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Introducing the Mine Kafon Drone, an airborne demining system developed to clear all land mines around the world in less than 10 years
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New progress on the Mine Kafon drone.

Posted by Massoud Hassani (Creator)

Hi Guys,

Hope all is well with everyone. 

We are very excited to share with your our new works. Now we’ve multiple potential collaborative partners to work with in the future and achieve our goals alongside thanks to some recent events. It’s been a busy time for us since we got many requests from all over the world to test and present the Mine Kafon Drone. Below we have made a small summary of our activities in past two months.

Nancy, France 

  • Collaboration with the Technical University in Nancy, France 
  • Creating Super EMC 
  • Creating algorithms to analyse the most risky surfaces after first detection scan

5 PhD tutors are working alongside us on the the Mine Kafon Drone project at the Technical University of Nancy in France. They hold PhD’s in in a variety of valuable areas such as signal imaging and optoelectronics, to name a few. We truly believe their cooperation will lead to great advancements in the drones.

Our collaboration will enable us to work on many facets of the project simultaneously such as:

  • Test of source separation algorithms applied to signal coming from the sensor. 
  • Low power and long range wireless communication systems. 
  • Positioning methods (geolocation of the drone) in a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) context. 
  • Demonstration of communication between drones.

Our first deadlines are in January to test and see the process with them.

Giving a lecture to the Tech students in Nancy
Giving a lecture to the Tech students in Nancy

Beijing, China 

In November I was invited to Beijing to present the Mine Kafon Drone project at the Global Innovatores Conference. The reactions were overwhelming. The project won two prizes; the Future Maker Award from the Global Innovator's Awards as well as the Investor’s Pitch award.


Winning the Future maker Award in Beijing
Winning the Future maker Award in Beijing



Winning the Investors pitch in Beijing
Winning the Investors pitch in Beijing

Meeting with DJI in Shenzhen 

After the Global Innovators Conference, we were Invited by DJI to present the Mine Kafon Drones. DJI are currently the world’s largest drones manufacturer. We’re in negotiations as to the potential of a large scale collaboration with DJI based in Shenzhen for several months. This is going to be an extremely awesome opportunity if we manage to achieve this. We will write more about this collaboration in our next update. 

DJI HQ in Shenzhen
DJI HQ in Shenzhen

Collaboration with Pix4D from Switzerland 

Pix4D is one of the biggest 3D imaging companies around. Their team has contacted us to collaborate and implement their technologies into our drones for the purpose of demining . Following some testing sessions the result will be shared with you.

Upcoming testing

Testing in different locations is to commence with piloting and small testing on site. Upcoming events are as follows

  • December: First test in the Netherlands with all the extensions. 
  • January: Demo day with the Dutch Defense 
  • February: Showcase and test drones in Dubai  (we will write more about this in the next update.
  • May: Final tests with demining organisation in Turkey joined by UN delegates.
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rendering of the new wireless metal detector


 project video thumbnail
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3D printing the new wireless casing for the metal detector


Mine Kafon Drone preparations for upcoming flight tests

  • Mine Kafon Drone ready to lift upto 5kg, flight time of 20 minutes 
  • RTK network ready for precise autonomous flight 
  • 3D mapping system ready with pix4d
  • Wireless Detector ready for the demo. 
  • Mine Kafon robotic arms needs to be improved with faster wireless connection to the base station. This is currently being imporved.
field test this week at the Drunense Duinen, Netherlands
field test this week at the Drunense Duinen, Netherlands



field test this week at the Drunense Duinen, Netherlands
field test this week at the Drunense Duinen, Netherlands

This week a new short documentary was aired on the Dutch National tv Een Vandaag

Besides this we are working hard on delivering the rewards to you, our backers. 

Rewards update:

  • 5 euro tier - Messages sent 
  • 12 euro tier - Bracelets printed, ready to ship. 
  • 17 euro tier - 3D mapping software ready, planning our test sessions currently 
  • 25 euro tier - 3D mapping software ready, planning our test session currently 
  • 30 euro tier - phone covers are being printed currently 
  • 75 euro tier - 150 miniature cores are 3D printed, awaiting completion of body
  • 125 euro tier - The goodi box will be sent once all the rewards mentioned above are filled.

The higer tears are next.

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At our workshop, printing 1000 bracelets


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the first samples of the phone covers has arrived
the first samples of the phone covers has arrived


Please let us know what do you want to know more in our next update.

All the best,


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    1. Missing avatar

      Kathleen Workman on

      Thank you for the update! So glad of your progress, keep up the good work!

    2. Massoud Hassani 2-time creator on

      Thanks everyone for your great support :) we are for sure documenting as much as we can to share it all with you.

    3. Missing avatar

      Khem on

      Can't wait to see you locating the first real mine with your drone and detonation it.
      Make sure you film that for us!

    4. Missing avatar

      Ruth Crump on

      You go guys! I'm so grateful to have able to contribute to this project. Thanks for the update.

    5. Missing avatar

      Retour2Kick on

      Thanks a lot for the update, exciting news indeed!

      Really happy to see the project finding new partners, both for the software and the hardware sides. Even if it's getting even more challenging as the project moves towards deployment (so many things to coordinate and fix!), it's really shaping up and I'm sure it's on the right path, keep up the good work! :)

    6. WSC on

      Dear Massoud,
      Proud and honored to be a backer and a small part of this important project. Your energy and inspiration are so rare, and we are all fortunate to have a person like you pursuing this goal. Keep up the good work, you and your Team are making a big, big difference in the world. Thank you!!

    7. Ilian P. on

      Dear Massoud,
      I'm so happy to be a backer of this important project. I wish you lots of luck and many useful partnerships. Don't let expectations from the whole world watching this project overwhelm you. I know you will make it.

    8. Dallas on

      Wow, what exciting progress. Well done, and congratulations!

    9. Missing avatar

      Kady Hoffman on

      Congratulations. I am enjoying watching grow your idea into something real and meaningful. Keep focused, stay with it... you are bringing good into the world and it is a priveldge to be witness to it,
      A supporter though on a modest level......

    10. Missing avatar

      cedric martin on

      Great updates on the project. You are doing an amazing job. Maybe now A free mine world is on the progress. A pleasure to read You. Good lick for whats coming ahead

    11. Missing avatar

      Allan G Lindh on

      Dear Massoud I am in awe of your idea, and the creativity and effort you have devoted to it's implementation. Having had a little experience in tech development in my younger years, there is one suggestion I might offer.

      In my experience the emergence of new and better ideas, technology and software the appear midway in the development stream, can become a trap, as one's "current best working model" is sometimes seen as so primitive, dumb, etc, compared to one's newest and best development effort, that the "current best working model" never quite gets finished and taken to the field for real-world testing. But if one's "current best working model" never really gets shaken out in the field, there might be problems over-looked that just never come up in the lab, or controlled conditions tests.

      As we used to say in the old days, "If it works, it's obsolete." Important not to let "faster, better, smarter" -- someday -- become the enemy of the clunky old stuff that works now.

      Thanks for all your efforts, I'm very proud to be an infinitesimal part of your undertaking.

    12. Robert C

      Thank you for the updates, Massoud! These all sound like fantastic opportunities to have promoted the project and receive well-deserved recognition for your vision and commitment. Additionally, it appears that other people and organizations that offer expertise, skills, knowledge and/or components continue to show an interest in partnering with the project which is outstanding and will ultimately help the project be successful.

      I will say this again -

      I've backed over 50 projects between Kickstarter and Inidigogo and there's not one that I believe is more important and more meaningful than Mine Kafon Drone. I am so proud and honored to have had the opportunity to contribute in even a little way to this project and can't thank you enough for working to bring it to the world. It's an absolutely wonderful and impactful project that seeks to improve our world and better it for all of humanity. Every time I see the updates or am reminded of the project I just swell with pride and emotion.

      Keep up the great work!

    13. Missing avatar

      Marco Giovanni Carle

      Good job. Cooperation with DJI can can help solving problems they have overcomed. We really want the drone in operation asap.

    14. An Eng on

      Thanks a lot. Nice update!
      My curiosity lies within the tec. stuff. However i know that u have to keep most of the information secret(loved the renders Metal detector <3 ). Could i ask what kind of Flight controller you guys are using(self made or something from the marked)? Maybe u could add a timelaps of the droneflight (when its ready). You are doing a great project. I really hope that you get the collaborations with the big firms!

      p.s.: keep us updated about the test flights :) everone love aerialvideos.

    15. Missing avatar

      David A. Greenidge on

      I sent an email about the cases just two days ago. They look great! Good luck in the new year