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Zombie Playground is a game where you take the role of a kid during a zombie apocalypse as seen through a child's imagination.
3,787 backers pledged $167,590 to help bring this project to life.

4 Player Coop, NPC Dev Art, & Animation

Posted by Massive Black Inc (Creator)

Only 4 Days Left of Kickstarter!

Thank you to everyone for the continued support even past our goal!  This community is mind-blowing!  We can't wait to play ZPG with you all!  We intend to finish strong, continuing to make strides internally with the goal of always giving you more bang for the back-er:

1.  4 Player Online Cooperative Play Moved to $100k Milestone

Network play has been successfully implemented in the current build of Zombie Playground and it is clear that 4 Player Online Coop can be moved to our original goal tier of $100k.  With the initial release of the game, 4 Player Coop Online Play will be an included feature.  Sweet!

2.  NPC Character Dev Art - 'The Pacifier K12' NPC

Friend or foe? Although PK12 was built to aid in the annihilation of the Horde, this machine's loyalty can sometimes be a bit unclear... Even under mind control, this unit has the unfortunate tendency to malfunction. If a team can successfully reroute its circuitry, it's possible to retain this NPC's firepower. Be warned: If a red light is visible, approach with extreme caution.

NPC development art, 'Pacifier K12'. This work is early & all subject to change.    

You can discuss this image here:

3.  Zombie Blocking Animation - Attack 01

You can discuss this animation here:


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    1. Chazlie on

      Only 4 more days to go.. can't wait :(

    2. Zawazuki on

      4 player co-op on release? Hell yea! :D

    3. Dablue

      Sweet about the 4 player co-op btw.. very nice!... oh.. and ... lawnmowers.... /end transmition

    4. Dablue

      lawnmower... we need more lawnmowers in this game. ;P Oh.. and fat kids