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Zombie Playground is a game where you take the role of a kid during a zombie apocalypse as seen through a child's imagination.
Zombie Playground is a game where you take the role of a kid during a zombie apocalypse as seen through a child's imagination.
3,787 backers pledged $167,590 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Diana Egea on

      Still waiting for the answer to the question about the artbook...

    2. Diana Egea on

      Do you have any news about the artbook?

    3. Massive Black Inc 2-time creator on

      Hi Robert Kaye,

      If you're missing any rewards please let us know via private message so we can sort you out easier (and issue you the codes privately). Thanks!

      Stealth Studios & Team ZPG

    4. Robert Kaye on

      Where is my reward?

    5. thenthomwaslike on

      Check your messages please. I've been trying to get in contact with you guys for 3 months and no one has responded

    6. Massive Black Inc 2-time creator on

      Hi Sean,

      We're pretty integrated with Steam atm, but we totally understand what you're saying. All the DLC and lot of underlying processes are tethered to Steam. So, while not totally out of the question, in its current state, it is unlikely. But hey, look at the bright side, at least it's not Origin... =))

    7. Sean Timmons on

      It's been quite some time since this project was backed. Is it possible to get the key as a GoG code? Not a huge fan of all the background hogging that Steam does.

    8. Diana Egea on

      I sent you a private message about the missing rewards.

    9. Massive Black Inc 2-time creator on

      Hey guys,

      If you're missing any rewards please let us know via private message so we can sort you out easier (and issue you the codes privately). Thanks!

      Stealth Studios & Team ZPG

    10. Grace Berrios on

      Hi, I never got an email to receive my rewards????

    11. Kevin Pangesa on

      Hey, I did a $85 pledge why didn't I receive anything yet? No code whatsoever?

    12. Rik on

      What happened to the extra copies backers who payed 45+ were supposed to receive? And the soundtrack? and the Art book? I had a look and can't find anything on steam or anywhere.

    13. Massive Black Inc 2-time creator on

      Hi Diana,

      We planned for December, but the art book is going to take a bit longer. We've had to shift gears and focus on the creation of a custom database, which we've recently completed, to keep track of all the backers and their respective rewards.

      The digital art book has a rough layout at the moment and will need a lot of love before we can call it ready for delivery.

      The good news is the database is finally complete, so we are loading in reward keys and putting it through QA now. If there are no kinks, we will be able to not only get out more rewards, but also put our focus back on the digital art book.

      Stealth Studios & Team ZPG

    14. Diana Egea on

      Hello again,
      did I miss the artbook link? Just asking because in your answer you told me early December:
      The art book is 'planned' to be delivered in early December.

    15. Sergio Bayarri Gausi on

      That was a poor attempt at a excuse, if you ask me.

      I backed this FOUR YEARS ago, at the $25 tier. I was supposed to receive: 2 copies of the game, 2 Kickstarter Exclusive in-game weapons: "Steeltooth" the double chainsaw bat, and "Jawbreaker" pistols, Kickstarter Exclusive in-game shoes (not glow in the dark), bonus xp reward to save up or spend in the shop and "an in-game care package to help kickstart your Zombie Playground adventure".

      As far as I remember, I just received one Steam unlock code for the 'Closed Alpha' build (like two years ago). As of March 2016, a few rewards were completed and ready to deploy as DLCs (including tier $20). I never received those, I can't seem to find the DLCs for them on Steam either. Other rewards were still in the works (the Kickstarter exclusive weapons from tier $25, for example). 8 months later we still have no news about those. I never received an additional copy of the game.

      Unless Alienware paid you $150,000 (which I doubt), you're just pissing on your 1,418 backers who paid $15 each to buy the game. A game that suddenly was given away for free just a few days after release. It's ok if Alienware wanted to promote your game, but you could at least have waited a bit more after release (a bit more = a couple of months, maybe?) to give it for free. "Who are we to stop them?", are you serious?!?

      I would say you also pissed on me as a backer, but I still can feel the rain since I'm missing almost all my Kickstarter rewards. The ones I never received, and the ones I don't even know if they will ever be finished.

      If I could go back in time and tell myself "don't back this project, just get it for free 4 days after it is released on Steam!" I would do it (as a lot of your backers would do). How in the world can you even think you did nothing wrong...

    16. Massive Black Inc 2-time creator on

      Hi Stephen "Stoidbs" D & Sergio Bayarri Gausi,
      We hold our KS backers in highest regard. If Alienware decides to purchase copies and give them away, who are we to stop them? It's definitely not a slight on you guys.

      Stealth Studios & Team ZPG

    17. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Yeah what the actual fuck devs?
      Pretty shitty situation.

      Scummy move and I guess I'll write off these devs going forward..

    18. Sergio Bayarri Gausi on

      Funded: June 27, 2012 (Estimated delivery: 2013)
      Steam release: 31 October 2016
      Game massively given away for free: 4 November 2016 (including DLCs "exclusive" to Alienware)

      10,000 keys given out for free. FOUR days after release. I don't even know what to say, except I would ask for a refund if FOUR years hadn't passed.

    19. Massive Black Inc 2-time creator on

      Hi hannahsbananas,
      Please send us a PM here on Kickstarter and we'll sort you out.

      -TeamZPG & Stealth Studios Inc

    20. Missing avatar

      hannahsbananas on

      I never did receive a code or anything else for this project. That I backed. FOUR YEARS AGO.

    21. Massive Black Inc 2-time creator on

      Hi Diana,

      Now that we've completed all but a few of the in-game KS rewards, which we're starting to deliver now through Oct, we'll be focusing more on the art book. It will contain all the images that you expect and love, along with a few yet unseen. The art book is 'planned' to be delivered in early December.

      That said, we also have a KS update coming next Friday, Sept. 30. Hang on!

      -TeamZPG & Stealth Studios Inc

    22. Diana Egea on

      It has been so long that I almost forgot I backed this project. do you have news about the artbook? Have I missed something?

    23. Massive Black Inc 2-time creator on

      Hi @chris dickson and @Rebecca, we made a quick update on the Steam forums, you can check it out here:

      -TeamZPG & Stealth Studios Inc

    24. Missing avatar

      Rebecca on

      I was a $75 dollar backer (#2928) and I have yet to receive any of my rewards. I haven't heard anything since maybe Christmas last year when I went to poke around your site. Is there something I missed? Any help would be wonderful.

    25. chris dickson on

      How's the networking coming along? I haven't heard anything in a long while, and I'd love to play this with my buddy whenever that second key comes in.

    26. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    27. Chazlie on

      I don't normally write any comment on anything.. but..
      What are you guys really doing?
      I'm not even waiting anymore, this game development feels longer than my baby sister growing up, and my baby sister growing up felt like it was just yesterday when she was a tiny little baby, unlike this game it feels like eternity.

      So what you really doing?
      If you can't finish it just open source/code and everything and let some people help you.

      Jesus ****ing christ.

    28. lolicatgirl on

      I'm sure I'm not alone in this, but we might like the KS exclusive rewards more if you didn't plaster kickstarter logos all over them.

    29. Jose Gutierrez III on

      I totally forgot about this game and it sounds like its been released already. I have not received any email regarding my codes. I am a $100 tier backer. I would like to know when I'll receive my codes.

    30. Massive Black Inc 2-time creator on

      Hey Dablue! Just trying to finish up a few more KS rewards then we'll make an update showing most, if not all, the goodies. Shooting for later in the month. And even though our bandwidth is mainly focused on the rewards, we'll have other game updates to share as well. Thanks for hanging in there!

      Stealth Studos & TeamZPG

    31. Dablue

      Update time?

    32. Rachel on

      Just wanted to let you guys know that this was the worst $70 I've ever spent. I honestly don't see the game ever being complete. What a disappointment.

    33. Massive Black Inc 2-time creator on

      Hi Virginia,
      We're working on all the reward tiers now; prepping everything for DLC. We'll start posting 'first looks' of some of the goodies starting this week. We are pretty green to the ways of Steam DLC, but our initial tests appear to be successful on putting up an item, downloading it, and being able to equip it in-game. Currently it doesn't want to save itself to your loadout (meaning you'd have to equip it each game you play), so we're trying to figure that one out, but it's certainly not a game-breaker. We had planned to wait in giving out the extra copies until our networking is a bit more stable, but once we start distributing the rewards, we will likely include the extra copies regardless of what state networking is at that time.

      Stealth Studios & TeamZPG

    34. Virginia on

      It's been a while since I last checked this project but have there been any updates on the reward tiers yet? I pledged the $75 package and haven't received word on any exclusive in game items, Sunny or extra copies for my friends. I do have the copy for myself though.

    35. Massive Black Inc 2-time creator on

      @Gareth Please send us a PM inside Kickstarter so we can issue you a new code privately.
      @Charles Not a problem at all, we're glad you found it!
      @Joanna So sorry we missed your comment, please also PM us inside Kickstarter and we'll sort you out immediately. If you'd like to search for your key, check your spam on Sept 8, 2014. Otherwise, we'll be happy to issue you a new code.

      -Stealth Studios & TeamZPG

    36. Gareth Joiner on

      I Pledged at the $20 level and still havent received my key; Have checked the spam folder and everything any idea how I can sort this out?

    37. Gérard Luu on

      Hi, I pledged at the $30 and I didn't received my key... Any idea of how I get mine ?
      Thank you !

    38. Charles Godwin on

      Never mind, it went into my spam folder, sorry about the confusion guys.

    39. Charles Godwin on

      I pledged on the $20 level, any idea when I'll get my copy of the game?
      I still have yet to receive it. I just really want to play the game already.

    40. Joanna Metz on

      Hi, I pledged at the $300 level and I haven't seen anything... No keys, no information... Did you send out the keys and I just happened to miss it?

    41. Massive Black Inc 2-time creator on

      KS Update is ready, but it's a bit late to post for East Coasters. It will go live tomorrow around 8am PDT. But as stated below, the new build is currently live on Steam, so go be a kid and break our stuff!!

      -Stealth Studios & Team ZPG

    42. Massive Black Inc 2-time creator on

      Hi Dablue,

      We tried our best to squash, but now time has run out, so we've pushed what we have live. Please let us know what you think! We're finishing up the official KS update now, so should be up in within the next few hours. Also ZPG is now 20% off on Steam from today until Nov. 2! Please tell your penny pinching friends! =)) <3

      -Stealth Studios & TeamZPG

    43. Dablue

      So old friend... Are those bugs squashed yet?

    44. Dalton Jones on

      Hello, I pledged at the $25 level. I have the game, but I don't think I've received the extra copy for a friend, or any of the in game weapons. Have those been released yet? Thanks

    45. Massive Black Inc 2-time creator on

      We have an update on tap, but there are 2 nasty bugs we are trying to squash. As soon as they are toasted, we'll push out the game update and, in tandem, give a KS update to explain the changelog.

    46. Rachel on

      Haven't received an update in a few months. What's the game status? Is there a new deliverable date?

    47. Missing avatar

      Eunn on

      and how do you send PM?

    48. Missing avatar

      Eunn on

      Hi I never got the key and I checked my email and there was nothing about steam access key. Can you help?

    49. Massive Black Inc 2-time creator on

      @Pkad, @Justin Luke, @Diana Egea, @Ceetee
      Please send us a PM within KS so we can converse privately! Thanks!

      -Stealth Studios Inc

    50. Missing avatar

      Pkad on

      I never received a key to activate the game, how can I go about it?

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