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Zombie Playground is a game where you take the role of a kid during a zombie apocalypse as seen through a child's imagination.
3,787 backers pledged $167,590 to help bring this project to life.

9 Days Left - Concept Art Splash!

Posted by Massive Black Inc (Creator)

Only 9 Days Left!  We're ready for the final push!

Almost 90% funded, Holy WOW!  You guys are amazing!  This game is so close to being a reality, just 10% more and we're there!  To keep the energy up, we are throwing out a quick update showing another marketing image created for Zombie Playground.  Big ups to Jason Chan for all the art we've seen thus far!  Next week we are featuring some additional concepts by other artists here at Massive Black, so please keep a look out!  We'll have some cool new Character Class ideas along with additional creepy critters.  We hope you enjoy, and thank you to absolutely everyone for the amazing support of our passion project!  Happy impending Father's Day to all you papa's out there!

Early concept/marketing image

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    1. Matt Zeilinger on

      Personally, I'm digging the monochrome look for the zombies. It will make the heroes stand out well from the horde, especially if things get crazy (which they are apt to do in a zombie apocalypse). The grey/white hair helps sell the old dead thing look, which I dig as well. If there were a splash, of color, it could be a glow from the eyes. That would look really unsettling in the dark. Jason Chan, huge fan of your work. The zombie playground painting was a favorite of mine when you first did it, and I'm thrilled to see it getting expanded into a full game! Congratulations to you, and keep up the great work, man! That goes for everyone at Massive Black, as well!

    2. Channing Ellison on

      I am so glad I decided to back this project. I can't wait for the game.

    3. ian thompson on

      Quick question, will there be Boy and girl versions of all character classes?

    4. Nathaniel Lakota on

      This is really awesome. I'm loving the almost daily updates. Keep it up guys! ^_^

    5. Geoff on

      I like everything as is. Keep it up!! You're the artist; we're the investors!

    6. Missing avatar

      Victoria C on

      I agree! The zombies all have one hair color...I mean....zombie skin is often pale and greyish...but I think it would look better if they kept their hair color...dulled down and bloody of course.... >:)

    7. TheChosenOne on

      The zombies need a tiny hint of color or/like some lines or splashes of blood. Look at the Batman Arkham city cover to see how so little can change so much.
      And personally I'd like to see some blood on the bat aswell. And maybe a bit more head visible of the guy in the back? ;)
      Love the look though. Vibrant colors, centre of attention, some room in the bottom and/or top for title/link or such.