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A tiny, automatic camera and app that gives you a searchable and shareable photographic memory.
A tiny, automatic camera and app that gives you a searchable and shareable photographic memory. Born Memoto, now Narrative Clip.
A tiny, automatic camera and app that gives you a searchable and shareable photographic memory. Born Memoto, now Narrative Clip.
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Shipping date! And more!


Okay, so we have tons of exciting things to tell you today. But we think there is one thing you want to know more than anything else.

Shipping starts November 1st

That’s right, after a long time of waiting for you and a long time of vague estimates for us (“end of summer”, “soon” etc etc) we can for the first time set a date: November 1st will see the beginning of shipping and our earliest Kickstarter backers will naturally be the first to receive their units.

We’re currently working on investigating at what pace we can roll out the approximately 2000 Kickstarter pledges and 3000 pre-orders. When we’re ready with that we will open up an interface where you can log in with your email address and keep track of the date when you’ll receive your personal shipment.

Happy times!

More interesting news

On the less happy side of things, we have realized we will have to give up our name Memoto. “But, what… it’s a great name”, you probably say. Yes, we love it and it’s great, except that there are existing trademarks hindering us from registering it worldwide. And since we want our products to be used wherever you are, we needed to find something new to call our products and ourselves.

The new name that we’ve found – after a long time of agonizing pain and stupid alternatives – is a name we’ve quickly come to love just as much as Memoto. It captures what we want to do and is unique in its own simplicity.

Memoto is from now on Narrative. The Memoto Lifelogging Camera is now Narrative Clip.

We’re still the same people with the same products and the same goals and plans. We’ve only updated our costume a little.

And just to be clear: this does not affect anything in our commitment to our Kickstarter backers. Narrative is the same legal entity with the same obligations.

Last but not least

Eager as we all are to get the first units out the door, the real journey starts when you and hopefully many more start using their Narrative Clips. To ensure a strong continuation in our development and delivery of services, we have secured a funding round of $3M led by San Francisco-based True Ventures. The guys at True not only provide us with some cash to let us keep building the business, they are also experts in the type of hardware we’re doing. Having previously backed success companies like Fitbit, Makerbot, Kiip, GigaOM and 9GAG, they know a great deal about the challenges that lie ahead of us.

All in all, with a settled shipment date, a new name and a new strong partner behind is, we feel more than ready to deliver what we’ve always promised to our Kickstarter backers: a searchable and shareable photographic memory. It’s now called Narrative.

Lots of love,

Narrative Team, Twitter: @getnarrative, Facebook:

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    1. Memoto Creator on

      @Logan Thanks for reaching out and for your great suggestion. Currently, our resources are focused on getting the current Kickstarter cameras out to you. Once everything is settled, we will consider producing in other colours. Meanwhile, you can post your suggestions on our suggestion board . This way, other users can vote on your awesome idea as well.

      Regarding your delivery date, we are really sorry for the delay. We are in the process of setting up an interface where you can check your individual estimated time of arrival for your Narrative Clip. We will announce it once it is ready! Thanks for being so patient!

    2. Missing avatar

      Logan Swift on

      The long wait and all that doesn't bother me, neither does the name change, what Does still rankle me are the colors. You had a color contest on Facebook and I though it was unfair to include, I think it was black, when you already had a dark gray or vice versa, when you don't have a feminine color, or even a cool toned pop color. Personally I would love purple, because it's my fav and it's neither male not female, but even a blue or an awesome punchy raspberry pink, a cool pink, or even a green would have been preferable to your current selection if colors. I funded and had a March delivery date, so when will mine ship? But please even tho it'll rankle me, add a cool toned color!

    3. Robert Staehlin on

      Hopefully that extra funding means the wide angle lens and waterproof cases will come out sooner than later!

      And congrats on being able to finish off all the hardware work and be able to move on to manufacturing....can't wait until November!

    4. Missing avatar

      martin soanes on

      Great news. Ref name, It will be like Windows and new UI - we all still call it Metro. Memoto will stick for ages :)

    5. Kris A on

      Oof, a bit of a generic name. Damn you Motorola.

    6. Sam Lau on

      cool. Early Bird estimated delivery was Feb 2013. 1000 units to be delivered in Nov in time for Christmas. Will tracking number be automatically handled? Will there be shipping invoice etc to avoid Customs complications? Can we test the website yet? Very excited. Looking forward to more details.

    7. Memoto Creator on

      @all - We're so happy for all the positive response to this barrage of news. Once again, thanks for all your support. We will never forget that you were the ones who were with us from the beginning!
      All the best /Niclas

    8. Mike Morrison on

      Great news about the date - well done

      name is ok


      .... ;)

    9. Harrison Tao on

      While I'm looking forward to the product itself, I also want to note that you guys set the standard for how to keep supporters informed. The updates have been regular, honest, and informative. Thank you for such a great job on that.

    10. John "Pathfinder" Lester on

      Thank you for details on shipping dates. Exciting times!

    11. Daniel Rodriguez on

      Yay shipping date! I was one of the very first Early Bird backers, so here's hoping to get my Memot- err, Narrative Clip very soon after. :D

    12. Memoto Creator on

      Michael - we TOTALLY know the feeling! See you on the other side :) /Niclas, Narrative Team

    13. Missing avatar

      Michael Lu on

      I still love the name memoto! I need transition time.