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PsDefaults: Better Presets for Adobe Photoshop's video poster

Photoshop's default graphics are old and tired. Our set of drop-in replacement presets are useful, awesome, and brand-new. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 18, 2012.

Photoshop's default graphics are old and tired. Our set of drop-in replacement presets are useful, awesome, and brand-new.

About this project

Photoshop's default graphics are old and tired.
Our replacements are awesome.

"Definitely Backing This!"
 -- Drew Poland, Argyle Design

"This set is a huge improvement and definitely a worthwhile upgrade"
-- Catalin Zorzini, Inspired Magazine

"Sure hope this gets funded, I WANT"
-- Lawren Ussery, ManzanitaDesigns

"I love this!"
-- Calvin Lee, Mayhem Studios

PsDefaults is a complete set of modern, handcrafted replacement graphics that will give your copy of Photoshop a much needed kick in the pants. Useful brushes, gorgeous patterns, modern shapes, artistic photo-actions, and more. In less than five minutes you can transform your copy of Photoshop (and the work that comes from it) into something way above average.

Our set of default graphics already includes hundreds of awesome design elements, and with a little help from our awesome kickstarter backers we're hoping to launch the final product with over a thousand items. All of which are being lovingly crafted by a handful of designers in the U.S. or U.K.

How does it work? Is it easy to install?

PsDefaults can be installed in less than two minutes. We will provide instructions and lots of help -- remember our goal with this project is to design an all-in-one solution that anyone can use.

Adobe Photoshop has always had the ability to use outside presets: our set is just the first one to package everything so completely. We're not sure why nobody has done this yet, but it's certainly about time.

Useful to all Photoshop users

PsDefaults is made for anyone who uses Photoshop on a semi-regular basis: designers, developers, start-ups, photographers, or any of the hundreds of other creative types. If you use Photoshop this can make your life better and your designs prettier.

Meet the PsDefaults Team

PsDefaults is a collaboration between MediaLoot and WeGraphics and our team reflects that. Project lead is Mason Hipp (hey guys =D), our main designers are Tony Thomas and Nathan Brown, and our lead developer is Natalie Hipp.

Between us we have almost 40 years of combined Photoshop and design experience, and we've got way more than that working with art, web, and other related technologies. We've been involved in everything from photography, to app design, to web design, font design, book and print layout, hardware design, and much much more. If there was a group that should probably have thought of this idea last year, it's us.

Funding and Launch

We've been working on this type of design for years and already have many of the PsDefaults resources made -- but with your help we want to make this kit even bigger, better, and more organized.

Backing this project means we can spend more time designing new resources and creating a better set of replacements. Your generous pledge means more cool stuff for everyone.

Once we get certain levels of support we can get into the really exciting stuff:

  • $20,000 -- We can add another designer and increase the size
  • $40,000 -- More designs, probably over 2,000 resources included
  • $80,000 -- We can start development of a software plugin for Photoshop to help installation / management of resources. This would be awesome.

We'll keep everyone posted about this as the project continues. In the meantime please back us if you are interested!

Get a Free Sample Kit

As part of our initial launch marketing we created a "PsDefaults Mini-Kit" that is basically just a small version of the main kit with many of the essentials. If you're looking to get an idea of the resource quality we highly recommend trying it out

To get the free kit just sign up to our newsletter and we'll send you a download link in the welcome email.

Frequently Asked Questions

A few questions that we get asked a lot:

I'm new to Kickstarter and just want the product, what now?
Over in the top of the right column you'll see a bunch of "pledges" -- these are how much you want to pay. Underneath each pledge is what you receive for that price. If you want the basic kit select the $20 pledge and we'll send it to you as soon as it is ready!

What version of Photoshop does this require?
This set works with anything from CS2 and newer, however installation is a bit more difficult in earlier versions. Prior to CS2 users were unable to load custom presets, however there are still ways to make parts of the set work.

I already have custom presets, can I still use PsDefaults?
Absolutely! Our set is designed as a complete replacement for the originals, but it will play nicely with any presets you already have and won't stop you from downloading others.

When will the final product be delivered?
We've got a considerable amount of the work finished, and if this is successfully funded we will be sending out download links in late July

I'm a member of MediaLoot / WeGraphics, can I get a discount?
Hey there, thanks for your support! Even though this kit does include a lot of resources from MediaLoot and WeGraphics, it also has a lot of new stuff and has taken hundreds of hours in additional work to organize and put together. So, sadly these are the lowest prices we can offer at the moment :-/

Can I get a preview before I order the full set?
Of course. Just go to the PsDefaults launch page and sign up for the email list, the preview will arrive shortly thereafter. 

That's it for now =D Many more updates will be coming, so support us if you like the project and we'll be back soon!


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    Pledge $20 or more

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    STANDARD KIT: Get the complete PsDefaults replacement set for Photoshop including brushes, shapes, patterns, gradients, and photo actions. Single-user commercial license. This will sell for $39 when we launch in August.

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    Pledge $45 or more

    263 backers

    DELUXE KIT: Get everything from the standard kit plus a deluxe set of vector icons, a custom web-ready icon font, and five display/web fonts designed by our team. Single-user license. List price is over $100.

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    Pledge $79 or more

    37 backers

    THE MONSTER KIT: Get everything from the Deluxe Kit PLUS a set of shiny-new video tutorials on how to become a Photoshop MONSTER. These screencasts are created by our designers exclusively for this reward and are custom tailored for PsDefaults users.

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $249 or more

    1 backer Limited (4 left of 5)

    CUSTOM KIT: Get the complete Deluxe Kit with a single-user license PLUS request a custom resource that we will design and add to the final set. Includes an awesome PsDefaults T-Shirt.

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    Pledge $400 or more

    1 backer Limited (4 left of 5)

    CUSTOM TEAM KIT: Deluxe Kit with a five-user license, a custom-made addition of your choice, and we'll even throw in an awesome PsDefaults T-Shirt.

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    Pledge $1,000 or more

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    BLACK LABEL: Deluxe kit with 15 licenses, three custom-made additions of your choice, five awesome T-Shirts, and a permanent link in the footer of our website thanking you for supporting this project.

    We'll also throw an hour-long webcast for you or your team with tips and best practices for using this kit.

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