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Matchstick, the first HDMI stick based on Firefox OS, is the best way to experience your favorite movies, music, and games on your HDTV
17,218 backers pledged $470,310 to help bring this project to life.

February Update – Product Delay, Hardware, DRM, Content, and more!

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Hello Matchstick Fans!

We’ll cut to the chase; Matchstick is not going to ship in February. 

It’s been a very busy couple of months and we’ve had to make some hard decisions about how to move forward. We’ve decided to release the product when it is ready, and anticipate that to be in August 2015. Let us explain more. 

Matchstick is, at its core, a group effort to bring a solid, open, and affordable alternative to the world of video streaming. Manufacturing is hard, but the totality of what makes a product experience complete includes so much more. That collaborative effort includes the hardware, the software, the content providers, and of course, the independent developers that will build on the Matchstick platform. 

Hardware: We want to update the hardware. We’ve been looking at a number of exciting applications and potential experiences for Matchstick and we’ve determined we need to give it as much power as possible. So we’ve been looking to increase the CPU power from a dual core to a quad core chip. We’ve also been looking into common issues with Wi-Fi performance. Because of the location of most HMDI ports on HDTVs, many similar products have Wi-Fi connectivity issues. We’ve spent some considerable time reviewing ways to improve the antenna to ensure a consistent connection that some of the applications will require. We’ll keep you posted of course on the newest stats and specifics! Finally, we are eating the cost to improve the hardware, and passing along the benefits of improved hardware to our backers. It’s a cost we are willingly paying for the promise of a better product. 

Software: With a new processor, we have some new opportunities. Matchstick, with Firefox OS inside, is being updated to support DRM (Digital Rights Management) capability. As you know, many premium content providers such as Netflix require DRM support. Matchstick has undertaken the mission to develop DRM as an independent project with the open source community. In fact, we’d love for you to get involved! If you’re a developer specializing in EME, MSE, and CDM technologies, we’d love to hear from you. We plan to use the Microsoft PlayReady technology and are excited to bring premium content to Matchstick. We’ll keep you updated as we work to contribute newly developed source codes for DRM back to the open community. It’s our goal to make sure open source technology doesn’t mean 2nd tier content and experiences! 

Content Providers: We are continually in talks with all the content you will want to experience on your Matchstick. DRM is a barrier and has become our primary focus, and as we work to nail that down we continue to explore new opportunities to upgrade the entire Matchstick experience. We have been looking at some very exciting possibilities! We can’t wait to show you in the coming months. 

Independent developers: We’ve seen some incredible possible use cases for Matchstick and want to make sure the developer community’s creativity is not hindered by hardware or software limitations. We feel strongly about supporting developers with something much more than a hacked Chromecast type device. The updates to Matchstick will ensure that. 

We’ve learned a lot about Matchstick since last fall. Most importantly, we learned that we had struck a nerve with consumers and brands alike. So we’ve been working to make sure we build a community not just a product. We’ve been arranging partnerships, hiring team members, and taking steps to ensure Matchstick is more than just a one off product and will be announcing more partnerships, hires, and even some further funding in the coming months. 

So there it is! We hope you agree it’s better to make a small sacrifice now for a bigger gain later. Our goal is to bring a whole new way of interacting with the screens around you with an easy to use, powerful, and customizable platform. We have big ambitions, but with your help, we are certain we can get there. Thanks for all of your support! 

- The Matchstick Team

PS- Speaking of support - We've also Implemented our support and developer center! Be sure to check it out when you get a chance, especially if you are among our esteemed developers!

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    1. Mark on

      I, like many other backers, did not back Matchstick for DRM or Netflix, I backed it for easy streaming of whatever content I had on my phone, desktop or laptop without the need to connect to a router. Now you're delaying it six months to add functionality and content I don't want. SUPER! :/

    2. Missing avatar

      Assaf Landau on

      Screw you liars.
      I want my moneu back now!!!

    3. Jakob Lauridsen on

      Like many other I'm not happy with these news, I understand delays happens and changes are needed, but this is a big change. Can we expect any extras (two sticks instead of one, free subscriptions to some coold sevices, anyhting...?) for this delay and changes?

      I'm still hoping for an awesome product, but please share more info with us! Who knows what to expect for next monts update, "We now introduce the Microsoft stick!" is my worst fear to be honest.

    4. Sujay Vilash on

      One more comment. Delaying dispatch to focus on DRM and provide content such as Netflix is pretty useless when in Australia, I can't get Netflix. So why delay to concentrate on something not all your backers are going to enjoy. If you think I am ranting because I am angry, damn right I am angry. I REALLY WANT MY MONEY BACK, PERIOD.

    5. Sujay Vilash on

      Hi Matchstick Team.

      When I backed this project, I backed it for one simple reason. It did not have DRM. If I wanted DRM, I would have purchased Chromecast which is already available. The second reason I backed your project is because I was led to believe that the Matchstick was in a very advanced stage and was ready to ship by February this year. I don't know about US but in Australia, this is called false advertising and is illegal. Therefore, I would like my money back, please as I can purchase Chromecast for the same price and I WON'T have to wait until August. Finally, I asked you in an email if you were still on track for a February dispatch. You unequivocally said that it was. I now have grave doubts on your ability to deliver in August 2015 either. So it is better for me to simply request a refund and forget about Matchistick which I believe will never see the light of day.

    6. Missing avatar

      Fernando Shimada on

      Extremely sad about this new long and discouraging term. This notices NOW while we should be getting home? could have warned before!

    7. Missing avatar

      Eric Omine on

      I've paid for a DRM-free stick, and this ain't delivering it, that's a plain scam. Also, no point in updating hardware if the time-to-market is so high. I'll file for a chargeback with my credit card operator.

    8. Missing avatar

      zx9rdan on

      I like that you are holding release until you have a product you can be proud of. I do not currently have a Matchstick or Chromecast and I can survive quite well, so I can wait to get this.

      That said, I think you should be mindful of not trying to make more than you can, and end up with nothing, crumbling under the weight of you own ambitions.

      Now, get back to work ;)

    9. Yotraxx on


      It's absolutly NOT WHAT I've backed for!!!!


      THANK YOU to purpose a refund form ASAP!!!!

    10. Bernd Maas on

      I don't want DRM!
      I don't want quad core!
      I want that Matchstick in february 2015!!
      The things you write seem just to conceal that you need to get more time to find a solution to produce the stick.
      Tell us, if you are ready to deliver or not. Think about the possible penalties!
      If you are not sure now, that you ever dan deliver anything, give the money back!

    11. Missing avatar

      dj on

      To everyone wanting a refund,
      I encourage you to call your Bank/Credit Card company and ask to file a chargeback for a payment to ASI*KICKSTARTER COM on Oct 30, 2014.

      The matchstick people indicated that if you message them on Kickstarter and ask for a refund, they "will start the process". This is a lie. Numerous people have messaged them, only to receive a generic reply indicating that they won't issue a refund.


    12. Missing avatar

      Andreas Franken on, not OK!
      Forget DRM. Thats not what I've bought.
      And the Tech Spec? What do you think will be better in August when every Smartphone has an Octacore.
      Well you aimed in Ocober for 100K$ with a 4 month proposal. You got nearly 4 times more. Means about Februray 2016 at the end? I participated in projects that went always for the best possible solution instead of starting with a usable result. Instead of improving an existing tool, you will never leave theory, always having three more wishes to implement...
      I would have expected from you to be more democratic and asked supporters before what they would like to. Of curse you did for the functionalities, and we had a lot of suggestions. But we never expected to this all build in. Only what is feasable.
      Nevermind... Lesson learned.
      Personally, I don't expect to see a matchstick in my hands.

    13. Missing avatar

      Luke on

      This all seems very much like some sort of scam to me. Even if it isn't by the time I do finally get a matchstick it will be worthless as other devicess will already do the same promised things better. So either way I've wasted my money. Oh well. Just glad I didn't waste a lot of money on this.

    14. Ira on

      Like others have said before me, this is really late in the game to announce this. I thought you would be nearing shipment by now, which means this announcement comes after decisions made in December or earlier.

      As for hardware - stronger CPU makes sense, it sounded too weak. if you are already redesigning, can we have more local storage though? support for an external US stick, etc?

      finally about DRM: Never asked for it, prefer to get the product clean of proprietary code. It's a nice-add-on for some people, but I don't want it delaying the delivery.

    15. Wojtek Żmudziński on

      Yup, this just got ridiculous. I backed the project knowing what hard and soft ware I'm gonna get in February. I would like to know how to get a refund too.

    16. Missing avatar

      Renan Borges on

      There is a way to get money back then? I dont want wait until august

    17. René Schaap on

      Completely worthless communication. You just can't drop a bomb like 'hard decisions about how to move forward' when all we've been hearing thus far has been 'great'. It's hard to believe that these issues have come up only very recently. But yet you did drop that bomb...
      Now you say: it'll be ready in August. We've heard that before. But let's suppose: come August, there will be other new hardware, there will be other requirements, there will be other providers. The same reasons you have for not releasing now, will apply in August. So how do you commit yourself to delivering then?
      A small sacrifice you say? The project will be running twice as long as originally planned! And we didn't hear about any issues until the moment we all expected that shipment would commence.
      But now? Who knows what will be getting? And when?
      I still want my stick, but I'm not expecting it for christmas this year...

    18. Missing avatar

      Gabriel MAGNIEZ on

      I guess that you have spent lot of the money to develop the v1, can you tell us how do you plan to develop a very different product and ship 17k of them in only 6 months?
      I did not ask for DRM. Moreover, how can you announce that at the very last time? To be shipped on February the v1 would have been produced a long time ago, your communication is very unprofessional.
      If I knew that sooner, I will not a fund it and paid for the new Raspberry Pi.

    19. Missing avatar

      Greg on

      Greetings, I am not ok with the #16 update... 6 month delay is just something that can't happen in the real world.. there is so many things that can happen in a 6 month time.. Changing the specs is NOT ok neither.. I have backed a product that was supposed to be totally OPEN SOURCE.. I just don't care about Netflix or other service providers that believe I am first and foremost a thief ... the concept of DRM is just against what I believe it... please deliver what we have all backed up in a short period of time or give a link for a total refund now !!!

    20. Missing avatar

      Adrian on

      Hello, I'm not OK with the last #16 update. I think it is a new proyect to be developed now. I want my product in the next 2-3months or my money back now.

    21. Ok Impala! on

      Seeing the enormous delay and the change in specs I'm hereby asking for a refund too. Please inform all users how to get a refund when they are not willing to participate in this "new" product.

    22. Missing avatar

      Bertrand92 on

      When i give you my money, i didn't see anything about DRM, and it was good, cause i don't care about DRM, i don't want support DRM.
      Now, you're telling i'll have to support DRM, and wait 6 month ?
      This is not what i paid for. I feel like stupid to trust you.

    23. Missing avatar

      Benoît on

      DRM ... Seriously !?
      In 6 month they will be new hardware available. What will you do ? Take 6 months more ? We can go far away like that..
      Delay for stability, I'm in. To change specification, I'm out. It's a new project.

    24. Missing avatar

      Dimitrios Bogiatzoules

      Unless there'll be a way to choose between a DRM and a DRM-free firmware, I regret having to add myself to the backers that want their funds back.

    25. Missing avatar

      Arvil on

      Hello again, could you provide me with help about getting a refund please ? Have a nice day

    26. Lester Tan

      Could we get more info on refund procedure! Thanks!

    27. Yung Cheng Chang on

      Well, it seems you guys have very "longterm" plan for these spec modifications. Sounds great! So just provide me the refund information. I'm OUT! Play all the sh*t yourself. Thanks!

    28. Missing avatar

      Ian S on

      I agree. I'd like my money back, please.

    29. Missing avatar

      Lim Jenson on

      A six month delay is a hard pill to swallow but implementing a DRM from Microsoft on what was supposed to be an open concept is rubbish.

      Please provide the refund information.

    30. Huan W. Chua on

      I do not want to support any DRM technology with my funding money and time.
      Please provide refund information.

    31. Mikaël Vallerie on

      A six month delay would be okay for me if only you wouldn't spend our money to support dirty DRM technologies coming from dirty companies like MS....seriously guys, is that your conception of open hardware / software ?

      I'm really feeling disapointed about this project....i'm going to wait and see and may ask for a refund if you keep going on a way i don't want to follow.

    32. Missing avatar

      Gary L Sampson on

      So I will cut to the chase too. Please provide refund information. Everything here is wrong; from different promised product to time-line.

    33. Missing avatar

      Robert Kaiser on

      You promised open hardware and open software. Now, DRM can't possibly be made in open software, and Microsoft's module surely won't be (actually, it will be pretty hard to make sure there's no backdoor into all our living rooms). That means you can't deliver on your promise and every single backer on this Kickstarter should be reimbursed and you should do a new Kickstarter for your new closed DRMed system.
      I'd of course would have preferred you to deliver on your original promise with original specs and then do a 2.0 version with improvements as a next step. At least then you would not have lost our trust, good will and enthusiasm.

    34. Missing avatar

      Arvil on

      Hi, I'd like to express my disappointment. While I don't mind waiting a bit more (especially for inproved hardware and wifi stability), as a lot of people here the lack of communication and sudden decision to support DRM (which I strongly advocate against) without backer consultaiton are fueling my distrust in this project.

      I am thus considering requesting a refund.

    35. bonuswavepilot

      Hmmm... OK, so the delay is a shame, but to be expected with Kickstarter projects (I've backed more than 50 and nearly all of them were late). The timing of the announcement was a bad move though, in terms of pissing backers off. It must have been obvious before this update was written that things were going to be late.

      The new hardware upgrades sound nice, but the DRM thing is a bit worrying. I understand that all these streaming services aren't going to work without it, but I'd be very interested in a bit more info on implementation - is this still an open project? If so, how are the DRM libraries going to be implemented? Just binary blobs that users have to trust? Are your 'partners' providing streaming services going to make demands on the sort of access users have to the device?

      This has the potential to get tricky, as many DRM situations do, as openness and rights-management do not go hand in hand, because what users want to do with their devices and what media companies want users to do with their devices are often at odds, and DRM has a threat model which must consider its own users as its attackers...

    36. Missing avatar

      flyjodel on

      Hi, I've paid 23 USD to get a Matchstick according to the original specs October 1st, 2014. As the specs and delays doubled, I now need my money to be refund. Please tell me the procedure to use

    37. Missing avatar

      Nick on

      So what's the new processor gunna be?

    38. Missing avatar

      Koni on

      In every project you see changes and therefore a delay. Sometimes this is ok. But a delay of 6 month sounds to me like a new project. Before making this kind of change you should poll your backers to see if they're ok with it. I hope it's worth waiting 6 more month.

    39. Missing avatar

      mattviator on

      I dont mind waiting till august. I do have a problem with you choosing microsoft for your drm. Does this mean you/we have to pay microsoft for licensing? I dont want microsoft getting a dime from me.If you could (you can) refrain from using MS. They have stuck it to the open source community for years.

    40. Mark on

      To the people 'laughing' and riciduling those who want refunds: Stop...respect others because not everyone backed the same reason you backed the project.

      People want refunds for these main reasond:

      1. SHADY lack of communication with the TIMING of it (its really unacceptable even if you like the product)

      2. DRM (people have different reasons but what was once addressed during funding has CHANGED. Most here know what DRM is, but they simply wanted a non DRM device for various reasons.

      3. Massive delay for stuff they dont care about because they backed it in the first place knowing the details of the project.

      The fury and angry comments by backers wouldn't be as hard if they communicated properly. Don't be disrespectful, we are just stating the facts of the situation. Good luck to everyone.

      P.S. this will allow another company to step in on Kickstarter or IRL and release an even better product than matchstick (because of their new 6month delay).

    41. Missing avatar

      Luca Cappelletti on

      DRM? delay? you're betraying the public trust.
      Please refund me now.

    42. Missing avatar

      Tony Goman on

      So, out of the blue the delivery date is changed? I would imagine that this decision hasn't been taken overnight and some sort of communication should have been taken with the backers. Six months is far away and who knows if something else pops up that is more interesting than matchstick. It seemed perfect for my use and all this added things doesn't interest me.
      For me it feels that you wan't to make a better product that can be sold with the backers money. Delay would have been fine if there were issues, but updating hardware and content isn't what I payed for, You should have come out with the device that originally was planned, and then made an improved one!

    43. Ervin Kosch on

      Will we have root access? Is August a hard date? Will you refund us if you don't hit the August date if we ask?

    44. Vikas Prabhu on

      Was hoping to get my hands on this... an now waiting for 6 months is like... too long... even babies get delivered with in 9 months....Come on guys.... i feel like in august you will tell it will take 3 more months.... :( i feel my backing just got wasted...

    45. Missing avatar

      Dip on

      For everyone saying we're funding an idea... no we are not.

      Excerpt from Kickstater basics:
      A project is a finite work with a clear goal that you’d like to bring to life. Think albums, books, or films.

      The goal was clear enough 3 months ago.

    46. Ulrich Heck on

      ...looks like another campaign that only want to get away with my already given money!

    47. Gaf, Lilia and Zavier

      I'm ok with this. For 2 reasons. 1) kickstarter is a platform of ideas. Sometimes ideas don't come to life as expected and you change things to make them better. These is an idea come to life. 2) you're being open and transparent about the process- as long as you keep that up, I'll be ok.

      An idea- show work in progress- not necessarily proprietary stuff, but meetings or the team together or just as you finish milestones on your project schedule.

    48. Douglas Walsh on

      Sorry, I accidently hit "Enter", and didn't mean to, because I wasn't finished with my question. Here it is again: How would Matchstick connect to an HD A/V setup with a ceiling-mounted projector, A/V HD receiver and cable TV box? Would the Matchstick connect to the receiver, cable box or projector? Please advise, and thanks in advance.