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Mine Kafon- Low Cost Land Mine Detonator
Mine Kafon- Low Cost Land Mine Detonator
4,169 backers pledged £119,456 to help bring this project to life.

Augmented Reality Cards!

Postcard £7 tier.

So a few days ago we added, as a reward, the set of three "special" Mine Kafon postcards.

Today, we are very excited to share why we think they are special…These aren't just your typical postcard, they are way better, because they are augmented reality!

So when you point your smart phone or tablet at these seemingly normal postcard you will see things happen.

The first card is a video card, you see the kafon explode in super slow-motion. The footage is from the military tests we did last year that Callum documented and used in the short film.

The second card is a 3d model card, you see a 3-dimensional Mine Kafon move around ontop of the card.

The third card, we think is the coolest, it is the portal card. Just point your device at this card and you get a weekly window into how the project is progressing and other backer specific content.

For every backer who supports this tier (or any of the bundled tiers that require us to post you your reward) you will receive this set of cards as a thank you. If you have backed this tier or higher you will also receive a thank you credit in Callum's film. So if you are thinking of moving from that reward to the cards you are not loosing out.

A big thanks to digital producer Ana Tiquia for concieving and programming these cards.

Along with Rob Ride for the 3d model and not forgetting Carmen Angelillo and Tom Judd (at and Sahar Fikouhi for their efforts too.

Regarding the £15 tier.

Many have asked us to Bundle this tier together. If you have already backed it, or are thinking of it, we are now going to send you the 10 Mine Kafon wallpapers, the Ferfrak .PDF and as well... you will certainly receive a thank-you credit in Callum's film.

Regarding the Lampshades.

Many have suggested that I sign the lampshades, so to make them more personal that is what I'll do! thanks for the idea.

New Reward £3000 (1 of 1).

Another suggestion was to offer an executive producer credit on the film Callum will be making that will be produced though the charity Ardent Film Trust. This will be added to the film production costs and offer the backer an insiders connection to both the overall project and the film production and release. The short film Callum made last year is a finalist at this years Sundance Film Festival Focus Forward competition.

We still have 5 days left for you to get involved in our project... so jump aboard.


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    1. Massoud Hassani 2-time creator on January 12, 2013

      @sarah: everyone who has backed us for 7 pounds or more will now get their reward plus the cards. The cards are our thank you for helping us reach our goal. We hope they will also allow you to be more easily updated as our project progresses throughout the year. thanks everyone!!!

    2. Sarah Hulcy on January 12, 2013

      Does this mean that those who have pledged more than 15 will have the postcards added to their other lovely rewards?! :)

    3. ET3D on January 11, 2013

      That's very cool!

    4. Missing avatar

      Holly C Busch on January 11, 2013

      I have told as many people as possible hoping they too will tell more and so on. What you have done is nothing short of a miracle for all the people lives you will save, thank you. Will you be able to help the people in places like Cambodia? They need your help.

    5. Massoud Hassani 2-time creator on January 11, 2013

      Hey everyone yes that is correct,
      Pledge £7 you get postcards and thank-you credit
      Pledge £12 you get postcards, ferfrak .pdf and thank-you credit
      Pledge £15 you get postcards, ferfrak .pdf, web access, and thank-you credit
      sorry, if I was confusing just excited to update;-)

    6. Jamie Wolf on January 11, 2013

      What's the password to view the Vimeo clip? Could you let me know at Thanks!

    7. Missing avatar

      townsend walker on January 11, 2013


      You were offering i-phone covers at the L25 Level. Some of us use other phones. So: a) you could skip the lovely gift altogether or b) post cards are cool.

      When do you think they will be ready for deployment?


    8. Matt Miller on January 11, 2013

      Do we still get the cards at the 10 pound level?

    9. CapnBludd
      on January 11, 2013

      Do we get the cards at the 15 pound level?