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Build the best factory to manufacture adorable vacuum robots in this unique strategy board game
Build the best factory to manufacture adorable vacuum robots in this unique strategy board game
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    1. Max Seidman Collaborator on

      @Adrian: the designs shown in the stretch goals are just stand ins, definitely not final. The design is going to be roughly similar in shape (round bottom, thin middle, round top, little dome on top) because that's what they look like in Ann-Sophie's art, but the proportions will change to insure stability.

    2. Adrian S on

      I'd like different "minis" for the different bot models, but like Bear I don't really like the tall purple example. But since you said that 3D sculptor is on standby ready to make the models, I assume the designs are not final?

    3. Heath on

      How about Static Charger B1 and mega truck F2?

    4. Max Seidman Collaborator on

      That's an exciting build, Zak!

    5. Zak

      Let's get creative!!

      Flight tester C1 facing down.
      Static Charger C3
      Huge Truck F3

    6. Max Seidman Collaborator on

      You can choose 2 of the 4 to put in the factory!

      (Also Static Charger D1 won't fit due to its flat sides)

    7. Pieter S.

      Static charger D1

    8. Missing avatar

      Alicia Mallette on

      I'll be sad if we don't reach the last goal! Those other bots look adorable.

      Super happy we reached the 2nd expansion though, can't wait!

    9. Max Seidman Collaborator on

      @olerock here are descriptions then:
      Static Charger — Whenever a bot goes through it, it makes 1 basic bot that it releases next turn. If you can run 2 bots through it per turn, it makes 2 additional basic bots per turn!
      Flight Tester — Throws bots that pass through it in the direction it's pointed. If you jump a bot over an improvement, get 1 money
      Repurposer — Combines any 2 bots into any 1 bot.

    10. olerock on

      I'm not really understanding those gifs

    11. Bear on

      I personally prefer the current bots - not crazy about the tall bot in particular :)