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Go back to the 17th century and get spices in the East Indies! Trade them or steal them from your opponents and steer clear of pirates!
Go back to the 17th century and get spices in the East Indies! Trade them or steal them from your opponents and steer clear of pirates!
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Solo rules confirmed!

Posted by Martin Looij (Creator)

Hi there captains and sailors!

Lot of progress and good news to share!

When project creators add stretch goals to a campaign that were not made up on beforehand, there is always a risk. It's very tempting to listen to all suggestions from enthusiastic backers to make the game as awesome as possible. However, if a stretch goal ends up costing way more than budgeted, or even worse - delays the entire project by more than a week or so, that's really bad. There are countless examples of successfull projects on Kickstarter that got delayed by years because of this (My personal backing record is the original Shadows of Brimstone, delayed by 3 years (!) by now). So when I decided to add solo rules and components to the game as a stretch goal, that was a very risky move as I never really thought about designing them for this game in the first place! 

Luckily, they worked out :)  I can now safely tell you that the solo rules are designed! I am still fine tuning the different difficulty levels, but the mechanics work perfectly. I had many enjoyable rounds of solo play in which some very exciting situations arose that meant winning or losing by just one turn. I also had fun in a game in which I took way too much risk and had one of my ships completely shot to smithereens - something that rarely happens in such extremity in multiplayer mode. I lost that game by 3 to 8 but it never felt like it was unfair so it was fun. 

The solo mode will work with a number of AI cards, that tell you what do to with the AI's ships in the turn of the AI. There are different cards for different difficulty levels. The starting statistics of the AI's ships are different too. I am now finalizing the solo rules and will share them once they have nice graphic design and are translated in all 6 languages that will be in the box (English, Dutch, Spanish, German, French, Italian).

In the last update, I asked you what island you thought this island was based on:

I still haven't read the correct answer anywhere yet! So I will give you some more information about it. It is part of a chain of islands. Its main features are an active volcano and a very high mountain (sleeping volcano). This mountain is actually the highest one in the world, if you measure it from the ocean floor!

Do you know which island it's based on now?

We have also signed the contract with our factory, Wingo Games and we are now starting with the sampling process of the 3D coins, crates and ships. Once we have the definitive designs of these, I will share them!

That's it for now!



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    1. Martin Looij 4-time creator

      Yeah I guess it has been a while. Will make on in the weekend!

    2. Missing avatar

      Geddy Walker on

      Hey guys, just checking in to see about any kind of update from you all. Thanks!

    3. Martin Looij 4-time creator

      Yes you are all right :)
      @Dave - cool you are from there! Now you've got your home island in the game!
      @ Mndy - I don't have a PNP version so I don't think that could work easily. But you should be able to play it yourself in October :)

    4. Dice Pirates on

      I don't know if it's because I just started watching Hawaii 5.0 on Netflix, but as soon as I saw the pic I thought it was Hawaii. 8]

    5. Missing avatar

      Mndy on

      Wow so excited for this! Currently in a imperial settlers campaign and found out I enjoy playing solo very much. Let us know if we can help you with anything, would be so cool to be able to test it.

    6. Missing avatar

      Dr. David Ross

      It's the Big Island of Hawai'i. It's where I'm from!