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Go back to the 17th century and get spices in the East Indies! Trade them or steal them from your opponents and steer clear of pirates!
Go back to the 17th century and get spices in the East Indies! Trade them or steal them from your opponents and steer clear of pirates!
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Pre-production update

Posted by Martin Looij (Creator)

Hi there sailors and captains!

I have just returned from traveling Japan, which is why you didn't hear anything from us recently. However, our team of artist, graphic designer, 3D artist and translators have worked really hard on the game, and Martin spent many hours coordinating everything. It is tempting to show you all the new pieces of artwork and the preliminary finished 3D ships and coins right now, but let's gradually share those over the course of a few updates :)

The Kickstarter campaign unlocked several new pieces of artwork. Of those, three new designs for the wild islands. They are all finished, and all loosely based on a real island somewhere in the world. You can never guess one of them, since it is a very local island where Martin likes to relax, but the other two are world famous. Here is one of them. Can you guess which island served as a base for this design?

In the last update, I asked you whether you liked to have French or Portuguese rules in the box. The other language will be downloadable as PDF. French won the poll. Both languages have finished with the translation, and so have Spanish and Italian. Dutch and German will be expected by the end of the week. 

I took a risk with the final stretch goal, that got broken not in the Kickstarter but in the Spieleschmiede; to add solo rules and components to the game. Which is a risk since I had no solo rules designed yet. While traveling Japan, I did come up with a concept. I now need some time to test this and if it works, let others play test it and fine tune it. So I hope to tell you more about this in about a month from now. Production of the 3D custom ships, coins and crates takes the longest time, so production of those will start as soon as all models have been approved and the factory sends me a sample of them. This will give us another month to finish all other components and it gives me the time needed for the solo rules and components. 

That's all the news for now, we will give you more regular updates as the pre-production process continues. We are still on track for a Essen 2017 release at this point and will do everything in our power to send you your game in early October!



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    1. Beverly Bowers

      That's the big island of Hawaii. �� Aloha!

    2. Missing avatar

      Rodney Powell on

      As a West Aussie I'd love to see being wrecked on the west coast of New Holland included
      Just like the Batavia, Gilt Dragon and Zuytdorp

    3. Christopher D. Evans

      I am going to guess Fiji as the inspiration for the pictured art...

    4. jugger75 on

      Welcome home!!!
      I am happy to see and read news about the game.
      I can not wait to have it in my hands :-D
      Good luck to the whole team!