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Introducing the Mine Kafon Drone, an airborne demining system  developed to clear all land mines around the world in less than 10 years
Introducing the Mine Kafon Drone, an airborne demining system developed to clear all land mines around the world in less than 10 years
4,318 backers pledged €177,456 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Abilash Pulicken
      on May 16

      I am disappointed with the postcards - I was expecting to see a map of the area I helped map, and instead got a series of random shapes and markers with no context whatsoever.

    2. Donald D. Parker
      on May 11

      I received my postcards and brochure. I am happy with that, money is best spent on the project.

    3. Bulent on May 11

      Just received the "postcards". This is not the reward that was promised, and it would be disingenuous of the project creators to claim otherwise. I fully support the good work that you are doing, but if a backer is mislead over such a minor detail then it doesn't bode well for the integrity of your operations as a whole. Reading your explanation, it sounds like you had to change the scope of the rewards because of the complexity required for delivery, but this has not been adequately communicated in the two years since the project was successfully backed. Please try to do better moving forward.

    4. Massoud Hassani 2-time creator on May 9

      there is an abstract map in the inside of the every Postcards. Every postcard has a description of every drone. To describe the project in a clear and clean way. updated maps will be posted online because there will be so many scanned maps available. We used real images and renders in the postcards and in the brochure. Not only renders. Its way of our communication to visualise all the steps.

    5. An Eng on May 6

      @Massoud Hassani: Of cause it is not easy! i totally get it. However the rewards were delayed by more than a year!!! The communication from your end was for the first 6 month a total joke! and recieving this "flyer" is for me just the tipping point! If you do something with the croud, there MUST be more communication! keep in mind that everyone here worked for several hours to support you and ur project. And if you say that you reward the bakers with "postcard with an image of the mapping site you sponsored" than don't expect me to be happy with the flyer, which it not even well done! The perspective is off in one image (Manta) and the difference in quality of the background image and the high res drone render make it just less professional! You should not send this stuff around, it looks very amature(!) imho.

    6. Missing avatar

      Graham Chapman on May 4

      Still not received the postcard........Kickstarter members supported your dream... please do what you said you were going to do. It seems from a comment below that the image on the card is not of the sponsored area... is that so?

    7. Massoud Hassani 2-time creator on May 2

      @An Eng, thanks for your comment, the final scanned areas will be posted on our side below this link Now you have got only the postcards and a brochure. It costed us a lot of time making them and sending them. On our last update we have also mentioned that we are currently testing. It is not as easy as you think. Please read the last update to keep up with us

    8. Missing avatar

      Alasdair Morrison on April 26

      Hey you guys got a mention on the excellent SYSK podcast.

      Well worth a listen for anyone looking for more info on the terrible legacy that is landmines.

      mentioned at 46.30

    9. An Eng on April 24

      btw. the paper flew into the trash!

    10. An Eng on April 24

      Today i got mail delivery from Kafon. To be honest i didnt expect a lot after the lack of information etc. However instead of the promesed " postcard with an image of the mapping site you sponsored" i got 3 postcard and one with a possible image of a real site (however i doubt they took the image). The drone seems to be rendered into the image( indicated the awefull image quality compared to the "high res" drone image quality). Further this is more advertisment than anything else. I feel fuckin scamed and am very disapointed!!! i was hoping to get a an actual image (3d mapped or else) for the 50€ and not a generic advertisment piece of paper which seems to be the left overs form an exhibition stand... . 2nd kickstarter dissapointment.The communication was freaking AWEFULL, the WHOLE TIME!!! I wish i would have never gave u a cent! 50€ would be better spent on a homeless or anything else.

    11. Krista Maki on April 4

      Congratulations on your tenacity on behalf of the people in the world threatened by these terrible "left-overs" of endless wars. Your hard-working teams are modern heroes.

      And I hope the commercial applications for your drones and robots bear fruit as well!

    12. willy aenlle on April 4

      Awesome work - You should be very proud of what you have accomplished with few resources and a lot of grit.

      Look into TED’s new funding initiatives just announced- I think you could easily qualify.…


    13. Massoud Hassani 2-time creator on April 4

      Hey Guys, thanks for your concerning comments. We didn't go anywhere. We are just very concentrated on the developments and not so much active on the social media. please check the new super size update
      this update explains the whole project from the past months. We have also finalised the rewards and the rest of the project. cheers

    14. Missing avatar

      Matthias Roth on April 1

      Maybe they failed with the project and therefore they have nothing to say.
      The lack of information is always a good evidence.

    15. Oz Locke on April 1

      No update on their Twitter since 2016, their Facebook since mid 2017. Nothing on their website :(

    16. Missing avatar

      Todd Phelps on March 27

      I got a survey for my postcard today. A friend asked where "my" 10km^2 scan area was and I unfortunately had to say I didn't know. Has the system been in operation? Last I heard there were some test flights in the Netherlands, but that was half a year ago.

    17. Abilash Pulicken
      on March 27

      I got my survey today, so maybe this is a good sign.

    18. Oz Locke on March 14

      Tried messaging them, but doubt I'll ever get a response.

    19. Missing avatar

      Christian Niesse
      on March 7

      So. What's going on? Some news, please.
      Do you intend to deliver?
      Am I named on your page? Do I get an image? Do you still searching mines!?
      Or are you gone?

    20. Shirley Sunman
      on March 6

      Lampshade arrived, many thanks. All the very best with tourproject.

    21. Missing avatar

      Tim on March 5

      Beware of the Massoud Hassani name and further projects. Also no reward recieved.

    22. Oz Locke on February 28

      Still no pic of my scan zone, no evidence that anything has been done at all. Of all the things to end up being a scam :(

    23. Missing avatar

      James Hosking on February 23

      Bracelet is total rubbish! The cheapest kind of rubbish - must have cost about 1 cent to make. A year late. Then straight into the bin.
      I'm seriously considering backing anything more on this website.

    24. Missing avatar

      on February 23

      So is this project dead with all rewards left unfulfilled?

    25. Missing avatar

      Gauthier Corvaisier on February 10

      Sad to see I haven’t received anything, bracelet, goodybox, news, reply from messages sent. I can only hope they are busy hunting those mines...

    26. Oz Locke on January 10

      Ah, never mind, I wasn't on the bracelet level, I was on the "get an image of the area we scanned in your name" level. Wonder if I'll ever see that.

    27. Hunter Walker
      on January 10

      Bryan, yeah, mine didn't have the helicopter as well.

    28. Oz Locke on January 4

      I've not received anything at all, Bryan

    29. Missing avatar

      Bryan DeMuth on January 4

      Did anyone else receive their MINE KAFON GOODY BOX without the hand-motion helicopter?

    30. Oz Locke on January 2

      The one time I back something selfless and it looks like a damn scam :(

    31. WSC on December 31

      Happy New Year to Massoud and the team. So pleased to have my personal version of the original "Mine Kafon" wind powered de-mining device, built in miniature on my kitchen table, here:!AtsmuQ-8Jt2-htI-3EG_nUY2fFW_9Q . Note that to successfully build the device, you need a rig to hold things together while the glue dries -- a ring of coffee cups works great!!

    32. Missing avatar

      Dafoz on December 24

      Try again, then.
      I backed this project for moral reasons. I am disappointed that the funds seem to have gone towards travel, and employing lots of people.
      Surely you can find a community willing to host some testing.
      I think drone technology is extremely well developed- the key part of this project was your idea.
      Please get on with the job and clear some mines, if you've got any money left.

    33. Missing avatar

      Dafoz on December 24

      I just tried to post a comment and got the message "oops! Your comment could not be posted"
      So Im posting this as a test.

    34. Oz Locke on December 18

      Also, what happened to the previous Mine Kafon project?

    35. Paolo Cappello on December 18

      Any updates on this project? No answer since months, did they just disappear?

    36. Abilash Pulicken
      on December 8

      I haven't received my post card yet - when are those being sent out?

    37. Oz Locke on November 30

      Are we expecting bracelets?

    38. Brad Dancer
      on November 30

      not interested in your instagram, sorry - would love an update here

    39. Missing avatar

      Fabian Chong on November 24, 2017

      Please tell us:

      How many mine have you detected (including test mines)? How accurate is it? What's your immediate goal? What's your next step?

    40. Missing avatar

      Ian Baguley
      on November 21, 2017

      Any update would be welcome and reassuring

    41. Missing avatar

      Heidi Payne
      on November 20, 2017

      I think it would just be helpful if there was someone doing monthly updates. Sure, there's only 3 3S printers to do work, but then while they're running, someone must be able to sit down at a keyboard and update the backers on any progress. ;) I'm not an Instagram user, so if you're not willing to post at least a few times here, that's not an optimal experience, and I don't think it's horribly difficult to do as timelines change (which can happen for perfectly valid reasons that seem less valid when you're left on your own to speculate).

      No one backed this campaign to be mean to the creator, so the creator being neglectful isn't helpful to people who genuinely participated with high ideals.

    42. Angeline joVan on October 28, 2017

      Received my bracelet - thank you! Looking forward to hearing your progress!?

    43. Missing avatar

      Andrew Wild
      on October 28, 2017

      So, no updates on the actual project: "The Mine Kafon Drone is up to 20 times faster than currently available technologies." Well, it isn't faster if it's not out there doing its job. Massoud Hassani has spent time traveling the world promoting his project, but is unable to deliver. It's not clear whether this is due to lack of technical or managerial skills, or just straightforward dishonesty. If the latter, he dis-honours himself, his team, and the heritage he claims to want to help.

    44. Missing avatar

      Sam on October 26, 2017

      @Massoud Hassani
      It would be great if you could answer my question from October 10th...

    45. Missing avatar

      merv storey on October 19, 2017

      Got mine in CANADA!

    46. Massoud Hassani 2-time creator on October 11, 2017

      Hi Guys, Thanks for the comments. Yes we recently sent the bracelets. Now we are finalising the MK Lamps and MK miniature. In the past few months we had shortage on the 3d printers. We have only 3 of them to do the rewards and keep working on the main project deadlines. We are still printing the last bits of the rewards. Please keep an eye on our instagram account for the daily posts…

    47. Missing avatar

      Sam on October 10, 2017

      Are you actually already mapping mines or are you still developing the drone? I backed this project to help make a difference - that's also why I chose the mine field mapping as a reward. However, looking at the updates I see a lot of PR activity and self-promotion going on (which, I understand, is necessary for a start-up), but I see little actual updates in the technical progress. The original timeline was that they drones would be up and running now, mapping minefields and thereby making an actual difference in people's lives.

      I would like to know what the planning is at the moment with regards to using these drones for the purpose that they were designed - mapping out mines in affected areas.

    48. Brehin on October 9, 2017

      Reçu le bracelet aujourd'hui en France, merci Massoud et l'équipe, heureux d'avoir fait parti de ce projet.

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