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A tiny, automatic camera and app that gives you a searchable and shareable photographic memory. Born Memoto, now Narrative Clip.
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A Memoto Hardware Update

Hi everybody,

We in the Memoto hardware design and production team have been very busy the last weeks with setting up the pre-series manufacturing of the Memoto camera and started ordering components for the Kickstarter backer's production, but we'd like to share some images and other status updates here now.

The important things first - the following image shows the first 4 Memoto cameras produced in the final form factor! In the image they are still in their PCB production panel (4x4 boards, in our case).

Almost all the chips are on the front side displayed above, and it's a really tight PCB. The connector to the left is the camera module connector, and the large chip above it is the Flash-memory. The GPS circuits and antenna can be seen in the lower right of the PCB. 

We're currently in the process of testing the various sub-systems on the PCB to make sure they behave like they should. In the following image, where you see the back-side of the PCB, we're testing the USB connection and the USB-charging of the LiPo battery to the left, as well as the white LEDs to the right. In case you are wondering, the red cables are our RS232 serial debug port (don't cut the red wire!) and none of these cables will be in the final product enclosure of course. 

We've already uncovered some minor issues which will be fixed in the next pre-series PCB spin which will come back in a few of weeks, and then we'll be able to finally wear the cameras all day.  

The components for the first production series are starting to come in, as you can see in the image below. One big issue with mass-manufacturing of electronics like this is the logistics of components. Many suppliers have leadtimes of 10-12 weeks which means you have to plan far ahead, and this is one of the reasons sites like Kickstarter work so well for hardware production projects.

That's it for now, and we promise to increase the hardware-related updates a bit now that we have cool hardware to show!

//Björn Wesén, Lead Hardware Engineer, Memoto


    1. Creator Memoto on March 7, 2013

      Hi Peri,

      We'll roll out deliveries as quickly as possible once we start shipping - estimated to start in April. We can't wait to get the Memoto camera in your hands!

      Best /Niclas

    2. Creator Peri Mickle on March 7, 2013

      When will second batch backers receive the camera's approximately?
      Getting excited/impatient!!

    3. Creator Memoto on January 14, 2013

      Hi Jeffrey,

      Sorry for the late reply, your comment was lost in the pre-holiday madness!
      1: The camera will not become warm during everyday use, but it could generate heat during charging via USB.
      2: We're not looking for more private investors at this time - but we appreciate that you asked!

      Best regards,
      Niclas Johansson

    4. Creator Jeffrey on December 18, 2012

      Hi, I appreciate your updates!
      Question#1: Will the camera generate any perceptible heat?
      Question#2: Will I have an early opportunity to be on your "friend and family" list to buy into your company prior to (when and if) you take your company public?l
      A. J. W.