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A tiny, automatic camera and app that gives you a searchable and shareable photographic memory. Born Memoto, now Narrative Clip.
A tiny, automatic camera and app that gives you a searchable and shareable photographic memory. Born Memoto, now Narrative Clip.
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Stretch goal #3: Memoto Wifi Dock, Waterproof Case and Wide-angle Lens - Your help is needed!

Dear Kickstarter Backers, 

First off, we would again like to express our love to you. Your engagement is inspiring and there are no words to describe how happy we are with the support you are giving us. To really highlight how committed we are to making your wants and ideas reality, we want to announce a new stretch goal.

The past week we have been looking at what value can we create now that we couldn’t before. All the comments and messages we have been getting have been a guiding light in this work. The input you are providing really couldn’t be more aligned with what we ourselves want to achieve with Memoto!

Now, the following is a pretty voluminous, but please bear with us. We have some questions we’d like to answer within this update:

  • Why $700,000 is in fact a reasonable goal
  • How a Wifi Dock makes the Memoto camera even more easy to manage
  • Where you can use your Memoto camera when it’s put in a Waterproof Case 
  • What your Memoto camera will “see” when given an optional Wide-angle Lens 
  • How you can help!
  • What our stretch goal bonus secret is about
  • What our answers are to some of the questions you might have
  • Why we’re so in love with stretch goals

Okay, let’s move on. Long text follows:

New Stretch Goal: $700 000 - WOAH!

Our Kickstarter project has exceeded our expectations over and over again. So, in terms of our next stretch goal, we decided to look at what we can achieve if it keeps doing that, i.e if we would end up raising $700 000 or more in total. The results were awesome and we are truly excited about what we are able to announce today.

Any sane person reading this should be healthily sceptical about the level we ended up with. $700k is A LOT. But when we looked at the progress so far ($400k in two weeks, with almost four more weeks to go), and the value we could provide with $700k met, we decided to go for it. It will be so worth it if we get there!

Stretch goal result no 1.: Development of the Memoto Wifi Dock

As we are talking about stretch-goals: I would love to see a Memoto charging dock, preferably with wifi to automatically upload the pictures. I would be willing to pay extra for this, as it would make the user experience much better.
- Jelle Prins

My biggest concern is about the uploading/syncing/recharging. This needs to be made simpler.
[..] The first addon that is needed for the memoto is a charging/syncing dock. [..] This dock has to live on the bedside table and allow the memoto to be charged/synched overnight with no more interaction that just pushing the camera into the dock.

- Philip Gladstone

Is it possible for you to put a microSD card slot in your device?
So it will be possible for long offline stays for field trips.

- TechkNighT Tenente

If we meet this stretch goal, we’ll have the funding to start development of a Wifi-enabled charging dock for the Memoto Camera. The requirement of charging/syncing the Memoto Camera through a laptop has been a concern of us as well as you the community. With the Memoto Wifi Dock, charging and synching is as easy as putting the camera in the dock at night and picking it up in the morning without the need for a computer. Still no buttons to press, and as simple as it can be.

The Wifi Connector is a whole new device, with a processor, wifi-chip, RAM memory, firmware flash, DC adapter and so on. It will be almost like a fully functional little computer on the inside. Thus, the development will take some time and be quite costly. Meeting the stretch goal does not allow us to give away the Wifi Dock for free, but we will provide a 10% rebate off of list price to Kickstarter backers. The target list price is around $79 and if we start designing the dock before the end of November we expect to be able to have it ready to ship before the summer. Delays may occur depending on events outside of our control.

Last but not least: The Memoto Wifi Dock will have an SD-card slot for exchangable memory storage, making it useful for charging and offloading photos from the Memoto Camera even when there is no wifi around for syncing. There is no room for a SD-card slot in the camera itself, especially keeping it weather protected. 

Stretch goal result no. 2: Development of a Waterproof Case

Suggested features to stretch goal: Some sort of case / magnetic mechanism for other lenses and full waterproofing
- Nicky Lewis

HUGE +1 to "Some sort of case / magnetic mechanism for other lenses and full waterproofing"
- a ward

Waterproofing, because depending on the area, rain is not an uncommon occurence. That, or swimming pools, oceans, lakes, etc.
- Chris Olson

The Memoto Camera comes with a weather-protected case built in, making it possible to wear in wind and rain. Which is an amazing achievement by our engineers in such a small form factor. But weather-protection does not mean waterproof, and not scratch-resistant or dirt-resistant either. For all of you who imagine doing heavy duty lifelogging, whether it be swimming, hiking, scuba diving or doing hard work, we would like to develop a sturdy waterproof shell for the Memoto Camera. It would be made of hard transparent acrylic, have a really beautiful design but still be very functional.

As with the Wifi Dock, meeting the stretch goal does not allow us to give away the Waterproof Case for free, but we will provide a 10% rebate off of list price to Kickstarter backers. The target list price is around $35 and if we start with development before the end of November we expect to be able to have it ready to ship during spring. Delays may occur depending on events outside of our control.

Stretch goal result no. 3: Development of a Wide-angle Lens Add-on

Regarding the viewing-angle, have you considered a snap-on lens (similar to Olloclip for the iPhone), ie. having a fisheye/wide angle slide-on...?
- Mikael Svärdh

I also think a wider lens would be essential, and make for more interesting photos.
- Nicky Lewis

For the design of the Memoto Camera, we have made a trade-off in regards to the focal length of the lens. The standard lens has a 70 degree viewing angle, giving the photos the same look as a mobile phone camera. It is no coincidence, since a wider angle lens is too bulky for a mobile phone as well as for the Memoto Camera. And even though a wider angle lens captures more of what is going on around you, the look of the resulting photos is not as appealing to everyone.

All this said, some of you have thoroughly expressed the need for a wide-angle lens. And really, who are we to say you are wrong? The Memoto Camera should be adaptable for any use case and need. So with this stretch goal met, we commit to develop a wide-angle lens as an add-on to the Memoto Camera. It will either come as a functional front cover or as a corner snap-on, most likely giving the camera a 135 degree viewing angle.

The target price point is not set, but we hope it will be less than $20 and Kickstarter backers will have 10% off of list price. If we start with development before the end of November we expect to be able to have it ready to ship during spring. Delays may occur depending on events outside of our control.

Your help is needed!

Your support makes a real difference to our ability to create value with Memoto. We really want to provide something valuable for a lot of people and the response we are getting tells us we have struck a chord.

The simplest way for you to support us going forward is to spread the word about Memoto. Post about us on Twitter, Facebook and your blog, if you have one. Embed our Kickstarter video wherever you like, or share with your friends this amazing segment on Colbert Report about Memoto.

Any contribution is valuable!

Stretch goal result bonus: Better lens for the Memoto Camera

As an added bonus, if we meet this stretch goal we will be able to incorporate a more expensive lens in the Memoto Camera, with aperture F2.4 instead of F2.8. The new lens is a lot more light sensitive than the current one. The f-stop scale is logarithmic meaning that the small change makes a real difference. We are dedicated to optimizing every aspect of your experience of Memoto Camera and App. Also, our supplier says that the better lens is “the same as Apple uses”, whatever that means.

PS. Don’t tell anyone, but we’ll incorporate the better lens no matter if or when this stretch goal is met. We couldn’t not do it :)

FAQ on this stretch goal

Q: Why accessories instead of improvements to the Memoto Camera?
A: Some of you have been very clear about the value you see in the simplicity of the Memoto Camera, while some have wanted us to adapt it to their needs. With accessories we feel we can achive a new level of adaptability while keeping the product beautifully simple. It would also be impossible to add actual hardware features without delaying our promised delivery date. This is why we focus on accessories instead of improvements to the Memoto Camera.

Q: Why can’t we have the accessories in February already? Must we wait until the summer?
A: We are already up to our necks in work to be able to ship the Memoto Camera and App in February. Compared to the huge companies making other kinds of hardware, we are an extremely small team of engineers. We apologize for not being able to meet your expectations on all fronts. That said, perhaps developing the Wide-angle lens or the Waterproof Case is quicker than we expect. They will be available as soon as possible.

Q: What if you end up not achieving the goal of $700k?
A: We will always get some ways toward it, even if it turns out it is impossible before the end of November. As soon as our Kickstarter project is over on November 30th we will start accepting orders on The orders there will count towards the stretch goal as well, making it very likely to be reached at some point. But the sooner we reach it, the sooner we can start working on development of the accessories.

Q: But I have this other idea! Can you do it too?
A: Yes, please let us know your ideas! The stretch goals so far have been the result of people telling us what they want. Our willingness to step up and deliver value for you will not cease with Kickstarter, we will always listen to the Memoto community. Get in touch! You can find us at @memototeam, and

Finally, an insight on stretch goals (read this if you are planning to do a Kickstarter project yourself)

Before the start of our project we thought of stretch goals as a way of engaging the community in bringing in more backers. But what we have learned is that it really is a useful tool for project planning as well. The stretch goals allow us to plan not for the current level of community backing, but for the next. Instead of changing our plans every day as new backers turn up, with a stretch goal in mind we can look further ahead and plan for greater achievements for the benefit of everybody. It is also a great way of market testing our plans, because if people are not happy about them they will let us know. Stretch goals are actually an invaluable tool.

With love,

The Memoto team


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    1. Memoto Creator on

      Hi Fabian, thanks for your question! No - we don't have such a feature in place on the current roadmap, but you'll be able to manually pause/resume the sync. I like the idea though, and we'll definitely consider it.

      Best regards,
      Niclas Johansson

    2. Missing avatar

      Fabian Schürer on

      Hey, everything sounds very exciting, the Cam will be amazing! ;-)
      Especially the Dock ist very cool and it would be cool if you'll roll it out no matter if you reach the Goal or not!
      When I was uploading my Music Collection to Google Music the other day my brother was pissed of because of the slower Ping in his Shooter... The Cam would be completely unusefull to me if I had this discussion every day... So I was wondering if there could be any way to set a timer so the Dock only uploads in the night when nobody cares about bandwith or Ping?!
      I guess that you need to make some kind of Interface to the Dock (for telling the WLAN psw or so) so it would be great if I could set some kind of a rule when there will be an Upload and when not...


    3. Memoto Creator on

      Hi Dennis! Unfortunately the Kickstarter rules state that our type of project can't offer a set of products as a reward IF parts of the set are also listed as individual rewards. We will save your backer status into our own ecommerce system after the KS campaign is finished - so you don't have to pay more now. And the retail prices aren't set in stone yet - we'll clarify everything as soon as we can! Thanks for asking and for showing such interest! Your enthusiasm is what keeps us working hard to bring you an awesome user experience!

      Best regards, Niclas Johansson

    4. Dennis De Vos on

      so I would like all 3 addon. So the total price is then75+35+20= 130$ or is it 117$ with the 10% off.
      and do I have to pay for it now or will it be possible to buy them online later with the 10% off ?

    5. Memoto Creator on

      Hi Justin,

      thanks for reaching out!

      We try our best to, as stated earlier, keep the balance between delivering on time and supplying the best costumer value!

      Kind regards,

    6. Missing avatar

      Justin Gallo on

      The original investment was a very low price for the potential of this camera. If you signed up for the original product without even knowing of the possible add-ons, don't complain about the company taking feedback from its backers and potentially capitalizing from future accessories. Every product on Earth eventually has an accessory. Kick starter is an investment, but only for a product, not for anything additional. You're not investing in future earnings or in this case, accessories.

    7. Memoto Creator on

      @a ward: Bluetooth connection through a dongle is doable down the road - not anything we're ruling out, but there are significant challenges at least with IOS compatibility. Thanks for the suggestion, again!

      Best regards, Niclas

    8. Mike Morrison on

      Hi, great news
      love the idea of the dock - a win/win, the functions people want with the ability to keep the design the same
      As others have said, unless the core product has to change (like the lens - great news), be careful about accessory distractions. - that can come later
      as for the app - i'm not convinced this will help you - it could be a distraction - its a different project - fund it seperatly
      unless the 2 things - memoto & phone can talk (they cannot) then its different.

      also if you want and build it as a website with an app portan, you wont have to write lots of seperate code and be tied to one platform & their updates, plus with windows * , and the changes to droid, you may end up backing the wrong platform - I will never buy ios!

      focus on the prize - the hardware & software to upload - ..

      good luck

    9. a ward on

      Since many want bluetooth, what about a plug in bluetooth adapter in terms of accessories down the road?

    10. Memoto Creator on

      Hi Francisco, thanks for your input! As we state in the stretch goal FAQ above:

      "Some of you have been very clear about the value you see in the simplicity of the Memoto Camera, while some have wanted us to adapt it to their needs. With accessories we feel we can achive a new level of adaptability while keeping the product beautifully simple. It would also be impossible to add actual hardware features without delaying our promised delivery date. This is why we focus on accessories instead of improvements to the Memoto Camera."

      Always a matter of balancing on a delicate scale - it's a challenge! Please keep the ideas and suggestions coming, we really appreciate having you on board!

      Best regards, Niclas

    11. Francisco Noriega on

      It'd be awesome if you could fit a MICRO SD card into the Memoto itself though, those things a pretty small, or what about making it a tiny bit thicker so you could use Eye-Fi SD card (SD with wi-fi included) ? That would truly be amazing, and if the point is to be able to do it offline, even if the Memeto itself were to be a bit bigger, it would be easier than having to carry a separate dock :)

    12. Memoto Creator on

      @Darran Turner: Thanks for reaching out! It's great to hear that you're interested in our product and thinking about improvements for the campaign!

      We will definitely take your ideas into consideration.

      Kind regards,

    13. Memoto Creator on

      @Hope Leman: Glad to hear that you're enjoying the discussions about stretch goals! Thank you for sharing the other Kickstarter stories!

      Kind regards,

    14. Memoto Creator on

      @Austin Storm: Thanks for your kind words! We're also really happy about it all!

      Kind regards,

    15. Memoto Creator on

      @B Scott Methvin: Thanks for you enthusiasm! We also think it's a good idea!

      If the wide angle lens was standard, the Memoto camera would have to be made bigger - and we want the original product to be kept small since people should want to wear it all day. That's what lifelogging is all about!

      Kind regards,

    16. Memoto Creator on

      @David & jeewaka: Thank you for your thoughts! We understand your concerns.

      We are doing our very best to keep the deadline, and will supply weekly or bi-weekly updates during the whole process.

      The process is a balance between delivering on time and supplying the best costumer value, that is why we are already focusing on "the smell of the car" :)

      Kind regards,

    17. Hope Leman on

      Hi, everyone. The discussion about stretch goals is really fascinating. Interestingly the people behind the quite successful Kickstarter project the Ultimate Spatula wrote this:

      "We gave a lot of thought to stretch goals - which, in all honesty, we hadn't planned on doing when we started the campaign. Since our mission is to build products that "get it right," we didn't want to bring anything less than perfect to the table. So as much as it would have been cool to be able to introduce a "pro-size" version of the Spatula as part of this Kickstarter project (and yes, it actually is in the works!), we didn't want to pull any focus away from fine-tuning everything for our initial production run and ensuring that our flagship product reaches your doorsteps on time. That said, once we have another design fully tested and GIR-approved we promise that you all will be the first to know.

      So... while we don't have any "official" stretch goals to announce, we did find time to put together a little something extra that everyone will be getting as a token of our appreciation and your awesomeness. One of these Get It Right wristbands will be included in every package. Thanks for being part of the movement."

      And it really is hard to say what can happen. The Kickstarter project Parallella: A Supercomputer For Everyone struggled for weeks and in a sudden rush made considerably more than its initial goal:

      Kicstarter is certainly a fascinating place. Thanks generating such an interesting discussion not only about Memoto but stretch goals in general.

    18. Darran Turner on

      Fantastic news. All these stretch targets build an even greater gadget - particularly the ability to download pictures away from home to an SD card and the better aperture. I back the longer delivery dates as I'm sure you must be up to your necks in getting the basic camera done. I echo some of the concerns around hitting the planned initial delivery date - I'm relatively new to Kickstarter - and hope that the experience I'm having with Pebble is a one off!

      I for one would welcome opening up my pledge to include one or more of the additional gadgets prior to the initial closing date in exchange for a higher discount? I reckon you'd smash the $700k if you did that - although it's probably not quite what you want in terms of $700k worth of just the basic camera.

      Good luck as always!


    19. Austin Storm on

      These are great choices for stretch goals. The lower f-stop is particularly great news!

    20. Missing avatar

      jeewaka on

      I totally agree with David. Almost all projects I have supported, more than 10 of them have gone past in months the delivery date and to see them a month later release the same product to the regular customers at like 2% increase in price for me, makes me not want to support any more kickstarter projects. If you can make the initial product on schedule and the other items delivered on another date I am cool with.

    21. David Vo on

      Memoto, please don't get sucked into the chase for money that every "successful" Kickstarter project ends up in. With all due respect, you listed a delivery date of March 2013. In my experience with over a dozen supported projects, that date will be missed. If we're lucky, by a few months. If we're not - by much more. You haven't even built the car and you are worried about what the car freshener should smell like. Please focus on the Memoto product first and foremost. Right now it feels like a game trying to get more stretch goals. Sorry for the rant; you're not the only ones doing this, but it just feels frustrating.

    22. Memoto Creator on

      @darren If you look at this graph from Kickstarter you'll see that we'll hopefully have a boost in the end of the campaign that's almost as big as the project start boost. We wanted to pick a goal that really seemed like a stretch - we would never have dreamt of these figures before we started! Now we're really excited for everything we'll be able to do if we make this goal. We have so many feature requests from creative backers, and reaching this stretch goal means fulfilling a lot of what's been asked for. I agree of course - it IS quite a large jump. Thanks for sharing your concerns!

      Best, Niclas

    23. Missing avatar

      B Scott Methvin on

      I think the wide angle lens is a better lens idea for this device. Super wide angle will include much more information in each photo and focus should be better due to increased depth of field. should not be an add on but standard, IMO. Good luck!

    24. Darren Thomas on

      It seems like $700k is probably quite a large jump, especially as Kickstarter projects seem like they get their biggest boost from the first few days of the project starting up and then it tails off. I'd have liked to have seen the $700k incentives broken down into separate stretch-goals such as $500k, $600k etc as it feels like it's more manageable and makes the Kickstarter aspect that bit more exciting for existing backers.

    25. Memoto Creator on

      @Matthew - Thanks for sharing your thoughts and concerns, we appreciate it and realize that our announcement could have focused more on the improved lens or some entirely new giveaway.

      At the same time, we're very keen on keeping the simplicity of the Memoto camera itself while offering extended functionality and an improved user experience. The optimal path for that seems to be through add-ons/accessories, and that inevitably leads to higher costs.

      Again, we're able to keep developing the product thanks to the support from wonderful backers like yourself. We'll keep listening and trying our best to keep you and our future customers happy.

      Best regards, Niclas

    26. Memoto Creator on

      @David Thanks for your continued support - it's nice to hear we won your confidence like that! We're really excited about where everything is headed, and overwhelmed by all the positive as well as constructive feedback from engaged backers like you!

      Best, Niclas

    27. Matthew Cason on

      Further development, design, and refinement is always welcome and I certainly hope the goal gets met as these peripherals and additions should make the Memoto even more attractive to consumers, but stretch goals are generally designed to provide something for free to backers. Not to tack on additional items for additional fees. I don't think anyone expects you to give things like this away for free, but it might have been more appropriate to come up with an enhancement for the device that would be included with each copy, and maybe add these new developments as an 'oh, by the way, if we reach this goal, we can also offer these for sale!' as a post-script.

    28. Memoto Creator on

      Hi Jamie,

      Thanks for your input!

      Since we haven't even started designing yet, we are not sure of the costs and margins involved. Because of that we are not able to give a larger discount than the one given. We're really sorry about that, but we will try to keep the prices down and therefore might not always have a big margin for discounts.

      Kind regards,

    29. Jamie on

      Well I can't complain as I guess this is all extra above what I originally signed up for - but I would have loved to see a better incentive to purchase additional accessories then just 10% [heck most Recommended Retail Pricing as I know it adds a minimum 30% on cost]

    30. Missing avatar

      David Bonnefoy on

      Hi there,

      Congratulations to the team! Frankly, I was initially a bit skeptical on some aspects of the products, but I love where you are heading. I wish you a great success (and I wish me a great product to use next year ;-) ).