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Get up. Suit up. Show up.
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Mary Going

1,108 backers pledged $137,562 to help bring this project to life.

Updates No Longer Posted On Kickstarter

Dear and Beloved Backers -

While we are big fans of Kickstarter, it's way simpler for us to email you directly - rather than through the Kickstarter site. Hopefully you have been receiving our jolly missives. If you are not getting our updates, please subscribe to our email list which will mean receiving an email about every other week. You can also follow our blog to receive our micro-updates about once a week. You can watch our daily(ish) progress by following us on Facebook.

Thanks for your monumental support!

Mary & the Saint Harridan Team

Mary Going signing thank you postcards for our backers.


    1. Creator fmotta on April 9, 2013

      Received my knife, patch, and t-shirt. I have 2 friends that are eager to see the store open :)

    2. Creator fmotta on March 12, 2013

      I am glad all I need is the delivery of my knife. I won't get a FB account and feel that this project leader is obligated to keep this forum updated otherwise the project may as well have started elsewhere. Since I have no more "skin" in this game other than the knife I won't assert updates on the funding/project pages. However, I see failure to do so to be equivalent to abandoning the project. And basically "jumping ship" before the end of the voyage we backers signed to see completed.