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Matchstick, the first HDMI stick based on Firefox OS, is the best way to experience your favorite movies, music, and games on your HDTV
17,218 backers pledged $470,310 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Douglas Walsh on

      I have one comment and one question: I would like to see Matchstick being able to stream MLB and NFL games. How would Matchstick connect to an HD

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      melvin kelly on

      I would like see a picture with full address of the production facility that is to manufacture this device ; because I don't think it exists . deke

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      kunonin on

      I am not saying DRM implies no root. I said that in general, companies with DRM do not like root (of course: if you are trying to stop users from controlling what their device does, you don't want them to root). Many apps with DRM don't work in android rooted devices [Unless you hide root] Ffor some time, even Google Movies was not working!. So I am wondering what they will do about it.

    4. Alexander on

      I'm not OK with this and would like a refund. I backed this project as an alternative to things such as Chromecast. Chromecast is not THAT expensive. If I have to wait another 6 months I'd like my money back so that I can fund something else.

      A delay of a month...maybe even two I would not have a problem with....but 6 months? That's basically a whole new project. This is a bait 'n Switch and I'm not ok with that.

    5. Michael Ommundson on

      Oh internet people, you foaming at the mouth bunch! Welcome to Kickstarter!

      It almost makes sense to have what is described here as the Matchstick 2.0 and to deliver the idea that was sold to me but i think that ship sailed weeks ago. Perhaps they only have 1 chance to get the hardware right?

      Anyway, im still excited to see what gets delivered. Thanks for keeping us in the loop :)

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      Rainer Stober on

      you never talked about the topics DRM/new Hardware->Software bevore in public !!!

      The "new" stick is not that I want !!! - I need a Firefox stick with root access (don't need DRM content) with a stable software an continous development of the product in the community.

      it gives the impression that the stick in August (5-6 months later as planed) is perfect ... but this will not be

    7. Sander B on

      I don't care for Netflix or DRM. I don't care for 'content providers'.

      4K is already upon is and I'm not going to wait till august to get a full-HD-capable device.

      I'm getting my money back through my creditcard company.

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      nir on

      i want my money back.... until aug ? F that i will probably buy chrome cast or this cheep android stick and forget i ever spend my money on this waste of time....
      sorry for the hard feedback but i think this is not a serious behavior and i didnt expect that....

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      Florian G. on

      This is a real shame. DRM using Microsoft PlayReady, wtf ? This is not what interests me, nor what I've paid for. Netflix and all that shit is not my priority for this open hardware and software device

    10. aramir on

      wait.... does DRM means no more root access like some people seems to imply ?
      If that's the case, fuck DRM.
      Otherwise if it doesn't have any consequence on my matchstick, go for it.

    11. Missing avatar

      kunonin on

      Also, most of the providers with DRM no not like root and hacking permissions. Many programs with DRM do not work if Android is rooted. Is the plan to block access to root, too? I doubt you will be able to convince them when Google and Mozilla couldn't.

    12. Peter da Silva on

      Also, Sorwen, "They don't even seem to realize that Chromecast,and most Roku devices support DRM."

      Yes, I already have a Chromecast. I am buying this because I want something different from what I already have. The open nature of the device and the "hacker friendly" presentation is what drew me to it.

      DRM, particularly strong DRM like Microsoft pushes (remember Vista? Half the problem with Vista was caused by pushing DRM into the kernel and encrypting communications between drivers for nobody's benefit but Hollywood's), requires keeping the owner of teh hardware out of the software. It's inherently proprietary, and on a device like this it's invariably tied in with other restrictions.

      So, this is something that at best, at the very best, has no value to me. And that's under the most optimistic assumptions... more likely it's going to degrade the capabilities of the Matchstick.

      And I'm supposed to wait an extra six months for it?

    13. Marcel

      The anger in here is quite intriguing to me. A lot of people were wondering whether Netflix and such would work with the Matchstick, and it wouldn't without DRM support.

      Yes, I agree, the team should have kept us backers informed about these thoughts and their ideas of the future of Matchstick.

      But without the DRM support, it wouldn't fit the bill for a lot of the backers who wanted to use the device as their media center device thing.

      I hate DRM too, it's defective by design. But if we want to have Netflix on our tv-screens with a caster like Matchstick, it needs to support some form of DRM.

    14. Peter da Silva on

      I don't want this. I don't care about the DRM. I don't care about the extra cores or extra performance. I want the product you promised, when you promised it.

      Actually, I do care about the DRM. I care about it because I actively do not want DRM support. I don't care whether or not I can stream Netflix on my Matchstick, but if that means having proprietary chunks of code and a locked down piece of hardware I can't hack on, which seems likely considering you're using a Microsoft component, I would pay more to avoid that.

    15. David Andersson on

      Matchstick team, before making this kind of change you should poll your backers to see if they're ok with it.

    16. Missing avatar

      dmwh on

      sorry, that's a no-go and K.O. Criterion! I am angry and I find it a effrontery such a information! Sorry, I want my money back and next time when you generate something in the kickstarter purely implements monetary what you have been implemented successfully with the matchstick, should you your (e) Projects rethink exactly! THIS IS A KO criterion, no, not again, and I want my money, which has now been understood?

    17. Missing avatar

      Christophe Drevet on

      This is so disappointing. The delay is the least of my concern. I don't care about DRM support. I don't want it, actually. This is not what I backed for. So please consider delivering the version you advertised and work on the version 2 you want to build. I'd prefer a refund than waiting for a product I'm not proud to use…

    18. Missing avatar

      Julien on

      Current product or refund please.
      Very disappointed, too bad ..

    19. Missing avatar

      Joshua Glazer on

      Please send refund information so I can upgrade to a chrome cast. You are in material breach of contract in that you committed to keeping backers informed in a timely fashion and clearly did not. Consider this your written notice to cure by maintaining original schedule or returning payment.

    20. David Andersson on

      Last update you wrote: " get you the highest quality product we can... on time". I'm very disappointed. This is not what I signed up for. This is not ok! The least you could've done is to be open about possible delays earlier in the process.

    21. Missing avatar

      Robert Alley Jr. on

      I'm disappointed, I had been waiting patiently for months for this, putting off the purchase of a Chromecast because this was supposed to arrive in February. Looks like I've waited for nothing only because you've decided to change the scale and scope of this project at the last possible minute. In last month's update you were talking about sending out surveys for shipping within "weeks" but now less than a month latter you decide you need 6 more months and not for what was originally promised but for something completely different. Guess what if you wanted Matchstick V2 you should've delivered V1 first and then started another kickstarter for your precious V2 you want to make so badly. So looks like I'm buying a Chromecast today.

    22. Luke Thomas on

      I'd like a refund. I like the Matchstick idea more than I like any of the competition, but I don't want to wait another 6 months.

      I bought with the understanding I'd have a wi-fi streaming stick by February, and designed my new viewing space with that in mind. I'm not just going to sit around and not use my space for months because you want a quad-core stick, when I'm going to use it solely for streaming video.

      This smacks of a project raising so much money that you decided to fund a new project with the money instead, and that's not okay.

    23. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      No way. You cant do that. Send me what I ordered.
      You are talking about your new vision in FEBRUARY? Kidding?
      You really disappointed me, dont trust you anymore.

    24. Missing avatar

      Luke on

      Can only assume this whole project has been a scam from the start as surely no one could run a project so badly.

      In the unlikely case it does ever get produced it will have been long overtaken by other products.

      Either scenerio means I've wasted my money.

    25. Habib Male on

      Hey, I missed the part where I have to provide you with my address. ..

    26. Missing avatar

      Marcel de Groot on


      This is NOT what I signed up for. Delay is fine and understandable (I'm a developer and understand how complex it can be), but this smells of fraud.

      First all is fine and dandy, hardware was supposed to be final for months already. Even very early on we get to vote on EXTRA features because it all went sooo smooth....And now we get to hear that the original specs weren't even met, and you come with what sounds like a complete new project (with DRM crap no less).

      It even looks like the marketing team hijacked the project because in that area you do seem to be able to produce something with all that FAKE social media and community crap. And even dare to be present at the CES and not mention anything. Absurd.

    27. Missing avatar

      pasbel on

      Not a problem for me guys !

    28. Stefan on

      This is going to be the Embrace+ all over again:

      Back based on one premise, then suddenly they decide to do hardware revisions, change the featureset without notice, introduce huge delays, until it reaches the point where even if/when the product becomes available it's already been outclassed by commercial devices.

      Oh, and as a previous comment stated, you do indeed mention DRM in your FAQ:
      "We are doing our best to make sure the requirements will be met either via the playback app itself or the OS. We're in ongoing talks..."

      EITHER the playback app OR the OS. So long as your DRM implementation resides only in those two areas, nobody has much cause to complain, however being an open-source project I would hope that you'll be providing instructions and resources to flash an unmodified firefoxOS (with no DRM implementation) to our sticks as well.

    29. Adrien Delcourt on

      just sad , adding a 6 minus six month delay for a product backed 3month ago is not profetionnal. It's even worth to annonce it the month where we all expeted to receive the key. Event if we have hardware update and drm, most of us will have certainly buy a chrome cast or even raspeberry pi or other. Juste sad.

    30. Missing avatar

      Michel Verbraak on

      This project was about the original hardware and not an updated version 2.0.
      Why can you not ship with the original hardware? Yes it might not be as powerfull as the quadcore. But you did not promise faster and better.
      Ok so you found out that the Wifi reception could be better. So improve only this part.
      DRM was always for later. So deliver it later as an software update. Or people can buy the 2.0 version in about 6 months.

      You have not given us any indication that you cannot deliver the originally promised hardware. I normally do not mind to wait for what is promised but you do not tell if you cannot deliver what you did promise.

      Please clarify!?

    31. Leo Gerritsen on

      I would suggest to split this project in 2.
      One for the original goal and another one for the new goal. I personally understand the desired changes, but it will perceived by many as moving targets and with that also moving . . . budgets and loss of control

    32. Mike Boyd on

      sorry to see so many jumping ship. The kickstarter project options were not sold as a product that one was buying, but a process and vision that one was investing in, supporting and .... kick starting. If people give up their slots here, just let me know. I'll jump in and take their place and look forward to August (please stick to that schedule) - thanks

    33. Missing avatar

      David Weiss on

      Sorwen, I am fully aware of what DRM is and how it operates. Please stop assuming that anyone who isn't as happy as you are that gatekeepers cripple media playback with Digital Rights Management are just too dumb to understand the technology. "...DRM is the big evil word they've been told to fear so they do..." Nice. We're nothing but a bunch of uneducated bumpkins who don't know how to think for ourselves, I get it. While you, on the other hand, are free from such mental shackles and silly superstitions, so you willingly, and with full knowledge of their purpose, support the corporate gatekeepers and their DRM-fueled/DMCA take-down business model. BTW: nothing I want to stream from my PC to my TV has DRM. This is what I wanted to help fund in Matchstick. We already have the option to buy a similar product that supports DRM-based businesses, if that was something one wanted to do (for some reason).

    34. Missing avatar

      dj on

      Thank god for credit card charge backs! This is ridiculous...

    35. Starmate on

      What do I do to get my money back?
      I would go and buy a Raspberry instead ..

      thanks for the dream.

    36. Missing avatar

      David Weiss on

      Well, the idea of the Matchstick as originally pitched was interesting enough for me to put up some money toward my first Kickstarter project. This will most likely be my last Kickstarter project, since I can't imagine that I will be so quick to trust another. Delay is part of life in the development of a new, original product. But your choice to be sneaky and not communicate this to your backers until the very last minute tells me all I need to know about your ethics. Now I see that you have been using this seed money to cultivate other business opportunities for yourselves and your new DRM-peddling partners. I used to have a great deal of respect for Mozilla.

    37. Missing avatar

      Sorwen on

      Dan, I don't deny that some here likely do know what DRM is. If you look at a lot of the other comments you can see some others clearly don't. They don't even seem to realize that Chromecast,and most Roku devices support DRM. To some DRM is this big evil word they've been told to fear so they do. I'll not deny that some of it is intrusive and some even down right destructive(I've got my own SecuROM nightmare stories), but it isn't all the same thing. It is a generic term like transferring or soda.

      They don't understand that the software just sitting on the device isn't going to actively do anything. And it isn't like without it they can freely play DRM content. They are not going to one up the man because a device doesn't support it. If it is simply a matter of principle I can get that some just don't want to support the notion of DRM. However the device supporting DRM content isn't going take some "freedom" that they would otherwise have if it didn't. It is the DRM the content uses that prevents use and the support simply allows an entry to play that content.

    38. Missing avatar

      Reid Sinclair on

      I don't mind waiting a couple more months. That's the way these crowdfunding campaigns go. I'm just looking forward to using something that is quality. Good luck!

    39. Narq on

      Considering my past experiences with Kickstarter projects (and there have been many... far too many), I would have been more surprised if you would have announced that you were on schedule!

    40. Justin on

      All these much much hilarity!

    41. Missing avatar

      Funder on

      I must say i am extremely disappointed with this announcement. While the hardware upgrade is welcome and the delay is not ideal (but i can live with it), its the addition of hardware DRM that makes me regret funding this project. Like many here i funded this project because i wanted to support something that i thought stood for the ideals of freedom and opensource hardware / software.

    42. Ben Lorenz on

      How in the world can you justify announcing a six-month delay weeks before you were meant to deliver!? That is incredibly unprofessional. I expected so much more from this team.

      Please respond directly to backers concerns of feeling 'hoodwinked' and demanding refunds.

    43. Missing avatar

      Dan Montalvo on

      Truis, Bold print giveth/fine print taketh away - especially, when fine print would require that you actually click on that item which was hidden away at the every bottom of the page - speaks of an intent to deceive with a "Gotch!" rather than a full and open disclosure. Many a contract has been found void or voidable because of the lack of "clean hands" which can be inferred from a lack of full disclosure. I would be inclined to agree with you - if it was not kept behind a drop-down that required the reader to take an additional step to disclose the term - unless, that drop down was implemented across the board for all the terms. All the other readily available terms either explicitly stated or at the very least implied fitness for a particular purpose which is at the central core of 'open hardware and software' - DRM-free. The fact that so many of the backers understood and expected DRM-free means that it was construed in the same manner by the majority of the backers. As I have said, at the very least it should ship in a default "DRM-free" mode with an easily available (and not hidden away where no one can easily find it) option to opt-in to the DRM mode during the configuration/setup process.

    44. Jesus Alexis Alanya Carpio on

      is the last time I contribute to project kickstarted ..... 6 months is an eternity why i should waiting 11 months if I can buy a chormecast now!

    45. Victor Osorio on

      Creo que esto no es lo que esperábamos, en lo personal creo que hacer la espera mas larga no es una buena excusa para explicar que se han retrasado con su promesa, nosotros confiamos en ustedes creo que necesitamos una mejor explicación o una devolución de nuestro dinero.

    46. Truls Bjørvik

      Guys, settle down!

      While I have not read all comments, I sense the DRM-issue is the most problematic sentiment. First off, do not mix DRM in games with DRM in hardware; as far as I know, the hardware DRM would only be a problem if the content (the "software") contain DRM, thus you could still use the stick as you otherwise would, only with the added option of DRM-filled content as well.

      I would agree that if the DRM component in any way would tamper with the possibility to use non-DRM-filled content, then there is a problem. In the latter case, I would presume the DRM-component could be neutralised by some gifted individual.

      Regardless of this, after checking what was actually promised, I found the below excerpt from the Q&A, giving due notice of DRM well before the end of the campaign. Could this have been given a better forewarning of? Yes, of course! But it was not a fact that was hidden either.


      Does Matchstick support DRM?
      We are doing our best to make sure the requirements will be met either via the playback app itself or the OS. We're in ongoing talks...
      Last updated: Thu, Oct 2 2014 2:04 AM CET

    47. TheTopMostDog on

      I'm keen on your planned upgrades; I'm all for better hardware and I'm willing to wait for your new release date prospect in order to get them at no extra cost. It's a shame you have to make the changes out of your own pocket, I'd happily raise my contribution.

      Would, however, appreciate more frequent updates so that we feel more in the loop, I think that alone would quell a lot of the anger backers have regarding this update. About the people demanding refunds, ignore them; the ones whom are serious will probably send you a more official correspondence.

      Regardless, thank you for the news. Looking forward to receiving mine!

    48. KEN AUSTIN on

      this is NOT good

    49. Douglas Cheever

      At the rate that electronics in general is evolving is their really an end in sight for what we all signed on to? I am all for the best but six months from now the whole landscape will be different and the part that matchstick will play in that landscape is an unknown at this point. We signed on for something that was supposed to be a given. There is always the new updated release 2 I appreciate your commitment to achieving the best but I fear that you will lose many subscribers in the long term if you implement such a delay.

    50. Missing avatar

      Bazz on

      This is utter rubbish. I subscribed to the original concept, no to wide future horizons. This is beginning to look like a scam. Just ship the thing I payed for in the first place. I don't want better, I want what you promised when I backed you. About the rest: we'll see that later. For crying out loud.