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Mine Kafon- Low Cost Land Mine Detonator
Mine Kafon- Low Cost Land Mine Detonator
4,169 backers pledged £119,456 to help bring this project to life.

Progress at the workshop and We are Nominated for the Rotterdam Design prize.


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We wish you all a Happy New Year - 2014


 Hello dear friends! 

We are wishing you the best new year ever!!! 2014!!

Regarding the Mine Kafon project. In the past few months, we have been finalising the new Mine Kafon's. The picture above is one of the examples that we are working at the moment. Also there will be an all terrain robotic device that can detect land-mines, currently we are applying for some patents on that. 

Our next deadline is in four months. We hope to be able to do the new test sessions and meet the UN regulations. 

Thank you all for your support ;-)

best wishes

Massoud & Mahmud 

Push the button for MK :)


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Rewards, MK Development and Finalist for the Index: Award 2013 - Vote

Hello Guys, 

How is everybody doing. Hope you'r having a wonderful summer time :)   

As we are approaching our finish line regarding the rewards, here is a quick update about the course of the development of the Mine Kafon and finishing the Rewards.   

Along these months we where working separately, (Massoud and Mahmud).  We had to divide tasks to continue the developments of the Mine Kafon and making the rewards and shipping them. 


We made most to the rewards our self’s by hand. We thought that would make them very special. If you need to know more or have any complains about your reward, please send us an private massage, in this way we can help you quicker and more effective as well.  

Rewards : 

Postcards - finished and sent, 

High res MK Wallpapers - finished and sent, 

pdf Ferfrak - finished and sent, 

iPhone Cover - finished and sent, 

MK Lamp shade - finished and sent, 

Remaining Rewards: 

3 Lamp shades 

Toy Box

 Mine Kafon (1:4 scale model) 

Access to the website

Development of Mine Kafon:

Massoud was seeing and traveling around to meet engineers and experts from the demining communities. We met also with War Child who wants to help us with their local connections in Afghanistan.

In London we met the EOD expert Colin King. He knows everything about the technical constractions of the land mines. He works as a consultant for different demining NGO's and UN. He showed us how land mines are made and explained the small details about them. This makes the process of Mine Kafon much easier now.

 At the University of Edinburgh, we had a meeting with Stephen Salter. He worked more then 10 years to develop the Dervish. It is also a cheap land mine detonator. Was really interesting to talk with him about the possibilities of engineering. He gave also some use full advise according the Mine Kafon. 

 We met also with Eddie Banks in Edinburgh, Scotland. A land mine removal expert. Worked more then 25 years in this field. He gave us really useful advises. The the most important skill is to find the mines and mark that area. Here is a book he wrote about the land mines. 

Index: Award 2013 - Vote on Mine Kafon

We recently heard that we are Finalist for the INDEX awards to improve life, we are nominated in the work category. 

You can also vote on the public choice awards on CNN

Please cast your vote on Mine Kafon and share your tweet. Not sure if the vote counts without the tweet :-) 

From today till 2nd of September we will be in Copenhagen, Denmark if there are any backers who wants to meet us here , please let us know :)


Best wishes from Copenhagen.

Massoud and Mahmud

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Development and Rewards Update


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