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Laser Cut Holiday Greetings's video poster

I want to make some awesome laser cut holiday greeting cards. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on November 24, 2012.

I want to make some awesome laser cut holiday greeting cards.

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Lanterns are in the mail

Hello Everyone,

Sorry I've been tardy on this update.  The lanterns are finished & most went in the mail on Friday, a few were completed & mailed on Saturday.  Everything except a few specialty items should be on the way & in folks hands some time next week.  Thanks again for supporting my project.  Have a brilliant holiday!


Lanterns are all cut

Hello All,

I've finished laser cutting the lanterns & hope to have the final finishing done & get them out via priority mail tomorrow.  I'll keep everyone in the loop when they're out the door.


All of the paper cards are done

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to let folks know that all of the paper cards are done and on their way.  Some of the lanterns are complete & I expect finish the remaining pieces & send them out in the next few days.  Hope everyone's Monday is treating them well!


Paper cards are on track. A small wrinkle with the lanterns

Good morning everyone!

I'm on track with the laser cut paper cards & expect to be sending them out tomorrow. 

I ran into a small snag with the lanterns.  I was resawing lumber last night & the drive shaft on my band saw snapped.  I have enough wood already milled to finish several of the lanterns, but I'll have to wait a few days for parts on the band saw before I will be able to finish them all. 

I've decided I'm going to send the lanterns out based on distance.  I'll produce lanterns for backers on the East coast out of the stock I've already cut, & create lanterns for backers in San Francisco & the West coast early next week after I have the parts to repair the band saw.  This approach means people with a longer mail delivery time will have their lanterns on the way, & folks who are closer will still get their rewards in early December.

Please drop me a note if you have questions or concerns.  Thanks again for supporting my holiday project.  Be well!


Can't send surveys until the campaign is done

Hey Everyone,

Looks like I'm not able to generate surveys until after the project wraps up.  I'll send them out to everyone first thing Saturday.  Happy holidays!