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Get up. Suit up. Show up.
Crowdfunded Men's Clothes For Women
Crowdfunded Men's Clothes For Women
1,108 backers pledged $137,562 to help bring this project to life.

Happy New Year & Quick Update

I "came out of the closet" in South Carolina at age 18. At that time, the most frequent topic of conversation among my gay/lesbian friends was "almost getting found out" by people we were not "out" to. 

I tell you this tidbit to explain why I'm still marveling at what we just accomplished by funding Saint Harridan. Are you with me on this? I certainly could not have worn a suit in 1985- even if I weren't gay. And now - well - the President of the United States is pro-gay, Columbia, South Carolina has an ordinance that prevents discrimination on the basis of gender identity, and Saint Harridan just raised over $137k! Happy 2013! Happy New Era!!


I took a smallish vacation between the end of the Kickstarter campaign and New Year's Day, and because I am from South Carolina, I feel guilty about that. But, I'm back now, and am starting to work on your orders. :-) 

1. If your order is not clear to me, you will hear from me first, probably today or tomorrow.

2. Once I have clarified all orders, I'll be working out a plan to receive information from you related to sizing and such. 

3. I have a large backlog of emails, so if you are in that queue, I apologize and will likely respond to you by Friday.

4. The Kickstarter tools for managing orders are very (very!) limited. Therefore, I may be looking for other ways to communicate, which will hopefully not add too much burden to your life.

Thank you again and again!!

- mary

ps. Eye Candy

Mayumi Taylor - Yes. That is her truck.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Joshua Cardoso on January 3, 2013

      Thanks for the thoughtful reflections at the turning point of the new year. Way to go Columbia, South Carolina. Congrats to you, Mary, on the success of the project! Lastly, Wow, rad ruck, Mayumi!

    2. Missing avatar

      M Gulick on January 2, 2013

      I love that you include "eye candy" in your update emails--makes me smile every time! Keep it up!