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A tiny, automatic camera and app that gives you a searchable and shareable photographic memory.
A tiny, automatic camera and app that gives you a searchable and shareable photographic memory. Born Memoto, now Narrative Clip.
A tiny, automatic camera and app that gives you a searchable and shareable photographic memory. Born Memoto, now Narrative Clip.
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    1. Scott Cush

      Idk what I thought buying this. It is a cool idea but when people think they are being recorded they change. When I look through the photos I have to delete so many I found this wasn’t really doing what I want. Make it have a turn off function I would use it more.

    2. Adam Packard on

      Anyone still monitoring this feed? My camera seemed to die after only a few months (and only a few uses). Anyone else have a dead camera (never dropped it or anything).

    3. pharmac on

      MY final comment. Today I de-installed the narrative clip. To say it is a disappointment is an understatement. I view this as a waste of money and time. If you get benefit from it, good. I do not know what I originally saw in this, this, piece of cheap plastic and flimsy metal clip.

    4. Memoto Creator on

      Hi @Mike Zemina

      Thanks for supporting us in the Narrative Clip 2! We are already in the last stages of our FCC certification and we estimate to start shipping the Narrative Clip 2 to the States and Rest of the World in April! So it will not be too long now till you receive your Narrative Clip 2! I think May is a good bet that you will get your Clip 2! ;)

      To ensure that you get an answer as quickly as possible in the future, please also email us at or @narrativecare on twitter in the future ! We seldom monitor this platform as it is an old platform. As such, i would like to apologize for the delayed response.

      Thanks again for your support! Have a wonderful week ahead!

      Narrative Customer Care Team Leader.

    5. Memoto Creator on

      Hi @Benoist d'Anthenay

      We have shipped out all Narrative Clips almost 2 years ago. If you have not received it, please email us at with your Kickstarter information and we will get back to you shortly.

      Regards, Angelyn

    6. Mike Zemina on

      I'm waiting for my Clip2 to arrive, was ordered (USCA#3528) on Dec 16th by my daughter as a Christmas present. I hope I will get it by the time my birthday in May rolls around!

    7. Missing avatar

      Benoist d'Anthenay on

      I never received my memoto camera... 249usd lost...

    8. pharmac on

      A comment, the clip is TOO WEAK almost USELESS if you are doing any kind of physical activity as it works loose too easily. I finally gave up with this, it dropped off too many times. So much work on the technology undone by a 5 cent piece of metal, I have not used it on my last 3 trips and likely will never again as keeping up with it is a pain and tying it to you is silly. You really should have spent more time on THAT part.

    9. Remi van Dijk on

      Anyone wants to buy my camera i am not using it anymore.

    10. Memoto Creator on

      Hi Dmitry,

      Send us and e-mail at and me and the other ninjas can help you out. Have a great day!

      // Axel

    11. Missing avatar

      Dmitry Ars

      I don't have my Memoto. Please give comments

    12. Memoto Creator on

      @Shabihul! Thanks for your message. Please send an email at and we´ll assist you! Have a wonderful day!

    13. Shabihul Abdi on

      Would like to echo Jasons remark. My Narrative is gone because I was wearing a messenger bag that I often pull to the front. At some point its innocuous nature and weak clip simply worked against it. No idea where it is and assume its gone. Hopefully 2.0 has a clip with a stronger hold.

    14. Memoto Creator on

      @Jason - Thanks for reaching out and for your feedback! We will make sure to take note :) have a great day, Elisabet

    15. Jason Hsu on

      I just got back from a 3 week vacation in Asia and i'm really glad I had Narrative Clip with me to document it. A few thoughts:

      - The Narrative Clip, well, clip, is just badly designed. On more than a few occasions I almost lost Clip because it slipped off. The clipping mechanism needs a stronger grip to make it easy to attach but difficult to (accidentally) remove. Maybe alligator teeth or a hook on the end. I wouldn't be surprised if some backers have already misplaced/lost their Clip.

      - A desktop/web moment browser is sorely needed. I don't want to just browse moments on my phone.

      - Some kind of converter needs to be provided to read the contents of the sidecar metadata files. Users need to be able to get the GPS location of their photos without having to view it in the app. And speaking of which, the app still doesn't have a decent way to visualize GPS locations either. Some kind of breadcrumbs on a map view would be a start.

      - Timezone correction. The app shows photos with the timezone of the phone it is being viewed on. However, this makes little sense when the photos are taken in a different time zone. For example a photo taken by Clip at 4pm in Tokyo will show up as 12am midnight when viewed on the Narrative app in San Francisco.

    16. Memoto Creator on


      Please contact and we´ll help you to reset your clip. We need the email address you registered your uploader account with!

      Thanks a lot!

    17. Memoto Creator on

      Hi Chris!

      Thanks a lot for your comment, and we appreciate that you added that to the suggestion board. We highly value all the feedback and input we can get!

      Have a nice day and feel free to contact us again!

    18. Chris Hansen on

      So I love my Clip. I haven't had many opportunities to wear it but a few of the candid shots it's captured make it 100% awesome and worthwhile purchase. It just needs a hard sleep toggle. The soft sleep just isn't cutting it. Dead battery on multiple occasions with zero previous use that day and a ton of black photos. The suggestion has been add to the features request board.

    19. Jessie Dioquino on

      @Memoto , I've been using my narrative clip for a while now. If I wanted to sell or give my narrative clip to someone else, would they have any trouble making their own account?

    20. Memoto Creator on

      Hi @Wesha , like mentioned earlier before, you will have to register for an account before being able to use the uploader. Registering for an account only serves to protect your pictures, and ensure that no one else will be able to access it. The main purpose of the Uploader is to extract the pictures from the Clip, emptying the Clip of pictures so that you can continue to use the Clip. Even if you register for an account, you can still save your photos onto your hard drive and not cloud. Either way, only you have ownership of the pictures. No one else will be able to access your pictures. If you do not prefer this method, please write into and we will see how we can follow up on this. Thank you.// AT

    21. Wesha on

      @Memoto: then it is NOT the product that I backed.

      From your FAQ:

      Q: Will it be possible to use the camera without the Memoto web service?
      A: Yes and No. Without the Memoto web service you can use the camera but not the Memoto app. You will have to manage and organize all the photos yourself.


      Give me the damn STANDALONE DOWNLOADER that does not require registration on your damn webservice AT ALL.

    22. Memoto Creator on

      Hi @Anthovy V , sorry to hear that! Please write into Narrative support at and we will see what we can do for you :) // AT

    23. Anthony

      Been wearing mine around for quite a few weeks. I have been worried that the clip wasn't going to hold it securely but it had. Until tonight. Clipped it to my lapel, went to a sporting event. When I got home I reached for it, but the memento was gone. I should not have trusted that clip. Bye bye memento, I hardly knew ya!

    24. Memoto Creator on

      Hi @Leon Bryan, we have sent out your clip. You will receive your tracking code soon. You should receive your clip within the next 5 business days. Please feel free to contact support at if you have further queries. Have a good week ahead!

    25. Leon Bryan on

      @memoto considering you said there's a shortage of black units... It sounds more like you're putting me on the back burner to wait another few more months rather than "working" to get my original unit out to me....
      Goodbye to all the beach moments I could've had for spring break.... And goodbye to the editorial I was going to publish this weekend....
      What terrible timing for y'all to not follow simple directions.

    26. Memoto Creator on

      @Leon Bryan We have replied to your email and we will work to make sure you get your clip. We appreciate you as an early backer, please check your email :)

      @Wesha I am sorry but this is how the product works. You have the option of uploading to your local hard drive instead of the cloud on the uploader. To do so, go into the settings of the uploader ( after downloading it) and click off the local option. Please get back to us if you have further queries. Thank you!// AT

    27. Wesha on

      @Memoto: I cannot install Memoto uploader because it demands that I create account on your site, and I refuse to do it.

    28. Leon Bryan on

      Lovely. I've informed @memoto on THREE separate occasions of updates to my shipping address and they STILL shipped to the wrong address. I let them know and they were quick to delegate responsibility to my postal service saying I had to track it down through them, then they conveniently stopped replying to my messages.
      So here I am. My clip shipped earlier this month to some lucky SOB and I'm left with NOTHING to show for the last year of delays.

    29. Memoto Creator on

      @Wesha - Thanks for reaching out! In the Narrative Uploader you have three options; either you store the pictures locally, up to the Narrative Library (our cloud service that enables you relive the moments in your smartphone app) or both. You own the pictures and we will never sell or share your content to a third-party. Kindly, Elisabet

    30. Wesha on

      Has anybody figured out yet how to offload the pictures without installing their crapware and sending my pictures to NSA?

    31. Memoto Creator on

      @Fabio - Thanks for your feedback! We are currently reviewing howsome of our send-outs haven't been treated as gifts and improving our way of working. We are sorry to hear that you got impacted by this. I am glad to to hear that you got started :) please drop us a line at if you have more questions or feedback :) kindly, Elisabet

    32. Fabio Poloni on

      Had to pay additional CHF 41.60 (~ $ 45.00) fees for Switzerland. Not funny, but I expected this.

      Full charge was ultra fast (~ 0.5 hrs) but I did not know it won't take pictures if it's not activated yet. It's now working and todays my first logged day.

    33. Memoto Creator on

      Hey @Marie Alhomme , so great to hear that. We hope you will like the clip as much as we do. Please feel free to reach out to us at if you have any queries. Have a great day ahead!

    34. Marie Alhomme on

      After getting in touch with support, I got my FedEx tracking number, and after a slight snafu with them (apparently my new address wasn't taken in account and I had to re-specify it?), and it finally arrived this morning!
      Charging it as I type, already took a few pics and uploaded them... my fist moments! :)
      Thanks again for the responsiveness despite all the (understandable imho) delays.

    35. Memoto Creator on

      @Shaun - Thanks for reaching out! Please drop us a line at or click "Narrative Support Center" in the app, Kindly, Elisabet

    36. Missing avatar

      Shaun on

      Hi. I've chosen not to leave angry comments in public on here, so how do I get in touch with you and resolve my situation? Thanks.

    37. Memoto Creator on

      @Michael Yong - We have sent your Clip to you and you should have it any day :) Kindly, Elisabet

    38. Memoto Creator on

      @Hannes - Hi there! Glad you enjoy the Clip! Please keep giving us feedback on how we can improve the user-experience :) all the best, Elisabet

    39. Michael Yong on

      What the hell is going on? The shipping page still shows that my estimated ship date was feb24-mar02 and you're now shipping pre orders? This is absolute garbage.

    40. Hannes Brandstätter

      I just got my camera today (Austria), charging it up now and will take it for a spin tomorrow. Too bad it arrived a few days after our big open-door day at the company where I work, it would have been awesome to try it there.

    41. Memoto Creator on

      @Scott- Thanks for your feedback, we really appreciate your feedback and are looking into improving our guides to how to wear the Clip. So gladd to hear you enjoy the experience so far :)
      @Evan - Fisheye lens noted - will bring the suggestion forward

      Keep the great feedback up :) we love to see how you use the Clip so please don't hesitate to go to #narrativeclip on Instagram

      Kindly, Elisabet

    42. Evan King on

      I've found that wearing the camera on a lanyard is the best option. So far, nobody has been worried about it (or even noticed) - this is in central London though. In future versions, I'd love to see a fisheye lens.

    43. Scott on

      My first day using the camera, and it was good fun.
      Used it for around 2 and a half hours (271 shots), and cut down the shots I want to keep to 11.
      As it's been said before on here, I get a lot of shots of the sky or ceiling, but that's just a positioning problem. I had the camera clipped to my shirt pocket, and I was sitting down for the majority of the shots.
      I'm looking forward to using it more in the future, and seeing what sort of things my eyes miss the first time around.
      Thanks for the great product Narrative Team!

    44. Memoto Creator on

      @Evan King - Thanks for your nice words and support, means alot to us :) kindly, Elisabet

    45. Evan King on

      My clip arrived today, and it works great. Thanks guys. Good luck with all the abuse on here, creating something like this couldn't possibly been on a perfect schedule.

    46. Memoto Creator on

      @Chris Hansen Hi, we are currently focused on shipping out all preorders before shifting our attention onto the accessories. The Clip is weatherproof. We have seen one of our colleagues and several other customers using it for skiing trips and it seems to work well. We will update you via our newsletter once the accessories are out. Sign up here

      @Scott Yey awesome. After it is charged, you can then head to to download all softwares. Hope you like the clip as much as we do and don't hesitate to reach out at if you have further queries. Have a great weekend ahead!

      @ymats2011Your order cannot be found on the shipping interface as your clip has been shipped! We have sent you a PM on your tracking code.

    47. ymats2011 on

      When I input my e-mail on the shipping site, it says "No orders found". What is going on?

    48. Scott on

      Just received my Narrative in the mail :D
      Charging it as I write this. Strange thing though; my shipping information still just says that it left the US on the 5th of March. No tracking information about it arriving or being processed in Australia. Doesn't matter of course, I've got it now :D
      Definitely looking forward to using it. Thank you very much Memoto/Narrative Team!

    49. Chris Hansen on

      Any word on the accessories? I was wearing my clip on a trip to Canada recently, but I was concerned with the snowfall, so I didn't wear it the whole time.

    50. Memoto Creator on

      @Marie & Christian - Thanks for reaching out! You can expect your tracking numbers any day, for more specific information on your delivery date, please drop me a line at Kindly, Elisabet

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