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Zombie Playground is a game where you take the role of a kid during a zombie apocalypse as seen through a child's imagination.
3,787 backers pledged $167,590 to help bring this project to life.

Final Thanks To You All!

Posted by Massive Black Inc (Creator)

With just under 30 hours to go, we want to thank you all for the amazing support! It's absolutely thrilling to see so many of you as excited about this game as we are! You are now not only our supporters, but also our investors, sponsors, and co-developers!  We look forward to seeing you all in-game!



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    1. Darky on

      So long as I can wear a variety of different capes (I hope there will be a dinosaur themed cape) I'll make it GOTY.

    2. Massive Black Inc 2-time creator on

      @Christoffer & @Cazle
      You're right, it is subjective. But we will have many style options that run the full gamut for other items in the game (even if the Kickstarter items are exclusive). We understand what you're saying. Wish we had more time to put your concerns at ease! =D Thanks for the support guys! <3

    3. Chazlie on

      I think i meant more to Child like Steampunk, just like what Christoffer said, patching usable item in to something Child-like-steampunk.

    4. Missing avatar

      Christoffer on

      I feel like I just went on a terrible rant -.-

    5. Missing avatar

      Christoffer on

      the problem I see in a comment like "they will certainly be cool" is that it's a heavily subjective thing.
      example: Cazle obviously loves steampunk style. I like steampunk tech, but I generally dislike it as a fashion. I love patchwork equipment. perhaps he/she hates it.
      (example of patchwork: take 3 suits of armour, tear them to pieces and throw it in a heap. discard 2/3 of it at random and patch the remaining stuff together into something wearable.)

      what I'm trying to say is that I can't pay for something without knowing. and there are so many styles that I dislike in some way but so very few that I like.
      unless there's a way for me to make up my mind and get them at a later date, when you have images to show. I'm not going to pay more than I already have.

      I'm sure there are people that feel the same way I do. perhaps not as strongly as me, but same nonetheless.

    6. Massive Black Inc 2-time creator on

      @Kevin Pangesa
      Slated for a March 2013 release.

    7. Kevin Pangesa on

      when the game is coming exactly?

    8. Massive Black Inc 2-time creator on

      We certainly listen to all criticism. i think you can expect to get a little bit of everything when you delve into a child's imagination, so there's plenty more to come! =))

    9. Matt Herson on

      Re: Steampunk

      I love steampunk just as much as the next guy*, but I would think that the ultimate test is whether steampunk is a part of many a child's imagination! I know my childhood pretend-play didn't involve steampunk tech; that came much later**. :D Still though, options are cool! Don't let me discourage cool things!

      * I like steampunk, but I don't love steampunk.

    10. Chazlie on

      Always thought Glow in the Dark Items would look something very close to Steampunk with little cogs rotating around for animation and kids would wear steampunk gas masks from the janitor's room, well just a idea xD
      Hope in the future there will be something similar to Steampunk gadgets.

    11. Massive Black Inc 2-time creator on

      We were only able to get the image of the glow in the dark backpack in time (posted in update #15), so apologies for that. They certainly will be cool; we intend to make them worthwhile and then some!

    12. Missing avatar

      Christoffer on

      I'm guessing artwork of the glow in the dark items won't be coming before the end of this kickstarter? a shame, I wanted to see them first before upgrading tiers. guess I'm sticking with the 15$ one

    13. Massive Black Inc 2-time creator on
      With the initial release we'll definitely have the Bully class (male) and the Gunslinger class (female). On our forums, everyone is voting for the 3rd class right now. So there will be at least 3 total classes at release, but we don't know yet which the 3rd will be. Cast your ballot today! =))

    14. Jim Patenaude on

      Koo! Can't wait to play :D


      Any idea which 2 player characters are looking most likely?

    16. Massive Black Inc 2-time creator on

      We'll still be searching out additional funding post Kickstarter, so there's still plenty of hope!

    17. Nicholas Wong on

      I can't wait till it's finished, although we can't get to 250k but getting close to 150k, no matter what it is 50k spare for development.

    18. Googolplexbyte on

      Ahh man, there's no way we'll make it to the 250k mark. :(

    19. Peter Rattew on

      Awesome. Shame we have to wait until March 2013 for the game but it will definitely be worth it.

    20. Missing avatar

      David Hatala on

      Fantastic!! Can't wait to play!