activate DRM functionnalities on Matchstick?
      I do not want to support content providers that use DRM. Therefore, I would like to be able to just block them out of my Matchstick. If it means less content providers, I'm fine with that.


    30. Kathy Reid on

      Really appreciate the honest and open updates, thank you.

      At the heart of this communication is that you wish to build an ecosystem of partners, a strong technical foundation to leverage open source software and hardware, and to put some strong architecture into your product. I'm supportive of that.

      Can I please order another 3 Matchsticks?

      Kind regards,

    31. Nicolas on

      Refund please, I don’t want to pay for a DRM tool.
      I wanted to buy a free software key, not a DRM tool.

    32. Missing avatar

      Jakob Mühldorfer on

      Does this mean it could eventually support H.265/HEVC with the new SOC?
      (Also: Keep the DRM, it is not worth your time coding such horrible stuff)

    33. Missing avatar

      Eliot Blennerhassett on

      Please ASK YOUR BACKERS (i.e. us) WHAT THEY WANT using a poll with 3 options
      (1) I want a refund - I'm not interested in your new plans.
      (2) Please deliver me an original Matchstick ASAP (2 months max)
      (3) I'm happy with your new plans, carry on.

      If at least $100K worth of backers go for (2) you must do it as originally promised.

      If you have an $ left after (1), carry on with (3) for the remaining backers.

      For myself I'd be voting for (2), assuming you can deliver quickly.

    34. Missing avatar

      Nicolas on

      6 months to increase the hardware in order to support DRM !! No thanks ! PLEASE REFUND NOW !

    35. Missing avatar

      Hugo Costa on

      I already have a Chromecast, and by August i will certainly have an updated version of it. I really don't need another one. Disappointing.

    36. Missing avatar

      Jeff on

      This has nothing to do with hardware upgrades. It's all about Matchstick using all of their available resources to meet the needs of their new corporate partners (and getting DRM so it can work with Netflix, who they hated only a few months ago). How sickening....SELL OUTS.

      CES, Las Vegas, NV – January 6, 2015 – Matchstick today announced Flint, the first open software and open hardware video-streaming platform created with Mozilla’s Firefox OS inside. Flint aims to deliver highly interactive streaming and screen-to-screen experiences including two way interactivity, ad hoc and remote functionality. In addition to Flint, the company also announced hardware partnerships with both Phillips/AOC and TCL to distribute Flint enabled products including TV’s, monitors, and set-top boxes.

    37. Don Gateley on

      This is crap. Such "improvement" is never ending. What it most clearly shows is that you didn't have anything worthwhile to start with.

    38. Missing avatar

      Beat on

      Sorry guys, you just lost my trust across the board.

      1. It takes at least 3-4 months to manufacture in volume, so if you are not delivering in 3-4 weeks, it means you didn't order the needed parts 2-3 months ago, as promised here. And worse, didn't communicate your secret decision in time. Worse, even at CES, you still said February.

      2. DRM is exactly the opposite of the values of open-source and trust. We were backing you here because it was open-source and open-data. There are plenty of DRM-closed-content cheap sticks. I do not want DRM nor to contribute to DRM. Having closed-source DRM included doesn't make it a better product but a worse one, sorry.

      3. You have lost grounds by features-creep and perfectionism to no end, and increasing your manufacturing costs beyond sales-price won't make your situation more comfortable.

      Therefore, as you obviously breached the Kickstarter terms as @Fabian Wilson pointed out around 1 hour ago, I'm also kindly requesting herewith a prompt refund (for the first time in my long Kickstarter backing history!) and wish you good luck.

    39. Al Billings

      The DRM add in is going to alienate a core portion of your users and is probably unnecessary. Slipping six months is also kind of disappointing.

    40. Missing avatar

      Terence Alderson on

      My reading of this was that the original spec will be delivered but with the added ability to connect outside content via DRM. I don't have a problem with this if it is indeed an addition. Can someone confirm that this the case? I would have expected to see some matchstick comments to that effect here?

      Delays are normal and I'd rather have a good product. That's your one though. 6 months seems steep.

    41. Missing avatar

      MayeulC on

      Thank you, Matchstick. While I am a bit disappointed by the delay, I can wait until then.
      Thank you for caring about your product, and for caring about us.

      However, like others have said, I'd rather have a fully open source device than a DRM-crippled device. Please leave this option accessible trough an easy opt-in/opt-out. Don't be afraid to survey your backers, too, about their needs and wishes.

      I wish you the best for your project !

    42. CornelisP on

      how can we cancel the order?

    43. Sylvan on

      I appreciate you being so up front and direct.

      And simultaneously I am very glad I reduced my Matchstick contribution so I am not waiting for software and hardware significantly different from promised to be developed and shipped.

    44. Missing avatar

      Dan Montalvo on

      Hi Sam W. - I had not seen that item but you may be right - from what CNET indicated they don't plan to sell the device themselves - Broadcom was only there to push the concept. It will be interesting to see if that is the form factor we'll see on the new "more better" Matchstick. I have no problem with updating the hardware which this device would certainly do - as long as they make the default condition DRM-free with the option to opt-in when you initially configure the device. Given all of the other work they'll be doing in re-vamping the software to accommodate DRM and given the already extended delay.. that should not be too much of an added burden and I can't see where the DRM providers would be hurt by it since their offerings will simply not be available to those of us who chose to be DRM-free. Else it will be another "Defective by Design" device and I will not use it. Mine will go on eBay the same day I receive it - if they won't authorize a refund. Thank you for the information you provided. Have a happy! Dan

    45. Missing avatar

      Halifax Samuels on

      That hardware upgrade sounds amazing, but it's not what you sold initially. Guess I won't have it for my vacation in mid-May after all. Chromecast, here I come.

    46. Missing avatar

      Eren Inan Canpolat on

      I have no problem with the delay, but DRM? No way. I want a refund.

    47. Missing avatar

      Eric Lambart on

      No thanks. I don't want DRM. I want what I paid for NOW, or my money back, NOW. I guess I'll just buy a Chromecast. At least then I'll know what to expect.


    48. Missing avatar

      Ulrich Rinck on

      Today, the product should be ready and you should spend your time packing and shipping it. I am really angry and disappointed, now today to learn that you have nothing to show except a meaningless air lock with features that nobody needs and no one wants.

      In my opinion you will have nothing in August, and you have wasted my time and money. The time is gone, but ...

      Please contact me to let me know when and how you will refund my money.

    49. Missing avatar

      James Shubin on

      I expected to have this device now, not wait for another six months, however my biggest issue is the DRM. I don't want to support DRM technologies and the evil companies that require it. Give everyone a refund option.

    50. Missing avatar

      Alicia Dacy-Neagle on

      All I was looking for was a nice device to fling my content from my tablet or my laptop without spending $99 for an Apple TV. I already have a Chromecast and am not interested in waiting 6 months for another one. I am very disappointed in your need for DRM as it was not a need I was interested in backing. The project I pledged money to is obviously no longer, so please refund my money because the product you are describing is something I am not interested in. Refund my pledge please.