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Get up. Suit up. Show up.
Crowdfunded Men's Clothes For Women
Crowdfunded Men's Clothes For Women
1,108 backers pledged $137,562 to help bring this project to life.

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Updates No Longer Posted On Kickstarter

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Dear and Beloved Backers -

While we are big fans of Kickstarter, it's way simpler for us to email you directly - rather than through the Kickstarter site. Hopefully you have been receiving our jolly missives. If you are not getting our updates, please subscribe to our email list which will mean receiving an email about every other week. You can also follow our blog to receive our micro-updates about once a week. You can watch our daily(ish) progress by following us on Facebook.

Thanks for your monumental support!

Mary & the Saint Harridan Team

Mary Going signing thank you postcards for our backers.

Please Select Your Suit Color (This Little Saint Went to Market)

Update Time!

1. Fabric! Saint Harridan’s "office" (my couch) is quiet this week, ‘cause I'm in NYC - shopping for the finest threads. Imagine me with a big shopping cart, racing around and around New York's Garment District. Haha!

2. Select Colors: If you ordered a suit (or any part of a suit - trousers, jacket or vest), it's time to pre-select the color you want. Click here for a 1-question survey - very very quick:

2. Suit Sizing: We will be asking for your suit size in late February or early March, depending on the production schedule. When we ask for your size, we'll also ask for your address and all other missing information.

3. Survey Says: If you are in the Team Saint ($25) or Claim It ($45) or Handy Dandy ($45) reward categories, you got a survey from me this week asking for your t-shirt size. If you are in one of these rewards, but didn't get that survey, please check your spam/junk drawer. 

I'm having such a good time in NYC! If you're around and would like to meet up, I might have some time on Wednesday night. I'm staying in the garment district/Hell's Kitchen near Times Square. Email me directly:

From Hell's Kitchen,

- mary

ps. Eye Candy

Happy New Year & Quick Update

I "came out of the closet" in South Carolina at age 18. At that time, the most frequent topic of conversation among my gay/lesbian friends was "almost getting found out" by people we were not "out" to. 

I tell you this tidbit to explain why I'm still marveling at what we just accomplished by funding Saint Harridan. Are you with me on this? I certainly could not have worn a suit in 1985- even if I weren't gay. And now - well - the President of the United States is pro-gay, Columbia, South Carolina has an ordinance that prevents discrimination on the basis of gender identity, and Saint Harridan just raised over $137k! Happy 2013! Happy New Era!!


I took a smallish vacation between the end of the Kickstarter campaign and New Year's Day, and because I am from South Carolina, I feel guilty about that. But, I'm back now, and am starting to work on your orders. :-) 

1. If your order is not clear to me, you will hear from me first, probably today or tomorrow.

2. Once I have clarified all orders, I'll be working out a plan to receive information from you related to sizing and such. 

3. I have a large backlog of emails, so if you are in that queue, I apologize and will likely respond to you by Friday.

4. The Kickstarter tools for managing orders are very (very!) limited. Therefore, I may be looking for other ways to communicate, which will hopefully not add too much burden to your life.

Thank you again and again!!

- mary

ps. Eye Candy

Mayumi Taylor - Yes. That is her truck.

Free Embroidered Patch For All Backers ($25+)

Saint Harridan is now the 7th highest fashion Kickstarter EVER. 

As a special thank you, everyone who pledges ($25+) before the end of the campaign will be getting a special commemorative embroidered patch FREE (designed by The Portland Designer). You will never ever ever be able to buy this patch from us. It's only for backers of this Kickstarter project. Thank you! (Link to Kickstarter:

- mary

ps. Design may change depending on specs from the embroiderer. 

Only 9 Hours Left!

Thanks to you, Saint Harridan is currently the 8th most funded fashion Kickstarter project EVER. $4000 more will put us in 7th. (I'm somewhat competitive!!)

With just 9 hours left, I'm offering one last reward - a hoodie - and not just any hoodie. I'm a sweatshirt snob, and only like the heavy-duty hoodies. The Saint Hoodie is a Gilden Ultra Cotton. Black. Add $66 to any pledge of $25 or more.

I also combined all the rewards, plus the suit into a simple reward- GOODY BAG- Unfortunately, we sold out of the Humble Ties, and the Saint Ring. But, everything else - t-shirt, hoodie, dog tags, screwdriver, pocket knife, tie clip, a Parker Dress Shirt, plus a Lyon-Martin 3-piece suit (including the vest) are part of this reward. AND - you can get your name sewn into the inside of the jacket. All of this for the pledge level of $972. Add $250 to upgrade this reward to a Patron Saint level. 

Plus, I'm looking for someone who wants to get a tattoo with me? Any takers? Only $10,000. :-)

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You all are a total pleasure to work with.

- mary