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A tiny, automatic camera and app that gives you a searchable and shareable photographic memory. Born Memoto, now Narrative Clip.
A tiny, automatic camera and app that gives you a searchable and shareable photographic memory. Born Memoto, now Narrative Clip.
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Weekly update: The beta testing journey

Posted by Memoto (Creator)

The Journey Begins

The cameras for the beta testing arrived from our factory in Taiwan!

Beta testing is happening

We are releasing the camera out into the wild. Be on the lookout if you're in the Stockholm area and let us know if you see one!

The testing is happening in week long sprints and due to logistical constraints they need to be carried out locally. The idea is to evaluate various things such as functionality and backend capacity so we can find errors, examine user experience and get feedback on how to continuously improve the entire product service chain. We'll share the results as well.

The big take away is that the beta testing is not going to delay shipping. We've got a lot of exciting stuff coming up, more than you might think...Keep an eye out for something big next Thursday!

Meanwhile you can check out where we started from, here.

Have a great weekend!

/Memoto team


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    1. Memoto Creator on

      Hi Jonathan,

      Thanks for your interest. We announced three really big news on 3rd October - regarding a change of name, new funding and new shipment date. For the announcement, may we refer you to our CEO Martin Källström letter here / Ange

    2. Jonathan Reich on

      You guys said look out for big news next Thursday back on 9/27. That would be now.... Two weeks ago. Still nothing. What's the big news?

    3. Memoto Creator on

      @Jean - The "thank you list" is planned for when we can put some resources into the much-needed total revamp of the website. Same goes for 3d model - for now the PDF shared at will have to make do, while our engineering team's full attention is still focused on giving you the finished Memoto camera as soon as possible.

      @Leon - On Thursday this week we will share some great news with you all. We understand and share your frustration about the delays, and are fully committed to build and ship a fantastic product that will only be the first step on a grander journey. We appreciate your support from the start!

      Best regards /Niclas Johansson

    4. Leon Bryan on

      So even releasing a ship date is convoluted? Sad face. All I want for Xmas this year is my memoto. Anybody else here back the Omate project? If so, I'm willing to place a friendly wager that I receive my dev edition before I receive this little guy. One wager I'd very much like to lose. Is there anything us backers can do to help speed the process along? At the speed technology has been advancing, if memoto takes much longer I'm afraid it may be outdated by the time it's released. A life logging camera is an awesome idea, but before October's over I will have a watch on my wrist that can operate on GSM networks independently from my smartphone, run full android OS, can shoot video in 720p, is waterproof, and can also tell the time here and there. That's on a campaign that ended less than a month ago. Come on guys, give us at least something tangible to look forward to.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jean Villy Edberg on

      I was referring to the list mentioned in the early bird pledge.

      Another question any updates on when the 3d model of the camera will be available for download? So we can start designing our own covers/holders. It would give me an awesome reason to get an 3d printer ;)

    6. Memoto Creator on

      @Jean Villy Edberg Hey, we will be releasing a shipping date soon, so look out for it! :) You can find Memoto friends at We are currently not working on Linux client yet, as our programmers are still rigorously testing our software to ready it for launch. Thanks for your enthusiasm! We will update with exciting pictures as soon as we can! Stay tuned for exciting news coming your way!

      @LyndsayWiliams We will provide a more comprehensive update of the GPS sensitivity problem soon, so keep a lookout for it. Yes, you need a smartphone to view the sorted images. The memory needed is dependant on depends on how much memory you have available. It uses as much memory as the operating system allows it to. If you're referring to Storage, then the app will only take up only a few MB of space :)

      @Kris Aubuchon @Austin Storm Watch this space :)

      Ange / Community Team

    7. Kris A on

      Really I think the only "something big" that can be announced that would actually be "something big" is a ship date.

    8. Lyndsay Williams on

      This is good to hear. How did you fix the GPS sensitivity problem? Any pictures of the new circuit boards from Taiwan? (link only shows picture of one from Dec 2012).
      Do we need to use a Smartphone to view the sorted images? How much memory needed on phone?

    9. Missing avatar

      Jean Villy Edberg on

      The big take away is that we don't know when you are going to send it out, so we won't know if it is delayed? (Sorry just couldn't resist)

      Since it has only been delays in hardware(I assume) can we expect an linux client since the programmers would have had extra time?

      Also where can I find the Memoto Friends list? :)

      Some screenshots of the software would be waaaay cooler than a screenshot of google maps!