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A tiny, automatic camera and app that gives you a searchable and shareable photographic memory.
A tiny, automatic camera and app that gives you a searchable and shareable photographic memory. Born Memoto, now Narrative Clip.
A tiny, automatic camera and app that gives you a searchable and shareable photographic memory. Born Memoto, now Narrative Clip.
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It's here! Welcome to Narrative's Open Platform!


Dear Kickstarter friends!

I hope you've all been well! Thanks to your support in us from the start, we were able to produce the Narrative Clip and now, the Narrative Clip 2

I am excited to announce that, starting today, Narrative's Open Platform is open to all developers! You, our community, have a huge impact on how we develop the Narrative experience. The Open Platform is the natural next step to make our collaboration even more successful.

The Open Platform allows anyone who wants to use the Narrative Clip, for example, as a pet cam, or a life-logger cam or a mounted dash cam, to build custom-made applications for that. For all the non-developers out there, the Open Platform leads to faster development resulting in more ways to use, wear and enjoy your Narrative Clip!

Getting started is simple, log on to using your Narrative account credentials and accept the terms.

Best regards, Martin Källström, CEO Narrative

Not a developer? Anyone can get involved. Submit your ideas here and someone from our developer community can make it happen!

You've got Karma!


Hello beloved backers,

Just checking that you haven't missed your opportunity to claim points in Narrative's Karma program. As a way to give back to you for being a super early supporter, we want to give you a discount on the new Narrative Clip 2. Just by being a Kickstarter backer you get a bunch of Karma points and then there are tons of other fun challenges to do to get more of those points. All of the Karma points can later be converted into $ which give you a snazzy new Clip 2 - with built-in bluetooth, wifi, 8MP camera sensor, wider angle lens and replaceable mount - at a bargain price. Go ahead and try it out!

Speaking about karma. The guys that produced the video on our Kickstarter page have launched a Kickstarter project of their own. It's called Onehundredforty the idea is to make high quality poster prints of your favorite tweets. If you, like us, appreciate the fine art of Twitter and want something truly unique on your walls, you should head over there and check it out. 

Okay, that's all for now. 

All the best,

Narrative Team

A letter from Narrative's CEO


Dear Backers, 

The team and I can’t believe that over a year has flown by since we started shipping Backer rewards and two years since we first met in 2012. You probably weren’t expecting to see our old name pop up in your inbox again, but we are feeling a bit nostalgic and wanted to fill you in on what’s been going on at Narrative. 

We’ve been really busy at our respective Narrative offices (there’s one in San Francisco now!) and a lot has happened to the Narrative service and the company since you received your Clips! Most notably for you guys, improvements to the backend so your photos appear in your timeline within minutes, a Web App and a jump to date feature that allows you to find any moment without scrolling. We’ve also been working on a couple major projects that we will announce in the beginning of January! 

Narrative is thriving! Well over 100 million photos have been uploaded to the Narrative Service and we’re expanding our team, so more fantastic developments can become reality. We can’t thank you enough for your support during the campaign and now. The shared vision that brought us together in the beginning has become a reality and will only keep getting better. You and your suggestions are at the forefront of our thoughts as we work on our plans for the future. Our goal now is to continue building a product and company you are proud to say you were a part of creating. These are the major accomplishments so far: 

New office in San Francisco opened. Oskar has moved stateside to make sure things run smoothly and we have welcomed three new awesome people to the team. An excellent reason to be excited about the US office is the extension of support hours! Our incredible support team is on standby, ready to help you out if you need it.

Increases in stability and upload speed. One of the most noticeable things about the first version of the camera and service is the long wait times for photos to be processed. This issue was fixed and the average time between your photos being uploaded to the cloud and appearing in your apps is now just a couple minutes. 

Searching for your photos by date. All that scrolling is no more! The jump to date feature allows you to quickly search through a calendar view for specific dates, identifies which dates have Clip photos and allows you to go directly to them.

The Narrative Web App. This is one of our biggest milestones to date. Being able to enjoy your Narrative photos on a big screen has been the one of the most requested features of the Narrative Service, starting with you guys. We are continuously releasing improvements to the web app all the time, most recently - the addition of a starred field and the same jump to date functionality in the smartphone app. 

Easily lend your Clip. Now it’s simple to let friends and family try out your Clip. All you need to do is make sure you have uploaded all your photos and hand it over. Once they’ve created their own Narrative Account, they’re ready to go.

Multiple cover photos on your timeline. There are now three photos on your timeline instead of just one. This gives your timeline way more context, so you can easily find the moments that mean the most to you.

And there’s more to come! Early next month, we have one more update coming your way with a new reward. One we think you’ll be really happy about. In the meantime, we’d love for you to continue to be an active member of the Narrative community and we have a perfect new home for this, one of our other achievements this year – the new Narrative Community Site. Stay involved through sharing your own stories, making suggestions or just soaking up some inspiration. Stop by, say hi and take a look, the site is dedicated to all of you guys -- the first of the bunch! 

Much love, 


PS - Anyone who is going to CES is invited to come hangout, have a drink with us and hear some exciting news on Wednesday, January 7th from 4pm - 6pm at our booth. Tweet @getnarrative to reserve a spot with #NarrativeCES

Production speed quadrupled - now Chinese New Year


Hi dear backers,

As of today, Narrative Clips have left the factory to almost half of you. As described here, we try to ship them strictly according to order of backing, but color options and your geographical location have also needed to be taken into account.

Highest production rate ever - but still not high enough

This week we have produced almost 4 times as many units as all previous weeks combined! We have tried to speed up the production as much as possible in order to have some margins for the inevitably slower production during the Chinese New Year starting now. Even though this is a major ramp-up for us, and for the factory and our shipping partners, we haven’t been able to speed things up quite as much as we would have wanted. Knowing what the Chinese New Year means in terms of bandwidth for scaling, we aimed for having reached an even higher average production rate at the time of these holidays.

Current production in plain English

  • If you are a backer outside of North America and have this week (week of Jan 27th) as your shipping week your Narrative Clip is assembled and on its way to our shipping partner. Expect a tracking code in your email as soon as it leaves our shipping partner’s warehouse.
  • If you are a backer within North America and have this week (week of Jan 27th), issues with the US customs have forced us to redirect your unit to other parts of the world while we solve those issues. It’s basically a bunch of paper work and shouldn’t cause any future trouble. Your Narrative Clip is next in line to be assembled and ship.
  • If you are a backer of the last two pledge levels (meaning you have next week, the week of Feb 3rd as your shipping week), your unit will be assembled and shipped as soon as possible after the Chinese New Year. This might mean you won’t receive your tracking code as early as it says on your Shipping Page ( but we don’t estimate any substantial delay as to when you finally have your Clip in your hands. We will get back to you individually when your unit is in production.

As always, we’re here for your questions and comments. For questions on your individual Kickstarter reward(s), please get in touch with us through and we’ll be happy to help.

All the best, 

Narrative Team

EDIT: With regards to above, some backers within North America have in fact (for complicated shipping reasons) a unit on it's way to them, despite what says above. If you have received an email saying your Clip is coming - it's coming.

Narrative Clips in the Wild


Dear Backers, 

Hope you all have had a great start to 2014! It feels exciting to enter a new stage in Narrative’s history, the transformation from being a product idea to actually delivering a real user-experience. The first weeks of January have been all about focusing on improving and speeding up the production and shipping rate. Right now, everything is pointing in the direction that we will be able to keep the most recent shipping dates you got earlier in December (yay!) Please note: the shipping dates you see when logging in to reflect the date your Narrative Clip leaves the factory. After that there’s a shipping time of 2 days to 2 weeks, depending on where on the planet you live. 

You Kickstarter backers were our earliest believers and investors and without you we would never have reached this point. Now you are increasingly becoming our early users as much as investors and as we continue our quest for improving your Narrative experience, we will still need your help. Your feedback is essential for us to make leaps in development. From how we can develop better features to how we can make the user communication even clearer, your feedback is highly appreciated and needed. The most fun is, of course, getting inspiration from you and discovering new ways the Narrative Clip can be used. It is fantastic to see your commitment and here are just a few examples, keep it up! 

Chris Ridings; has made a short review of his first impression of the Clip. 

Dirks Hirnableiter; has shared some thoughts on both the Clip and lifelogging. 

With increasingly numbers of Narrative Clips out in the wild, we see more and more Narrative photos being shared on various social platforms. If you haven’t already, please check us out on Instagram (@getnarrative #narrativeclip), Twitter (@getnarrative) or Facebook to share and get inspiration from other users. Here’s a picture from when I visited Cape Verde a few weeks ago (No filter)! Hands down one of my best moments of 2014 so far and it would have never been captured without my dear Clip.

In early January, we conducted a live chat with a small group of backers discussing how we can facilitate the getting started process of the Narrative Clip. A few days before Christmas we had visits to two of our Swedish offices where backers got first hand updates from the Narrative management team. User forums are popping up and a group of Swedish backers have started a Facebook forum where new features discussions are going on. Please don’t hesitate to join in - the more the merrier!

Thanks again for your support and for believing in us!

Lots of love,

Elisabet (@ElisabetStigard) and the Narrative Team