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Marty needs help to make the nine newest Sock Puppet Portraits and their accompanying NOVEL! The Ultimate Gift of LOVE!
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Update and Cool News and Opportunity and Candy

Posted by Marty Allen (Creator)

The candy was a lie...

Hi Kickstarters,
First of all: everyone's stuff is nearly ready! Yayyyyyy!
In early September (as scheduled!), you'll all get your "backer survey" so that I can get your address, and in some cases so that I can find out which particular portrait you're getting (or what puppet is being built for you, and how we're gonna do it!). If you are in the latter category, start thinking about it! Poke around at for ideas!

Also: I'm running behind on the actual book to be written, "Theodore and the Seven Layers of Space". The only aspect of everyone's prizes was a "thank you" in the text, so I'm not super-worried that you'll be super-mad, but I just want to keep you posted. It's been delayed largely due to a huge opportunity I got, which was to make ANOTHER book, this one a How To book that will be in stores! In stores! Keep this a little quiet (you, my Kick-starty inner circle), it hasn't been officially announced yet, but it's to be called "Sock Puppet Madness", and it'll be in stores in 2013! How to make 35 of my portraits, with cool bios and full color illustrations also by me! I'm still fully committed to my self-published e-book, too, don't you worry. I just want it to be awesome, and I had to write and draw a whole other book...

I'm also writing to let you all know about another Martystuff investment opportunity. Each year I run a little holiday store and solicit a small number of investors to support it. It runs from November 19-December 24, and has been very successful for both myself and investors for the last two years.

I'm looking for a small number of investors for The Sock Puppet Portrait Holiday booth again this year, e-mail me at if you are interested. This is very different from The Kickstarter, not only in that this is the only message you'll get about it, but also in that in this instance, instead of neat prizes, I offer all you your money back, plus more money. It's all very business-y! Also also, I don't gather too many investors, so ask quick-like.

Looking forward to getting you your stuff!



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