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A tiny, automatic camera and app that gives you a searchable and shareable photographic memory. Born Memoto, now Narrative Clip.
A tiny, automatic camera and app that gives you a searchable and shareable photographic memory. Born Memoto, now Narrative Clip.
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2,871 backers pledged $550,189 to help bring this project to life.

Production speed quadrupled - now Chinese New Year

Posted by Memoto (Creator)

Hi dear backers,

As of today, Narrative Clips have left the factory to almost half of you. As described here, we try to ship them strictly according to order of backing, but color options and your geographical location have also needed to be taken into account.

Highest production rate ever - but still not high enough

This week we have produced almost 4 times as many units as all previous weeks combined! We have tried to speed up the production as much as possible in order to have some margins for the inevitably slower production during the Chinese New Year starting now. Even though this is a major ramp-up for us, and for the factory and our shipping partners, we haven’t been able to speed things up quite as much as we would have wanted. Knowing what the Chinese New Year means in terms of bandwidth for scaling, we aimed for having reached an even higher average production rate at the time of these holidays.

Current production in plain English

  • If you are a backer outside of North America and have this week (week of Jan 27th) as your shipping week your Narrative Clip is assembled and on its way to our shipping partner. Expect a tracking code in your email as soon as it leaves our shipping partner’s warehouse.
  • If you are a backer within North America and have this week (week of Jan 27th), issues with the US customs have forced us to redirect your unit to other parts of the world while we solve those issues. It’s basically a bunch of paper work and shouldn’t cause any future trouble. Your Narrative Clip is next in line to be assembled and ship.
  • If you are a backer of the last two pledge levels (meaning you have next week, the week of Feb 3rd as your shipping week), your unit will be assembled and shipped as soon as possible after the Chinese New Year. This might mean you won’t receive your tracking code as early as it says on your Shipping Page ( but we don’t estimate any substantial delay as to when you finally have your Clip in your hands. We will get back to you individually when your unit is in production.

As always, we’re here for your questions and comments. For questions on your individual Kickstarter reward(s), please get in touch with us through and we’ll be happy to help.

All the best, 

Narrative Team

EDIT: With regards to above, some backers within North America have in fact (for complicated shipping reasons) a unit on it's way to them, despite what says above. If you have received an email saying your Clip is coming - it's coming.

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    1. Memoto Creator on

      @Magdalene - Thanks for getting in touch, I have just sent you an email. David, Narrative Support

    2. Mag Teo

      Erm, no product on my side? How to check?

    3. Memoto Creator on

      @Aymeric - Awesome news! Please check out to activate your Clip and get started :) also check out #narrativeclip and share some of your pictures :) kindly, Elisabet

    4. Aymeric Dejardin-Verkinder on

      Hi, just received mine. Can't wait to try it ;-) Will give you my feedback asap it's done. best regards. Aymeric

    5. Memoto Creator on

      @Javier - Thanks for reaching out and for your support this far! You can expect to get your tracking code during this week, thanks for hanging in there, Kindly, Elisabet

    6. Memoto Creator on

      @Leon - Thanks for reaching out! It seems we have tried to deliver your parcel, but you were not available and now it is on its way back to our warehouse... We are sorry for this inconvenience and I am looking into how to fasten your delivery, when I have your tracking number I will send you it immediately, Kindly, Elisabet

    7. Missing avatar

      Javier on

      Another week has passed from my estimated shipping date (3rd March) and I don't know anything about it. No news, no updates, no new shipping date.
      I try to be understanding but this is very frustrating.

    8. Leon Bryan on

      @memoto mine had to have been lost in the mail! It's been 34 days now since you allegedly shipped it to me...

    9. Memoto Creator on

      @Burn Pelton - Thanks for reaching out! Your Clip is just about to leave our warehouse and should be with you within 3-5 business days :) Kindly, Elisabet

    10. Burn Pelton on

      Elisabet, Angelyn, Oskar, Martin: Do you have any updates on the current status?
      It's been over a month since the last official update.
      The comment trail of updates are sporadic.
      The site is out of date.
      I'm a little frustrated, but I want to be understanding. You took on an enormous challenge from the start. You've crafted (for all I've read) an excellent product.
      I'm just disappointed that my Narrative camera missed a fantastic camping trip with my fiancee along the Appalachian trail, 2 bachelor party weekends with great friends, 3 weddings (one of them my own) , the winter holidays with our families, and my birthday last month.
      There's a lot of stories there and wonderful moments that won't stay properly in my brain, which is the biggest reason I backed this kickstarter project.
      We're now a year after the original expected ship for my (second) batch of cameras.
      I'm jealous of everyone else that has theirs, and just want to see an email that it's on the way.
      I'm moving across the country in a month to go back to school, and dreading that I'll miss capturing that experience as well.

      I'm sorry to rant like this, but I feel slightly abandoned.
      My Best,

    11. Memoto Creator on

      @Luis - Thanks for reaching out! Of course it makes us sad to hear that you no longer would like to stay with us, please send us a message at and I will get your refund started as soon as possible. Kindly, Elisabet

    12. Memoto Creator on

      @Ryan Newell - Thanks for your feedback and for reaching out, it makes us sad to hear that you are not happy with support you have requested. We are trying to improve all the time. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at and we will of course try to help you. Kindly, Elisabet

    13. Luis Gonzalez on

      Who do I contact for a refund. It is now passed my estimated ship date, the third estimated date, and I have received no updated regarding shipment. This is an incredibly insulting and frustrating experience.

    14. Ryan Newell on

      I finally received my clip a few weeks ago. Besides most of the photos being blurry unless your sitting or standing it really is quite impressive.

      Given how awful customer support, technical support, logistics, public relations and nearly every aspect of the business has been besides hardware design I would strongly suggest an exit strategy or outsourcing every aspect of your business besides designing the hardware. You can't have engine mechanics steering your ship - let people focus on what they're good at or the entire ship will sink.

      If nothing changes soon I'll be eBaying my clip while it still has some value.

    15. Memoto Creator on

      @Björn Endre - We are so sorry to hear you lost your clip, so soon, thanks for your suggestion and so sorry again for you! Kindly, Elisabet

    16. Burn Pelton on

      @bjorn, Oh, man. That sucks! Hope you find it, Bjorn. Also, hope I get a shipping email soon.

    17. Björn Endre

      Well, I got a suggestion for improvement :/. better clip that holds the Narrative. I've used it twice and both times it fell off. First time I found it in my car and today it disappeared during a walk in Central Stockholm ... :(. Going to head over to the store where I was before I noticed it had fallen off my jacken (had it clipped to the jacket at chest-level and it felt secure).

      So I think a bit more pressure for the clip could be a good idea for the future versions.

    18. Memoto Creator on

      @mike morrison - We are so happy you got your Clip! All the best, Elisabet

    19. Mike Morrison on

      @wesha, if you have apple or google, they do this with your phone anyway!, but at least this data is encoded, and on a private storage area, unlike apple & google

      anything that has access to gps or cell tower knows where you are, no escaping it

    20. Mike Morrison on

      I had called fedex, they failed their own advice.. but got it now!

    21. Memoto Creator on

      @Mike Morrison Hi Mike, if you have a tracking ID, you can try calling FedEx to confirm the shipping address. We will monitor your parcel too from our side. Do keep us posted on your package. // Ange

    22. Wesha on

      Anybody wants to buy mine off me for the original price? I'm not a fan of voluntarily beaming my day-to-day whereabouts to NSA.

    23. Mike Morrison on

      #fedex attempted to deliver to the wrong address :(
      better luck tomorrow, I have a horrible feeling about this...

    24. Memoto Creator on

      @Mike Morrison Great to hear! Please remember to charge it up before using it. Also, you can head over to to download all necessary softwares after receiving your clip! Hope you like your clip as much as we do!

      @Derek Pearcy We are really happy to hear that! Thanks for getting our week off to a great start :) Please always feel free to contact us at if you have further queries. Have a great week ahead and happy snapping. // Ange

    25. Derek Pearcy on

      I've been using my camera — I'm probably going to keep calling it Memoto for some time; I liked the name — and good lord, it is one of the best bite-sized pieces of hardware I've ever seen. Super impressive, and well worth the wait. Thanks!

    26. Mike Morrison on

      got my tracking, should get it on Monday or Tues...

    27. Memoto Creator on

      @Josh Moussette Hi Josh! Sorry for this honest mistake. We are working hard to get the shipping interface up to date and we will update this space as soon as it is done. Have a good week ahead Josh! :) //Angelyn

    28. Missing avatar

      Josh Moussette on

      Dear whoever cares, I just reciever an email from you see if you can find my problem....

      Hi John,

      Thank you for reaching out!

      We really do understand your frustration! We can't express how grateful we are for your support this far.

      My name is what?

    29. Memoto Creator on

      Hi @ Mike Morrison @Josh Mousstte @Nathan March . Thanks for your patience and kind understanding. We really appreciate backers like you all :) If you have an original ETA of Feb 3rd and before, you should receive your clip by the end of this month. We are now in the midst of updating our shipping interface, so please check back in a day max to check the ETA of your individual orders. Thank you for your honest feedback! Please always feel free to reach out to us at if you have further queries. Have a good week! // Ange

    30. Missing avatar

      Nathan March on

      So wtf, it's been 17 days since the last update and according to the shipping page it was supposed to have shipped 2 weeks ago. Why have a shipping status page if you don't bother updating it? When are these being shipped out?

    31. Missing avatar

      Josh Moussette on

      So I have answered the survey for my address twice now, the survey response email says that my unit will ship mar 2013..... Really could you not update the date? Additionally when I for know your tracker and enter my email it says my hint will ship the week of Feb 3.... It's the 16th. I get that the production of a new product can have its issues, but as a company developing a technical product, I would expect you have the ability to update your website, shipping and tracking data accurately. I am not usually one to complain about delays such as this. I backed Pebble, which had its own issues. I do have to say that at almost a year and a half of waiting I just want you to be honest and accurate... Sincerely a customer, and technically and investor.

    32. Mike Morrison on

      and now I have a message saying that my unit will be shipped by the end of Feb... In Jan I was told straight after new year... :(

      I do not mind waiting, but being told conflicting dates is frustrating... sat a date and stick to it.

      What is more frustrating is seeing other people post their shipping route here, and others units are passing within just a few km's

    33. Memoto Creator on

      @Jonathan Reich Hi Jonathan, thanks for reaching out. I have emailed you. / Ange

    34. Jonathan Reich on

      Quoting from the update: "your unit will be assembled and shipped as soon as possible after the Chinese New Year. This might mean you won’t receive your tracking code as early as it says on your Shipping Page ( but we don’t estimate any substantial delay as to when you finally have your Clip in your hands. We will get back to you individually when your unit is in production"...


      I have not heard anything... Define "Substantial delay"... Is a year after the original shipping estimate substantial? Do I have to wait another year? Its been 11 days since the last estimated shipping date.. No emails.. no updates. nothing. The Chinese new year is well over with now... what gives guys????? Patience is really growing thin..

      Feel free to respond publicly, but I expect an email/PM with your response as I'm not going to go look over every pissed off comment to see if you answered me.

      Atlanta, GA

    35. Memoto Creator on

      Hi @Wesha , our Narrative Clip is not meant to be a Mass Storage Device and the purpose of creating an online account on your Uploader is solely for security purposes, to ensure that you and only you have access to your individual pictures.

      How will an account help to protect your pictures?

      At Narrative, we believe that your pictures are your own, and we place great emphasis on privacy and security of your data. This is why you need to set up a personal account with Narrative, which is linked to your camera. Each Narrative Clip is personal and is linked to only ONE account. By doing so, this disable others from connecting your clip to their computer and gaining access to your pictures on your Narrative Clip. ( In the event if you ever misplace your clip). This is to ensure maximum protection of your pictures and ensure that only you alone will be able to access your pictures.

      2. Secondly, creating an online account does not mean that anyone else has access to your pictures. You have full ownership of all your pictures. We store them securely encrypted in the Narrative cloud and they will never be viewed by anyone without your explicit consent (note that the Narrative App has simple sharing options for the photos/moments you DO want to share and/or make public).

      You (and nobody else) will always be able to download the photos to your own hard drive if you no longer want to keep them with Narrative. If you want your account closed, we will delete all of its contents - not keeping anything for later retrieval or use. You will be able to download all your photos first, individually or in bulk.

      We will also not sell or give away any user information/metadata to any third party without your explicit consent.

      By creating an account on our uploader, it also means that we will help you to export your pictures to our cloud and also to filter out the best pictures for you using our automated algorithms. To get a full sense of our Narrative experience, may i refer you to our infographic and video here

      Please feel free to reach out to us at if you have further queries. Have a great week ahead!

      / Angelyn

    36. Wesha on

      @memoto: The camera does not show in the system as a Mass Storage device, and the "Uploader" demands that I create online account before I can do anything. Which I refuse to do. My private photos are my PRIVATE photos, period.

    37. Memoto Creator on

      @Wesha Hi Wesha! If you would like to offload files to your desktop, simply choose local storage when uploading your pictures. If you have further queries, please feel free to reach out to us at and we will help to solve your issue. Have a great day ahead! / Ange

    38. Memoto Creator on

      @Derek Pearcy Hi Derek! Thanks for reaching out and for your wonderful support in us right from the start. We are sorry that your package got delayed, but please be assured that it should reach you in the next week or so as it clears customs. As one of our earliest "Earlybird Kickstarter backer", you are definitely in our priority list, and we do ship according to the backing date, rather than alphabetically. However, there are many factors such as customs, geographic location & even the choice of colour that determine the ultimate delivery date. We are working hard to further refine our shipping process, and we thank you, along with so many of our understanding backers for being so continually supportive of what we do :) You are really appreciated! We hope you will like the Narrative Clip as much as we do. Please feel free to reach out to us at if you have further queries and here's to starting your journey with us in capturing more of life's beautiful memories! / Ange

    39. Wesha on

      Anybody wants to buy mine off me for the original price? Without a way to offload files to my desktop, it's useless to me.

    40. Derek Pearcy on

      The greatest point of confusion for me is how a friend of mine, who backed this Kickstarter well after I did, received his Narrative Camera nearly a full month ago, while my device has yet to ship; mine is one of the many to have been held up by US Customs, which can often happen when items are sent via USPS versus through FedEx, which was how my friend received his.

      Because my friend's last name begins with a B, and mine begins with a P — and this sort of thing has happened with Kickstarter projects before — I presume that you and other people are fulfilling backer purchases in alphabetical order. Setting aside why some order arrived quite quickly while others are stuck in limbo, it would be wonderful if Kickstarter offered a "backed on date" field, allowing projects to reward early backers earlier, if they wish to do so. This would be especially appreciated in cases where there are gaps of at least a month between fulfillment shipments.

      That said, I have enjoyed seeing a business come to life before my eyes, and I look forward to opening my package the moment it arrives. Best of luck in delivering on this last leg of our first journey together.

    41. Memoto Creator on

      @Vincent Weppner:

      Thanks for thinking about how we can work around these problems, and you're right. This is our conclusion as well. We're working on updating the shipping interface accordingly.


    42. Vincent Weppner on

      If you are going to go to the trouble of setting up an update site at, and send individual email updates saying things are assembled and moving, the least you can do is use those systems to update us when that changes. It would have been much better to leave us with vague updates on this site rather than not following up on your own system.

    43. Memoto Creator on

      @Robert, Vincent and Burn, it absolutely sucks that we couldn't meet the shipping estimates you guys got. As the update above says, the delays compounded by Chinese New Year and customs issues unfairly affect backers differently based on location. They hit us unexpectedly and last-minute, but that's no excuse. It's our fault that they are occurring at all.

      We are shipping constantly while ironing out the mishaps in logistics, meaning that we accelerate shipping every day. Please send an email to to get individual updates on what this means for you.

      Kind regards,
      Martin Källström

    44. Missing avatar


      In the same situation as Vincent.

    45. Vincent Weppner on

      Well, the week of the 27th of January has come and gone... and the week after... The email i receive entitled "Narrative Clip Shipping Information" from the 30th, which included hopeful phrases like "Amazing news! Your Narrative Clip has been assembled and shipped from the factory!", and "Expect a new email in a few days - and your Narrative Clip to arrive shortly thereafter" seems quite cruel in its inaccuracy... at this point I'm hoping I get to use one of these things before nano-tech dust cameras make it obsolete...

    46. Burn Pelton on

      Chinese new year was officially 10 days ago. Any word on when the celebrations actually stopped and work got back to top gear? I'm anxiously waiting for the email that tells me I'll have my clip in the nearest future. I can't wait!
      I'm a little sad it's missed so much of my life so far, being almost a year after the original (guess/estimated) ship date, but am excited that the wait is nearly over and I can capture the rest of the moments of my life soon!

    47. Memoto Creator on

      @ map

      Yes, agree. Kickstarter projects are really a "trust for transparancy" exchange rather than a "money for product". At least that's my personal view, both when I'm backing project and in running this particular one. This is also why we've put a lot of effort in providing all backers with as frequent, transparent and explanatory communication as possible.

      We will try to keep this very special relationship with all backers for as long as you want while we keep building a company in the shark-filled waters.

      Oskar, Narrative

    48. map on

      Oskar, just as a thought: Being on Kickstarter comes with a credit of trust. The backers trust you with their money as investment, in turn a certain transparency is expected. So far Narrative has not been exceptional in providing honest updates what is going to happen when and why.

      If Narrative feels sharks in the water make it impossible to have that kind of relationship, backers basically become customers that preordered a product for a discount. That would be very disappointing.

    49. Memoto Creator on


      Thanks for commenting! Cool that your planning a project of your own. Good luck!

      If Kickstarter's Update Interface allowed for edits more than 30 minutes after the update's been posted, we could have come back with these happy news more candidly: the US customs issue seems to be solved! No further effects because of the issue than what's stated above. The remaining bottle necks (for shipping to the US) is the production speed during the Chinese New Year.

      As transparent as we want to be (and should be as a Kickstarter project), sometimes all details are not possible to share. Maybe if you run a Kickstarter project as a one-off thing it's different, but trying to build a company at the same time with all the sharks in the water that entails, we sometimes have to be those boring people not spilling ever bean.

      This is probably the shittiest (can you say shittiest in the company world?) answer I've ever given to a backer question. Sorry.

      If you'd like to bounce ideas on your Kickstarter project I'm happy to help. Here's my email: oskar[at]

      Oskar, Narrative

    50. TheMdrnSamurai on

      I'm optimistic about the final product - though by now it is not really unique any more - but I am pretty confused by one of the core issues.

      In specific:

      * What is the issue with shipping to the US? What paperwork? What regulations?
      * Who dropped the ball?
      * What is the remedy?
      * What is the expected time frame?

      As someone who is planning a Kickstarter of my own, I am very sympathetic to your issues here, and all the complexity. If KS is doing one thing for folks, it's showing vividly that many of those companies folks keep complain are "charging to much for doing nothing but putting a thing in a box" are actually doing a LOT of work.

      You are correct that one of the reasons we back on KS is the information and the transparency - but this update doesn't really provide much of that.