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Marty needs help to make the nine newest Sock Puppet Portraits and their accompanying NOVEL! The Ultimate Gift of LOVE!
122 backers pledged $5,650 to help bring this project to life.

Please check out my new Kickstart!

Posted by Marty Allen (Creator)

Hello lovely friend who backed "Save the Sock Puppet Portraits" last year.

Thank you again!

I have news! Have you heard about our new Kickstarter? There are NINJAS!
Please take a moment to check out our new project, "RISE of the LAVA MEN"!

It's a crazy concept album/archaeological dig from Uncle Monsterface, the rock band/giant monster/multimedia experience that is deeply inter-woven with the world of Martystuff and the Sock Puppet Portraits.

There are lots of cool rewards like Battle Action Cards, original art, exclusive shirts, and of course - music!

If you can help out with this project, that rules the school and the pool. If you can't we absolutely get it, and maybe you can just help us spread the word? Twitter-boxes and Face-spaces and the like? And if you're not into that scene, that's ok, too, you're still the best in the biz!

And if this finds you and you still miraculously haven't gotten your reward (there are like 5 of you!), please let me know and I'll get it to you!

To update regarding "Save the Sock Puppet Portraits", you totally did! Saved! Your generosity did a bang-up job funding the production of the Series 4 Sock Puppet Portraits, particularly in getting them a fancy printer! See them all at! I'm still working on the related book, but it's well under-way.


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