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Matchstick, the first HDMI stick based on Firefox OS, is the best way to experience your favorite movies, music, and games on your HDTV
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January Update, CES 2015, Flint and MORE!

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Happy New Year, Matchstick Fans! 

We've been rocking it at the International CES in Las Vegas! We were the Pepcom Digital Experience Event on Monday and our booth is located in Eureka Park at the Sands, Tech West space 75205. Are you around? Come by!

The Matchstick team at the booth...
The Matchstick team at the booth...

We have spoken to a number of backers and potential business partners but we are also meeting with Hardware Partners like Rockchip and others to get you the highest quality product we can... on time. We are also meeting with future Content Partners to bring you well...more content! But, most importantly, we also announced something completely new... FLINT.

Flint Logo on White
Flint Logo on White

Flint is the first open software and open hardware video-streaming platform created with Mozilla’s Firefox OS inside. Flint aims to deliver highly interactive streaming and screen-to-screen experiences including two way interactivity, ad hoc and remote functionality. It's the system that will run Matchstick... and two hardware partners have signed on to also implement Flint!

AOC and TCL, leaders in flat screen technology, will be among the first to embrace and implement Flint technology in products such as HDTV’s, monitors, set top boxes, and more in 2015. We are committed to distributing 1 Million devices in 2015. The manufacturers will have access to capabilities and tools that will allow them to create compelling and user-friendly screen-to-screen experiences using any Firefox OS, Android, or iOS handset, tablet, or computer. It's the Matchstick experience, built into products by AOC and TCL! Stay tuned for more partnership announcements soon.

Here's some great press on Flint. 


We Have a New Look! 

We know you are too kind to mention it but... We had some work done over the Holidays! We launched a new website - Check it out, let us know what ya think!

But it's not finished yet... We'll open up our Matchstick Store where you can pre-order Matchstick before it hits retail. We are also working on our Developer Community so all of our developers out there can share their ideas and knowledge! These features should be rolling out in the coming weeks.

As always, follow us on the tweets and F'Books, or hit us up via message on Kickstarter for any questions. We will be sending out shipping surveys in a few weeks, so please don't email us your address at this time. Soon enough, we'll be reaching out to update addresses for shipping. 

Stay Frosty!

-The Matchstick Hedgehogs

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    1. Tyler Ritz on

      I don't need the stick either. I thought it would be good for my Dad and open up his HD TV to stream sports. It sucks waiting so long for what seems to be a relatively simple piece of hardware. All I know is that the stick better be awesome after such a long wait.

    2. Missing avatar

      Frank Lehmann on

      @ionas: Certainly "why not be a bit upset?" and "This behavior really hurts crowdfunding." are proper opinions ... but if its really true that you become what you think, then you'll be grumpy cat soon! :-)

      I am in New Zealand, but even here it is still January and the last update is merely two weeks old. You're absolutely right that the communication leaves a lot to be desired. But OTOH I like to think that they probably spend their time hacking away instead of bothering with public relations.

      PS: I did not buy the stick because I need it neither. And for making the world more open-sourcy it does not really matter if they ship it in the beginning of Feb or the end... just saying.

    3. ionas on

      p.s.: and I am not sad if I lose around 20 USD or so... the issue is more that I don't like KS to become a pond for peeps that just like to collect money and do whatever they want to do with it. This behavior really hurts crowdfunding.

    4. ionas on

      So, is this going to be shipped or not? And I really don't care about developer units. A regular unit should be enough to do development for a start if you want to.

      The hardware is not expensive and this KS project collected almost 470% of what it needed to succeed. So: IS it going to happen for the regular stupid end customer, or not?

      I did back this not cause I need this but cause I thought: great, its 100% open, it will help OTHER people to stream video content instead of using the vanilla tv-system without being prone to have tons of behavior analytics build inside (like a chrome stick for sure).
      I did not back it cause I personally need it.

      So @Frank Lehmann, why not be a bit upset. Either they fix their communication on KS or they actually post a schedule. Look at this project: This is how it is done:
      And it does have a lot more "material" to it, e.g. it has a harder production process.
      It is a project 10% in size compared to this yet it manages to do both well:
      a) communication
      b) actual progress

      So... where is this going?

    5. Missing avatar

      Frank Lehmann on

      @Jim, @Justin: Why are you so negative about the progress? Yes, communication-wise this here on KS is a gigantic fail - but the developer units have shipped and they demoed their software in public at CES. Good enough for me.

    6. Missing avatar

      Paul van Tellingen on

      Are you sure you are not working for Mozilla and you are just using this Kickstarter campaign to get free promotion for Mozilla’s Firefox OS and Flint? I saw a couple for CES press releases from TV companies that are actually integrating the technology in their 2015 product line. (Obsoleting this Matchstick product)

    7. Missing avatar

      Caspy7 on

      @H Hammons Both Ad Hoc and Local Media play were announced to ship with the product in a previous update (#10).

    8. Justin on

      February? LOL!!!!

    9. Wendy Nolan Hockley on

      Looking good! Can't wait 'til February. Love the hedgehog. LOL :D

    10. Missing avatar

      DutchUncleHAR on

      Jim Hawley> Umm . . . . I've got all of $18 on the line. I'd certainly like to get one of these for my money eventually, but it's not going to break me either way. Had I gone for the $160 ten-pack, maybe I'd be concerned . . . .

    11. Mike Baker on

      Jim Hawley> I can't say you're wrong, and I think we've all had bad experiences on Kickstarter, but until February rolls around I think we still owe them the benefit of the doubt.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jim Hawley on

      For the past couple months we have gotten plenty of self-congratulatory promotion but not a lot about any actual accomplishment. Having been burnt a couple times by kickstarters I'm starting to get a little apprehensive.

    13. BleachOne on

      Any idea if it will get Sling TV from Dish?? Really want this

    14. Missing avatar

      H Hammons on

      does this mean we may get AdHoc?