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Get up. Suit up. Show up.
Crowdfunded Men's Clothes For Women
Crowdfunded Men's Clothes For Women
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Please Select Your Suit Color (This Little Saint Went to Market)

Update Time!

1. Fabric! Saint Harridan’s "office" (my couch) is quiet this week, ‘cause I'm in NYC - shopping for the finest threads. Imagine me with a big shopping cart, racing around and around New York's Garment District. Haha!

2. Select Colors: If you ordered a suit (or any part of a suit - trousers, jacket or vest), it's time to pre-select the color you want. Click here for a 1-question survey - very very quick:

2. Suit Sizing: We will be asking for your suit size in late February or early March, depending on the production schedule. When we ask for your size, we'll also ask for your address and all other missing information.

3. Survey Says: If you are in the Team Saint ($25) or Claim It ($45) or Handy Dandy ($45) reward categories, you got a survey from me this week asking for your t-shirt size. If you are in one of these rewards, but didn't get that survey, please check your spam/junk drawer. 

I'm having such a good time in NYC! If you're around and would like to meet up, I might have some time on Wednesday night. I'm staying in the garment district/Hell's Kitchen near Times Square. Email me directly:

From Hell's Kitchen,

- mary

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      Jessica Strong on January 30, 2013

      As a part of my contribution, I am supposed to get a Parker Dress Shirt? When are we supposed to let you know what color size, etc.?