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Marty needs help to make the nine newest Sock Puppet Portraits and their accompanying NOVEL! The Ultimate Gift of LOVE!
122 backers pledged $5,650 to help bring this project to life.

Quick Update

Posted by Marty Allen (Creator)

Hey everybody!
I keep trying to carve out time for a video update, I promise I'll have one soon!

For now, I just wanted to keep you all posted on progress of the project and your rewards.

So: the new printer arrived and works great, I have a huge new pile of frames, and all of the new characters have been designed, built, and photographed (and their descriptive and time-consuming back tags are done, too!)! I gave a few of them a "soft" premiere this weekend selling on the streets and they got a great response!

So we're all set to move forward with getting the rewards out in a timely fashion. Kickstarter only allows for one targeted e-mail follow-up to each reward tier, so I'm waiting until I'm really prepared to deliver (on schedule, in September!), before harassing you all individually.

The book, "theodore and the Seven Layers of Space", is still in progress, and well under way. I've resigned to also give each chapter an original illustration (in addition to relevant pictures of puppet portraits, automatons, etc), so I'm wondering if the final publication might push out a bit. I still need to write a lot of it, too. But in the meantime, you'll get all of your related stuff!

Cool, I just wanted to let you all know that everything is going awesome and that I haven't forgotten about you!

If you happen to be in the Massachusetts-area, I'll be giving a free Sock Puppet Making workshop this week (Weds, July 18) in Cambridge! Check out or for details!

Thanks again for your support!



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