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Zombie Playground is a game where you take the role of a kid during a zombie apocalypse as seen through a child's imagination.
Zombie Playground is a game where you take the role of a kid during a zombie apocalypse as seen through a child's imagination.
3,787 backers pledged $167,590 to help bring this project to life.

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ZPG - PTR & Leaving EA


Lots of stuff is happening, so let's get to it!

ZPG Halloween Launch

ZPG all grows up and is leaving Early Access on October 31st. Craaaazy! We've also put up a "Public Test Realm" with an early, somewhat scaled down, beta version of the game-in-progress that we want you all to play and give feedback. Instructions are below. There are definitely a lot of improvements to the game from optimizations to aesthetics, but don't expect a completely different game, and the PTR is not always roses. One good thing about the PTR is that we can update the game there almost daily. So if you see any gamebreakers, please let us know. And, while we need the coming month to tune and tie up loose ends, you can expect: new mission content, tighter controls, better visuals, performance optimizations, and a slightly new ZPG experience. Our changelog is pretty lengthy so we'll devil in the details later. To access the PTR, follow the pretty pictures below, and don't forget to post feedback for us on the Steam Forum Discussion or the Zombie Playground Homepage!





 Alienware Arena


We're teaming up with Alienware for the launch, and there are some amazing promotions planned through the Alienware Arena site. We can't spill the brains yet, but we suggest you go register and join the ZPG Alienware Arena page if you want in on the goodies (some of which are also in the PTR).

KS Delivery Imminent

We have the Kickstarter rewards hidden on Steam, but mostly unhidden in the PTR and freely available to test out. Once the game is live, they will go out. Also, if anyone has suggestions on a mass emailer that doesn't get caught by spam nets, please let us know. We're still running into instances where the mass mailer is collected by spam detectors; but as it stands now, we'll likely go with MailChimp.

That's A Wrap!

Lastly, a couple of new screenshots to wet the whistle:



-Team ZPG & Stealth Studios Inc

ZPG - KS Rewards Update & More


Hello Backers, update time. While KS Rewards are the star of this update's show, we have a few other game fixes that will hopefully darken your night. The following images are the completed, in-game KS Rewards which we will begin packing up for Steam DLC starting this month.

Acronym Legend: 

  • "GitD" = Glow in the Dark 
  • "KSxxx" = Backer Tier

Click images to enlarge!

KS020 & KS150 (GitD) - SHOES

KS035 - CAPE

KS040 & KS200 (GitD) - HOODIE & SHIRT


KS055 - GOGGLES (GitD)





 The following Rewards are still currently in the art pipeline: 

  • KS050 Digital Artbook
  • KS060 Sunny w/ Lantern
  • KS100 Merit Badge
  • KS025 & KS400 (GitD) - Kickstarter Weapons
  • KS500 Face T-shirts, Shorts/Skirt (GitD)
  • KS1500 War Paint (GitD)


Along with those aesthetic updates, we are putting any additional resources towards getting in a few other gameplay fixes/additions:

  • Rework Player Camera (large size job)
  • Add new 'Gym' area to the school (large size job) - See screens above!
  • Resolve Zombies being visible briefly before spawning (normal size job)
  • Some under the hood fixes to improve your gameplay experience (normal size job)

When the Reward assets are all up on DLC and ready to roll, we'll shoot out another KS Update to give a head's up. We'd like you to know when to expect our first mass-email attempt to reach your in-box, instead of your spam-box. Once that's sorted, we're good as gold! Thanks everyone!

Stealth Studios Inc. & TeamZPG

ZPG - Halloween Update & Steam Sale


Ahh, our favorite holiday... Rotting human flesh and candy galore, what could be better? Yes folks, Halloween is upon us! And we've got some awesome surprises for you inside ZPG. Time to reach into our bag of treats and see what you find (disregard the candy apples with razorblades inside, we're saving those for us):


We have a new 'Halloween Special' game build currently live on Steam with a ton of new content, fixes, and reworks. Along with that, we're also in Steam's Halloween Sale for 20% off Zombie Playground until Nov. 2. So, if you know any creatures of the night who like to pinch pennies, now's their time to strike!


As stated recently, and among many other necessary fixes, the past few weeks we've been struggling with squashing a few nasties in particular. We were caught between two versions of the Game Engine we're using, each with its own issue. The previous versions included a bug that doesn't allow resolution switching vs. the latter versions which don't include realtime lighting/shadows (except for directional lights - ZPG has one of these outside for moonlight). So, we tried to choose the lesser of two bugz, and have gone with the previous version to at least allow Players to change resolutions without care. The 'no realtime lights/shadows' bug does make things less visually appealing, but at least it doesn't break the game. So with this version of the game, you won't see any realtime shadows inside the school (boohoo!), but Unity knows about this bug, so they will hopefully fix it soon. Until then, just pretend you're playing the most cutting edge game from 1995. =))


Lots of new assets and overall content have been added, many bugs have been fixed, the game has been visually revamped, and a thousand more things. It's best to check out our Changelog if you want to know the specifics, or just load up the game and play! In general, we've had many changes that we know will enhance your game experience. Try it out and let us know if you notice anything new or different. We've gone over everything from removing soft targeting to speeding up weapon switching to giving the level materials and textures a slight overhaul to numerous 'under the hood' fixes. Check it out and report back to us your findings; as you know, we love all feedback. And if your pumpkin patch is sincere, you'll know where the inspiration for the 2 masks below comes from!


We weren't 100% happy with our initial networking solution. And we understand no one wants to mess with firewall settings, port forwarding, and all that hubub to play with friends. So, in lieu of just aimlessly adding content and forgetting about it, we bit the bullet and committed to a complete networking rewrite from the ground up. It's an aggressive undertaking to say the least, and is still in progress. BUT, what we have currently has been pushed live, so the new networking in its current state has been included in this Halloween build as a first rev. It's not perfect yet, but you should be able to connect with friends much easier. Please try it out, report any bugs you encounter, and let us know what you think!


There are a ton of new aesthetic treats in the game, but don't expect to just rock up and have everything handed to you as it was previously. XP purchases have been added to the game, so now, most of the items have an XP cost (hope you banked some!). XP is earned simply by playing the game, and will be your currency for purchasing clothing, weapons, and items. The prices are in flux at the moment, so will likely change. But don't expect them to go down in price; if anything, some items are too cheap. So get them while they're hot, as their XP cost will likely go up (if it goes anywhere).

We hope you enjoy our update! Dont forget to post your bugs and comments for us on our Steam Discussion Hub or ZPG Forums. Happy Halloween everyone!

Zombie Playground Live on Steam Early Access!


THE BRAINS HAVE LANDED!! Zombie Playground is now officially available on Steam Early Access! This is an unprecedented milestone that you've helped us achieve. So thank you yet again Backers. This community is just amazing! And if you haven't seen or played the latest build just yet; here's a bit of what you can expect:

Please help us spread the word about today's launch by sharing the official Steam landing page here: It has a bunch of cool screenshots and a comprehensive breakdown of what to expect. We really hope you see the shining potential in this game that we do. For us, it's simply undeniable!

We can't say it enough, this is all possible because of you guys, THANK YOU BACKERS! And again, please help us spread the word, more people playing means more feedback for us, which in turn yields a much better gaming experience for everyone! 

Congratulations Backers!

-Stealth Studios Inc

ZPG - Coming to Steam Early Access!


Backers! The day has come! We're excited to announce Zombie Playground will be releasing July 28th, next Tuesday, via Steam Early Access. As you know, we've fought extremely hard over these last six months with one goal: to deliver backers more of the original vision we all saw for this game. But have no illusion, this will be Steam Early Access, meaning, without a doubt, it will be a true Beta. We have a lot of work left to do, so expect some rough edges. But we need you to know, this Beta is the culmination of every ounce of effort by every single team member, bar none. 

Since we're at a good point now, it's important for us to put it in the hands of more users, to receive more feedback, and in doing so, elevate the game to even higher levels of fun factor. We'd like to send out a special thanks to the backers. Without question, you are the heroes of this campaign! You not only started this whole thing off, but also supported us over these years. True undead believers! Thank you, thank you! We 'brain' you so much! We want exactly what you want, a game that we all honestly want to play.


We have made our Steam Early Access (EA) build available to 'backers only' for the next week! Backers have access to our Steam EA build before the masses, up until July 28th, when it will then be released into the ether. So get in there now, bank some XP, and let us know what you think here! Whether it be bugs, suggestions, or requests, bring it on. Also, if you need a refresher course on how to play, check out the default control setup (which you can rebind). Here's the deets:

1. Tons of gear! - All aesthetic items currently in the game are unlocked (have it at it, it won't last forever!). Until we implement the locking of items, all items in the game will be open and available. Why not link us a screenshot of your favorite outfit! Please do! If we feature it, you just might win a free ZPG baseball cap! Want a preview? Well why didn't you say so...

2. Kickstarter Rewards - We are still working on the backer rewards. You need a game before you can really enjoy the rewards right? That said, as you may have noticed, we do have one KS item that's in by popular demand. And, really, who else could it be? Yes folks, Sunny IS available to play, but without the familiar toting lantern. The Sunny version in this build does not include the lantern, which is, as we all know, very much a KS exclusive. And while Sunny is still in obedience school (barks a lot in the equip screen, gets lost, etc), that is why we love Sunny so much. Sunny's imperfections are what make Sunny so perfect. =)) Enjoy! And for even more icing on the cake, check out our ZPG recording session with the real life Sunny(s) in action! Made possible by who has been redoing all our in-game sound effects for ZPG (wip):

3. Backer Extra Keys - We still plan on giving out your additional KS keys post Steam Early Access. We want the game that you share with your friends to be the true and finished vision of what we set out to achieve. Until then, if you have friends who own the game, you can try out our current networking solution. It still needs some testing to work out bugs, but let us know how it goes! If you have any problems, give us a shout on the forums.

5. Multiple (+Elite) Enemy Types - Wait, what!? Yes indeed... New enemies AND a Big Bad Boss! We’ve pushed our limits and our resources to bring you multiple enemy types, from crouching zombies on all fours, to vicious adult zombies, and even the dreaded mopper of the halls... The Janitor! Can you topple this giant flesh bag and live to tell the tale? (If not, try with some friends!)

4. Networking is a go! But sometimes, this function is more than 'one click' away. We're constantly looking to make it more reliable, but should you encounter any issues, check out this thread and let us know.

6. Save your XP! Experience (XP) earned in the game will eventually be how you unlock items. Do you love that certain backpack or hairstyle? Enjoy the open access to customization while it lasts, because soon you’ll have to earn fashionable goods – almost like it was a real game!

6. 4 Weapons - a lot more coming, trust us, but these 4 are honed to the T-shirt.

7. Missions - we’ve got basic missions in the game, as well as the code base for many more. We’ll be building and tweaking these over the months to come, along with some honest-to-goodness quests!


Backers, please help us spread the word! It's so easy! All you need to do click this link here, and approve our Thunderclap. That's it! Done! If we achieve our supporter goal, Thunderclap will send a mass tweet from all of us in unison on the 28th, announcing ZPG's Steam Early Access. Maybe, just maybe, if we can get enough support, that mass tweet/FB post will crash the internet and cause a zombie apocalypse? An undead can dream!

This game is made with the brains, disease, and puke of all involved - that means heart! We've put everything we have into this development, and we intend to put a lot more. But first we want your feedback! We'll only be able to make it better with your help. And, If you just so happen to enjoy the game and want to continue supporting us, please help spread the word about our launch on the 28th! Thanks everyone!