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Photoshop's default graphics are old and tired. Our set of drop-in replacement presets are useful, awesome, and brand-new.
Photoshop's default graphics are old and tired. Our set of drop-in replacement presets are useful, awesome, and brand-new.
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    1. Darius Steele on

      loving this. tell me there is a PS defaults part two in the works.

    2. Marco on

      Hi Mason,
      sorry for the late reply.
      The actions don't work at all because PS will be selecting a specific layer by its's name.
      A workaround would be copying the layer and giving it a unique name (use duplicate layer dialogue instead of dragging it onto the sheet in the layers palette).

    3. Alan Shutko on

      Matt, I can't either. I can see how to stream them through Vimeo, but I don't see download links.

    4. Matt Lubner on

      I do not seem to be able to download the screencasts…

    5. Vincent Lynch on

      Im not happy with some of the patterns in this kit. The "seamless" fabric and grunge patterns in particular are hardly seamless. The grunge ones are just textures in a .PAT file, some of which become very noticeably repetitive once they repeat.

      The fabric ones are also not all great. Some of them have very clear borders that are not really the quality I would expect from this kit.

      I hope you will go back and re-evaluate some of the kits content. I love the styles, shapes, and gradients and think they are great. But as I mentioned, some of the patterns just arent up to par.

    6. Mason Hipp Creator on

      Hey Marco,

      Is that bug preventing the actions from working properly or is it just renaming the layers a bit? If it's just renaming the layers than that is probably okay, but if the action is failing we'll have to look into possible solutions.

      Thanks for the heads up though -- we don't have a German localized version of PS, so it's hard for us to spot this stuff :-)

    7. Marco on

      Hi there, thanks for the great new defaults!
      I found a little "bug" with some actions:
      Duplicating layers with a localized version of PS uses localized names: I.e. in german versions it's "Layer Kopie" instead of "Layer copy".

    8. Mason Hipp Creator on

      Hey Everyone, thanks for all of the positive comments! We're really glad you're enjoying the product so far and we hope that it continues to help out in your daily design work.

      @Maximillian (and anyone else) -- if you're having trouble logging in to get your download just send an email to and we'll try to figure our what happened.

      @Eric -- Very sorry to hear you feel that way. We tried to be completely clear about our relationship with WeGraphics and Medialoot (aka we are them, they are us...). and even aside from that I would think there is easily enough extra in this kit to be worth the $20 paid for it? Regardless, just shoot me a message and if you want we can refund your pledge.

      Thanks again guys!

      -- Mason

    9. Missing avatar

      Eric on

      This is lame. I've been a premium member of WeGraphics for years and AT LEAST 20% of this so called "new" resource pack that I paid for has been on WG anywhere between days to months. I feel cheated, I'm basically paying for the same exact resources twice.

    10. Stijn Swinnen on

      Got the mail, downloaded and will use tomorrow for a first job to see how it can deliver. Must say it looks very promising. Also the Kickstarter Bonus was a nice find. In my opinion, you should already be thinking about your next Kickstarter project and think about making more and super high standard ecommerce elements, buttons, form designs etc, infographics tools... There's already out there, but you have the skills to do it even better.

    11. Maximillian on

      Got the email to download today but my login info doesn't work. Anyone else having trouble?

    12. pras on

      excited to use! great stuff! (:

    13. Missing avatar

      Dianne on

      Good going! This was the first Kickstarter project I backed and I have to admit it was pretty exciting to see the project meet and exceed its goal. Congratulations!

    14. Mason Hipp Creator on

      Congrats! Huge thank you to all who backed this project!

      We're working diligently to get the final project created and in your hands, so more information and updates will be coming shortly. If you didn't get a chance to back the project, just give us a few weeks and we'll have the regular version for sale on our website, so hang tight.

      Thanks again backers!

      -- Mason

    15. Roni Lagin on

      Congratulations! Happy to back such an awesome project.

    16. Sascha Michael Trinkaus on

      Congratulations on successfully kickstarting this project. Looking forward to all the useful presets! Best, Sascha

    17. Jeffrey on

      Loving this mini-kit. Myself being a web designer and my girlfriend being a photographer, can't find any reason not to back you guys. Good luck with the release!

    18. Missing avatar

      BRAUN on

      Just installed your mini free kit and validated one 45 dollars subscription...;) Great job I can't wait good luck ;)

    19. Missing avatar

      Matias on

      Looks great, I chose the deluxe kit (this is my first Kickstarter project I've pledged, yay!). The sample kit looks good, but I don't really like how every action flattens the image at the end. Being able to modify the actions afterwards via adjustment layers and smart objects would be even greater. :-)

    20. Tony on

      Gave the mini-kit a spin... impressed. If this is any indicator as to the quality of things to come, I can't wait.

    21. Mason Hipp Creator on

      Thanks for all of the compliments!

      We've been excited about this idea for months and it's great to see that other people share our enthusiasm. ...and thanks for the blog post Drew, we need all the coverage we can get!

    22. Frank Puschmann on

      This is great, thanks!

    23. Missing avatar

      Alex Coyne-Turner on

      Tried out the free pack and already loving it - can't wait to see the whole thing! :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Brandon Miniman on

      This is brilliant.