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Build the best factory to manufacture adorable vacuum robots in this unique strategy board game
Build the best factory to manufacture adorable vacuum robots in this unique strategy board game
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    1. Max Seidman Collaborator on

      @Pearl assembly line games are such a weakness for me too! Have you played Oxygen Not Included? Part of the reason we made Mechanica is because there are surprisingly few tabletop assembly line games for some reason...

    2. Pearl

      I was attracted here because someone posted about the game on r/boardgames and said it might scratch the assembly-line itch. When the best comment was from you guys and included references to Minecraft and Factorio (500+ hrs playtime and counting), I was sunk. That and I'm a sucker for kickstarted boardgames. I might have a problem. ;)

    3. Missing avatar

      Derek on

      I’m here for a couple reasons:
      1. Your components are always great! Monarch has the nicest all around components of almost any game we have. That bag man!

      2. Rachel is awesome! As is the whole team I imagine but I’ve met Rachel (she taught us Visitor at GenCon last year).

    4. Max Seidman Collaborator on

      @Alex: In the story and instructions the bots have different designs, but currently there is only 1 sculpt. It's very expensive for a small company like us to make many different molds, but it will be a high tier stretch goal if we can get there!

    5. Max Seidman Collaborator on

      @Adam: Thanks so much! It's really great to know what's looking good to you. For the solo play, check out the full instructions webpage that you can find above the Rules Girl video on the campaign page. In short, you have to race ARMAND-0 as you build your factory. I find that it has almost all of the fun of the multiplayer version

    6. Adam Thornton on

      Mechanica attracted me (and pulled me away from some other kickstarters) because of three things:

      1. I can tell that a lot of thought has gone into the design: puzzle pieces, rotating part selection with recycler, "play in the box," with all of it staying "in theme." Obviously I won't know how it plays without actually playing it myself, but when I see that much thought put into the design I am instantly impressed.

      2. The social media presentation is also amazing! There is a quirky, funny theme behind the game and it's reflected in all sorts of ways on the campaign page and in this video. It's consistent and fun and smart and it appeals to my goofy side.

      3. Solo play! Though I'm not sure how it works yet.

      This is one of the best Kickstarter launches I've seen in my short time here. Kudos to all!

    7. Alex Vansach on

      The bots are different at the images in this update, but figures look same at the project page. Will they be if different sculpts or same one?