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In Tour Operator, you manage a travel agency. Manage your resources, employees and the wishes of your tourists the best you can!
In Tour Operator, you manage a travel agency. Manage your resources, employees and the wishes of your tourists the best you can!
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Fulfillment, replacements, employees

Posted by Martin Looij (Creator)

Hi there,

Another quick fulfillment update before the end of the year!


There was an issue with DHL, who returned all packages right back to us. We still don't know why, we did nothing wrong. We resent them with PostNL (Dutch National Post) on Black Friday. Terrible timing, riding a big wave of packages, but it seems most have arrived now and some are still on the way. There is no tracking for these. If you did not receive your game yet by Janaury 10, please let us know and we will look into it.

USA and Canada

We shipped out two pallets to the US. One for retail, one for Kickstarter fulfillment. One to New Hampshire (retail), one to Florida (Kickstarter). The first one has arrived, the second one is planned to arrive later this week. But because of Christmas, fulfillment can only begin in early January. We apologize for the delay, but hope you understand us always choosing quality over time is the main reason why the games are late this year. But without any issues with the games, and with many cold and dark nights still ahead to play some Tour Operator and wish you were in one of those places...

Rest of the World

Most of your games should have arrived by now. If not, please wait until January 10 and ask us about it. Your games do have track and trace only if you ordered more than one copy, so we can check. Otherwise, we will see what we can do.


If you are in need of any replacement parts, please e-mail Amanda at and she will get you some shipped out!

Employee cards

I thought the first two pages would explain every employee. However, I see that some employees are not as clear as I think they are, so we will make a nice overview of the cards. However, I am traveling until January 21 so it is kinda hard for me to make while on the road. I hope to start with it around Christmas, and I will see if I can finish it before the end of the year. Please stay patient, just play as you interpret the card and if you really need to know the answer to one particular card, please e-mail us at and Amanda will answer it for you. But by making a sentence of the individual icons as they are put in the first 2 pages of the rules, you should be able to figure it out. Thanks for your patience.

Then there is nothing left for me but to wish you all very peaceful and joyful holidays!

Here's two cities I have seen this week:


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